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Destruction of America?

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    Destruction of America?


    "Behold, I have aroused the spirit of a Destroyer against Babylon; I have dispatched foreigners to her land that they may torment her, and devastate her as a nation; by opposing her from every side. I have handed her over to those she so dredfully hates, and turns from in disgust. They will deal with her in hatred, and dismantle everything she has worked for and built; Leaving her naked and bare, so everyone can see her for what she is. Those who had strived to build her will sink down; And those I have sent to torment her will rise above them. In those days, many men will trim their hair above their temples; Violence will be in her streets; And because of her extravagant life style, all who have ships in the sea will be made wealthy.
    As her end approaches, one of her corporate leaders will subdue three others; He will think to change time and laws to postpone world-wide disaster; Her industry will be taken from her, and moved to foreign soil; thereby making her naked and bare; And then, shall her Destruction come.

    Ye who dwell by many waters, abundant in treasure; your end has come. The measure of your end.

    ...Every word of which, The Lord God Of Hosts has said, by way of Holy Scripture.

    Some seven hundred years before Christ: Speaking for, and on behalf of God Almighty: The prophet Isaiah spoke of a nation called Babylon, which God described as "The beauty of kingdoms, and the glory of the astrologers pride". And, in His next breath, The Lord vowed to utterly destroy that nation in the same manner in which He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. (as stated in Isaiah 13:19)
    Further describing that nation's arrogance in the fourteenth chapter; Predicting the fall of Bel, and Nebo, that nation's false gods of materialism, science, and literature; Going on to describe her immorality; And, condemning her use of astrologers, all in chapter 46;

    Then, in chapter 47, The Lord reiterates his intent to utterly destroy that nation.

    Some seventy five years later, in the year 626 B.C., and for a period of some forty years: While speaking for, and on behalf of, God Almighty: The prophet Jeremiah (who was a resident of the first of four nations to be referred to as Babylon), describes the sins, the destruction, and the arrogance of a nation that he also refers to as Babylon; Going on to elaborate on the Plagues that will be sent to that nation during the last days. Then, in chapter 51, Jeremiah further describes The Lord's Wrath on (that) Babylon, by stating that He (The Lord) will first burn her up with fire, as stated in Jeremiah 51:25: ...."...And I will make you a burned out continent (mountain)."

    And after that, He will have her thrown into the sea, never to be seen again, as stated in Jeremiah 51:42. "The sea has come up over Babylon; She has been engulfed by its tumultuous waves." (also see verse 64) ...Just so, shall Babylon sink down and not rise again..." (also see Jeremiah 50:32) (also see Daniel 7:11)

    Then, compare these Scriptures with Revelation 8:8, wherein it states, "And something like a great continent (mountain) burning with fire, was thrown into the sea..."

    Also, Revelation 18:21, wherein it states: "And a strong angel took up a stone like a great millstone (to signify industry), and threw it into the sea, saying, Thus will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer."

    In verse 37-40 of chapter two of his Prophetic Book: Daniel, the prophet, who's Authority to prophesy was verbally confirmed by Jesus Christ Himself; And, who was also a resident of the original nation to be referred to as Babylon; spoke of four separate kingdoms that would exist throughout earth's history. Going on to state that the fourth and last kingdom would be utterly destroyed by fire. (see Matthew 24:15) (then, Daniel 7:11).

    Adding, that the fourth kingdom would be different than the first three kingdoms. (Daniel 7:23).

    And, as stated in Daniel 7:12, and again in 7:25-27, after The Lord has utterly Destroyed the fourth kingdom with fire, the remaining nations on earth will be Granted an extension of time to exist, but their authority to govern people will be taken away. The Book of Revelation describes this time period as being one thousand years; During which, Jesus Christ will Appoint others who will Rule the earth with the proverbial iron rod. After which, the End of the world as we know it, will come. And, pursuant to Revelation (chapter 21), The Lord Of Hosts will then Create all new things, to include a new earth...

    And after destroying the fourth kingdom with fire, The Lord Of Hosts will have it thrown into the sea, while it is still burning, never to be seen again. (Revelation 8:8 and 18:21) All of which was reiterated by the prophet Jeremiah. "The sea is come up over Babylon, she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof. Just so, shall Babylon sink down and not rise again. (Jeremiah 51:42 and 64, also see 50:32)

    V E R Y I M P O R T A N T R E F E R E N C E N O T E:

    All of which clearly documents that The Lord did not utterly destroy the ORIGINAL Babylon!


    We know from Daniel 2:37-40, that all four kingdoms he mentions try to rule the world.

    We know from Daniel 7:24, and from Revelation 17:12, that the Biblical term "horn" is interchangeable with the modern term "corporate leader"; And, we know from Daniel 2:38, that the term "head" is interchangeable with the modern word king, or ruler.

    We know from Revelation 17:9, that the term "head" can also be interchanged with the modern word mountain, and that the Biblical term mountain is interchangeable with the modern word continent (which could not have existed in Biblical times).

    And, we know that the Biblical term "beast" is interchangeable with the modern word government:

    Daniel also clearly stated that the fourth kingdom would crush the previous three kingdoms (rule the entire earth).

    The United States of America has gained control over every nation on all seven continents, by covertly manipulating their economies, through such means as systematic coercion, and/or intimidation. And, in any situation where America can't get its way with the economy of another nation, she will attempt to humiliate that nation in front of the entire world, by accusing it of "human rights violations".

    The paragraph above really matches the US. It sounds like America, is gonna be doomed one day regardless of terrorists. The US matches perfectly as to which Nation will Burn, by God. This war on terrorism will not change the Destruction of America. Its gonna happen regardless.

    Take Care All and live right,


    OOPS! forgot the link.

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          hey every empire falls no matter what..greece,egytp, rome,persia, byzintine (sp?) moorish in spain, abbasid in baghdad, otthmani in turkey, and the worst of them all the damn brits....all these powers were once the so called super power of the world but not any more...look at brits...they are the show licking slaves of their former subjects the way so the lesson of the story is every thing that comes up must go down.....its only natural....nothing is eternal but Allah SWT


            Very interesting article. However, the writer has erred in the analysis. The author states:

            "The Scripture then goes on to state that Clinton will still be president at the time God destroys America. "And he (clinton) goes to perdition." Which means that God Almighty will destroy America before Clinton leaves office !!"

            This was obviously written before the year 2000. I would like to read the writer's revisions based on current events.

            Peace to all who read this.

            If a liberal speaks and no one hears, does it still sound stupid?


              WOW........., GHC, It really kinda gets a one wondering here. I was cross referencing all your quotes with my Bible, and its all there, word for word. I agree, wish I could comment more, but after reading that article of yours, you've left me speechless here. So wake-up call to us all.