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    AsSalaam Alaikum,

    In the spring someone had posted a list of arabic responses for different situations. It was a great list and I wanted to know the meaning so I've done some research and here's the list with the meanings below. Yeah, it took me 6 months to figure it all out so be appreciate!

    (1) When starting an action - Say Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem - In the name of Allah, most Beneficient, most Merciful

    (2) When making an Intention - Say Insha'allah - By the Will of Allah

    (3) When something is being praised - Say Subhan Allah - Praise and glory be to Allah

    (4) When in Pain or Distress - Say Yaa Allah - O Allah

    (5) When Expressing Appreciation - Say Masha'Allah - By the will of Allah

    (6) When Thanking Someone - Say Jazak-Allahu-khairan - May Allah reward you in the best way

    (7) When Awakening From Sleep - Say Laa-Ilaha-Illalla - No True God but Allah

    (8) When Taking an Oath - Say Wallah-Billah - by Allah (both words mean the same. there's aslo another word which is: Tallah)

    (9) When Sneezing - Say Alhamdulillah - Praise be to Allah

    (10) When another Muslim sneezes - Say Yar-Hamok Allah - May Allah have mercy upon you

    (11) When Repenting Over a Sin - Say Astaghfirullah - I ask fogiveness from Allah

    (12) When Giving Charity - Say Fi-Sabi-Lillah - for the cause of Allah

    (13) When Having Love For Someone - Say Lihub-Bullah - for the love of Allah, or: because I love Allah, I love you

    (14) When Getting Married - Say Aman-To-Billah - I believe in Allah

    (15) When Parting From Someone - Say fi-Amaan-Allah - in the peace of Allah

    (16) When a Problem arises - Say Tawkalto Al-Allah - I've put my trust in Allaah

    (17) When Pleasantness appears - Say Fata-Barak-Allah - Allah is great

    (18) When Unpleasantness appears - Say Na-Uzoo-Billah - We ask Allah to give us protection and refuge from all evil

    (19) When Participating In Prayer - Say Ameen - Let it be so

    (20) When Death Message is Received - Say Inna-Lillahi-Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji'un - we belong to Allah and we all return to Him

    [This message has been edited by Yasmine (edited December 18, 2001).]

    Jazakallah khair ... thnkx for sharing