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Paradise, Its Blessings and How to Get There

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    Paradise, Its Blessings and How to Get There

    Got this in email and thought to share.

    ... The final part of the path to Paradise involves us giving up our sins;
    after this we will reach the gates of Paradise and enter it, insha' Allah
    (God Willing). In order to renounce our sins, we must take care in the
    following areas:

    1. Thoughts: We should not think of anything which is harmful, evil or
    2. Hearing: We should not listen to any of the following forms of
    falsehood: sinful talk, swearing, lies, music, backbiting, slander, obscene
    language, or Kufr (blasphemy, profanity).
    3. Sight: We should not let our sight roam freely and look at that
    which is not permitted to gaze upon, namely the woman who is a stranger of
    non-Mahram, whether she is Muslim or non-Muslim, of good morals or
    4. Speech: We should not utter bad language or obscenities, or tell
    lies, or bear false witness, or backbite or slander, or insult or abuse
    5. Stomachs: We should not let any Haram (forbidden) food or drink to
    enter our stomach; we should not earn our living from Riba (usury,
    interest); we should not eat carrion or pork; we should not drink
    intoxicating liquor, and we should not smoke any form of tobacco.
    6. Private parts: We should not have sexual intercourse with anyone
    except our lawful wives, or the concubines whom Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala)
    has made permissible.
    7. Hands: We should not harm anyone, by beating or killing them; we
    should not take Haram earnings; we should not gamble; and we should not
    write false documents or anything which goes against Islam.
    8. Legs: We should not walk towards vain and idle activities, or hasten
    to commit acts of corruption and evil.
    9. Promises, trusts and acts of witness: We should not break our
    promises, violate our agreements, go back on our word, give false testimony
    or betray our trust.
    10. Wealth: We should not be extravagant or waste our wealth; nor should
    we neglect to take care of it; we should not leave our wealth without trying
    to invest it in good.
    11. Family and children: We should take care of their physical, mental
    and moral welfare, and ensure that their faith and beliefs are sound. We
    should defend them against anything that may damage their hearts and minds,
    and protect them from anything which could destroy them or lead to their
    ultimate doom in Hell.

    This is the way to Paradise, so let us be prepared to put it into practice
    in our own lives. We cannot do this without sound knowledge based on the
    Book of Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) and the Sunnah of His Prophet
    (sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam).

    reference: Renouncing the Sins
    Shaykh `Alee Hasan `Alee `Abdul Hameed

    Paradise, Its Blessings and How to Get There
    1997 Dar Ibn Hazm

    Jazak'Allah Khair


      Excellent and beneficial advice from Shaykh 'Alee Hasan, Masha'Allaah.

      JazaakumAllaah khair for posting it.


      "No leaf falls except that He knows of it, and no rain drop forms except that He has willed it."