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The deformation of Islam

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    The deformation of Islam

    An article i came across recently, which i think is by an apostate by the contents. Very intresting points he mentions about the conspiracy against Islam.

    From CONTROVERSES: The book of Poems by Imam Warithudeen Umar The Re-Making of Islam

    Feed em at the White House,

    hug em on film

    give em the Eid stamp,

    kill em on a whim

    Make a new Muslim and remake Islam take off

    the scarves and drop a smart bomb

    make em like christians and give em inter-

    faith they wanna be accepted,

    they'll go in any way they eat with their fingers,

    give em a fork they ask for halaal, give em some pork

    put em in the army and air force too a kuffaar boss will tell em what to do

    let em bloc vote for enemies in disguise

    let em in politics to think they're wise

    let em go to Mecca so they can make Hajj But keep em on a leash, so they won't lodge over there away from here

    music and dance need a little beer

    The new Islam is gonna be fun

    "Muslims'll love it and it'll be done.

    Desecration! Devastation!

    Time will always Tell Allah will deal with

    all of them and send them all to Hell


    The 'persecution syndrome' of urs is without any cure.


      It is not a persecution complex based on paranoia, it is based upon the Quran where Allah swt tell us about the nature of the Kaffir and their nations. Allah swt says " Oh you who believe! Take not into your intimacy those outside of your ranks; they will not fail to corrupt you. They only desire your ruin; Rank hatred has already appeared from their mouths; what their hearts conceal is far far worse. We have made plain to you the signs if you have wisdom " ( TMQ Ale-Imran:118 )

      Also the reality today testifies to the crusade against islam under the guise of fighting terrorism, to which the muslim rulers are allies of the crusaders, rulers who have no honour and are not worthy to rule over muslims.