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Anti-Islam websites: writing to their ISPs and web hosts

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    Anti-Islam websites: writing to their ISPs and web hosts

    Dear people, Assalam alaikum

    a number of anti-Islam websites have been steadily creeping up, created mostly by Jews and Hindus.

    These websites aim at spreading confusion and ignorance about Islam in order to lead people away from it.

    This thread is dedicated to such websites and planning media campaigns against them.

    I start with a website

    their web hosting company is

    you may write them feedback at

    attached article

    >+++++ ACTION ALERT +++++
    >I can tell you exactly what action to take.
    >Only one domain name has been registered - If anyone has
    >some cash to spare, there are still other domain names yet to be
    >such as, and I would
    >immediately register these names through before anyone
    >else does and QUICKLY. You can then map these domain names to an
    >Islam-friendly website. If someone is willing to register the domain names
    >then I will do the mapping for you. I can also do search engine marketing
    >these alternative domain names for you. In this way you counter and
    >neutralise the effect of this anti-muslim website.
    >The ISP is the company hosting their website. They are called
    > and they are American. State that they are hosting a
    >website which is unlawful, abusive, objectionable, harmful, obscene and
    >promotes hatred and that you are willing to speak to the proper authorities
    >to take action against them if they do not remove the site from their
    >servers. Their contact details are:
    >Fax: 1-877-346-8599 (FREE through
    >They run their emails through which again is an American
    >service. One of the terms that BigMailBox has, is that it will not host an
    >email address for any service which is:
    >'Service any unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful,
    >vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable material of any kind or nature'
    >[email protected]
    >Fax: 1-775-243-4144 (FREE through
    >This is an American problem and you should contact the main American
    >Islamic/Arab body which is the Council on American-Islamic Relations
    >( Their contact details are:
    >[email protected]
    >Please do not give this website any more publicity apart from these 4
    >things. The MOST IMPORTANT thing for now is to have the domain names
    >registred before a Muslim-hater does.


      Originally posted by alizadeh2000:
      >+++++ ACTION ALERT +++++

      Ibrahim says: salaams to all,

      The site is nothing but another anti-Islamic web site and there are at least 1000’s of them by now, for when I did head count in 1997 it was reaching 100, containing the constant rehashed crap from the missionaries & the orientalists. (especially Hindus with an axe to grind)

      If anything , you should find out what they are saying and refute them word for word and set up your own web site to host your refutation, for sending it to them or posting it into their forums mean they will edit your reply and make a mockery of you ( since it is hosted by the web site owners whose intention is to defame Islam by hook or crook).

      So stay away and let them rot with their own filth by themselves, and it will stifle and die out in time. They have tried desperately to advertise themselves in Islam news groups But now they have found you to do the e promoting for them out of ignorance by spreading this info for them ( which is what they wanted to achieve in the first place)

      If your intention is good, promote the web sites which counters their follies and set up you own web site which will provide refutation for their claims.

      Anything else would be silly!

      see the following web sites that will provide the information that will REFUTE the *nonsense* that the site propagates:

      was salaam


      The bat is a strange creature compared to most animals. It is reputed to be blind, yet it loves darkness and abhors light. Furthermore, it prefers to hang up-side-down, suspended in the air, rather than stand upright! This is its way of life. Unfortunately, there are some people among mankind who have very much in common with the bat. They seem to be "blind" to all good and virtue, having an intense hatred for the "light" of Truth, Justice, Knowledge and Righteousness; they love to grovel in the "darkness" of ignorance, falsehood, wretchedness and evil. Physically they maybe walking upright, but their warped minds and twisted thought-processes make it appear as though their brains are suspended "up-side-down".

      An easy recognition of these "batmen" or bat-like folk is their unjustified and intense hatred and animosity for Allah and the signs of Allah; His Messengers, His Revelations, His Books, His Deen-al-Islam and His people, the Muslims. Now and again these people surface, launching an offensive against any of the above. Sometimes they disrespect Allah Ta’ala Himself, accusing Him of being poor and needy of charity (refer Qur’an, Ma’aazallah!

      Sometimes they attack the Holy Qur’an, referring to it as man-made work, as being contradictory and other such rubbish. Ma’ aazallah! Not satisfied with this, they often attack the Deen of Islam and its beautiful teachings referring to Islam as being backward, barbaric and an obstacle in the progress of the world. Ma’aazallah! Then sometimes they are found to really scrape the bottom of the barrel; they denigrate and disparage the noble personages of the Ambiya (alayhimus-Salaam), sometimes not even sparing the Master of them all, Sayyidina Muhammad (sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam). Ma’aazallah! Of recent, this type of attack seems to be becoming more common with this bunch of idiots with a lunatic fringe.


      These wretched souls seem to have realized that if anything really hurts and inflames a Muslim, it is this disparaging of the noble personality of our beloved Nabi (sallallahu- alayhi-wasallam). A Muslim may tolerate insults against himself, his wife, children, even his mother; but never against his Nabi (sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam). Not even from his own family or children. Nothing makes a Muslim more furious and incensed than such sheer outrage! At such times, Muslim see red and would not even think twice about giving blood or giving their lives to defend the honor of their noble Prophet. This, in fact, is regarded as the highest honour that any Muslim could aspire for. Some people seem hell-bent on testing the patience of Muslims to the extreme by deliberately stooping to the degrading depths of insulting Rasulullah (sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam). The likes of Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, Tatyana Suskin and their ilk seem to be proliferating like frogs after a rain, at an alarming rate in different parts of the world. In the past, these lunatics were hardly noticed by anyone, but with the pervasion of the modern-day media in its myriad forms, no place on earth remains unexposed to the crazy ravings of these demented folks. Understanding fully well the reactions they are going to evoke in the Muslim Ummah, and the 'death wish' they have invoked upon themselves in their insanity, they are quick to seek asylum in the lap of their protectors. Other villains are outright cowards, using the veil of anonymity to do their dirty work.


      With the inception of the Internet, such cowards have found the ideal medium to conceal their identities yet carry out their nefarious and scandalous attacks with impunity and abandon. Smug in their knowledge that they will hardly be detected, these 'bugs' use the internet extensively as the ideal and perfect tool to launch their cowardly attacks. In the recent months, there has been a deluge of such web sites and articles that relish in attacking Islam and all things Muslims hold dear to their hearts. As time goes by, one tries to out do the other in gorging out filth and obscenity. Recently, some deranged character/s have launched a particularly shocking, appalling and sickening attack against the noble personage of our beloved Nabi (sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam). Muslims who have visited this hideous site are justifiably outraged. Some are simply baying for blood. Under this blatant provocation, any reaction could be expected. It will be extremely difficult to restrain the Muslim Ummah after such an insult.


      At the same time, it is important that emotion does not make us Muslims blind to reason and rationality, leading to over-reaction which might adversely affect the Islamic cause or the image of Islam in the world. We should not be so over-zealous that in the process of giving vent to anger and fury, innocent people become the victims and the actual villains get away unscathed. An earnest appeal is therefore directed to all Muslims not to react in a manner that will not bring the required and desirable results but to rather channelise their energies in a constructive and useful manner that will have long-term advantages. This would be best achieved by being vigilant and alert to such attacks on Islam in the future (as many brothers/ sisters have been) and to inform the relevant Ulama (such as UUCSA) or Muslim Media Watch bodies about it. These responsible bodies, in their wisdom and experience, will decide upon the appropriate action to be taken. By over-reacting or not addressing the problem through the right channels, we Muslims sometimes unwittingly become the instrument of broadcasting the filth of these beasts, which gives them greater cause to gloat and celebrate. It is naive in the extreme to give the site address "www/...." and ask people not to excess the site! Muslims should be careful not to be used as advertising agents by their own enemies. For the general public to go to and view such sites is in fact a way of lending support and credence to this smear campaign. Let us totally desist from this and steer clear of such sites for the sake of safe-guarding our Imaan. Make others also aware of this. Lest these culprits or some gullible Muslims think that this reaction is simply to silence them because Muslims are afraid of these shocking allegations against their religion and their Holy Prophet and as such, have no answer for these, we wish to make it clear that nothing could be further from the truth. These are old, worn-out, run-of-the mill allegations that have surfaced time and again over the centuries and each one has been adequately and effectively rebutted by the scholars of Islam. Volumes of such answers are available and can be produced that are sufficient to shatter the flimsy and spurious claims of these mischief makers.


      Last but not least, let it be borne in mind that Almighty Allah is not blind or deaf to the doings of these imbeciles. They have attacked HIS DEEN, HIS QUR'AN, HIS NABI and they will NEVER get away with it! It's simply a matter of time before Allah's unseen stick will strike and break their necks. He knows in His infinite wisdom which is the appropriate time for it and who He will use from His creation to carry out His mission.

      Mufti Zubair Bayat
      Media Department

      [This message has been edited by Ibrahim (edited December 29, 2001).]


        Assalam o Alaikum!

        I agree with Brother Ibrahim. Battling with such sites in this way will only make them popular. Anybody trying to discredit or gather incorrect knowledge of Islam will continue to do it, irrespective. Case in point is Salman Rushdie. The man had very limited popularity until we came up with a fatwa against him. The result is that he is now a celebrity with British security always at his side.

        We should use our efforts in a positive way and do da'wa so that people who are wanting guidance receive our attention. Believe me there are many people out there who are in need of correct information. We must continuously strive to reach them through our actions and words. Insha Allah, positive steps will get us far more.

        Rabbeshrah lee sadree; wa yassirlee amree; yafqahoo qaulee.