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SINCERE ADVICE: For all the Muslims.

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    SINCERE ADVICE: For all the Muslims.

    My dearest respected brothers and sisters,

    Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatahu,

    ‘Life is too short’, is the cry we often hear. ‘Why not make the most of it?’ No doubt life is short. In fact very very short. But no matter how curtailed, we shall all be questioned and held accountable for our actions during this temporary phase.

    The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the expected life of a human is between 60 to 70 years and there are only a few who live beyond this age. Actual life, however, is far shorter if we take into consideration that approximately a third of life is spent in sleep (8 hrs a day equates to 20 years in 60). The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that there are three types of people from whom the pen is lifted: the one who is asleep; the adolescent child and; the insane person. In other words, an individual in any of these three situations will not be held accountable for his/her actions. It has also been narrated, that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the child arrives at puberty at the age of fifteen.

    So bringing the above into attention, if the first 15 years of a person and 1/3 of the remaining years of his/her life shall be unaccounted for, there remain only 30 years [(60 – 15 = 45 – 1/3 = 30)] of actual life that we shall be held accountable for. It is this 30 year span that we shall be questioned with regards to in the grave: Who is your Lord? What is your Deen? Who was the man that came to you?

    Regardless of how much we memorise the answers to these questions, no matter how much we revise and non-stop continuously revise, we will be unable to answer them if we have not lived our lives according to Islam and upon the teachings of Muhammad (peace be upon him). We need to live Islam and breath Islam to truly be a successful member of this beautiful Religion. Only then will we be at complete ease during the first trials of the Hereafter.

    That Day, the blaze of the Fire will be so vicious and fearful, so atrocious and dreadful, that man will plead for his own son, his own blood and flesh to be thrown into the fierce blazing abode instead of himself. If that will not be enough, he will beseech for his wife and children to be taken in his place. And when this will not be enough he shall beg for the whole of humanity to be directed into the Hellfire to save his own soul. There shall be no excuses for his 30 years of neglect, and there shall be no escape from his punishment.

    Every day we approach death and are nearer to it than the night before. Today we are closer to it than yesterday, and yesterday we were closer to it than last week. Every moment we are hastily stepping toward it and approaching it faster than our last breath, but so often and only too often we fail to act and act in time. In a state of disregard, death overtakes us and we land ourselves in a forever misery.

    How many a Ramadhan have we seen fly past at the wink of an eye? Yet we have failed to fully utilise our time during this month and spiritually elevate ourselves so that we can benefit from the fruits of Ramadhan. We remember the fasts of childhood. It was only yesterday when we were struggling to keep pace with the adults, and today we are more experienced and composed, but so often fail to reap the full rewards. Ramadhan does not only imply fasting, but restraining ones self from vile and idle talk as well as engaging ones self in righteous actions (worship, charity etc).

    This month is also known as the ’Month of the Qur’an’. We should spend our time productively in worship and in recitation of the Book of Allah. For it is this book that will act as a witness for us on the Day of Recompense and the more we read it and try to understand it and act by it, the more reward we shall accumulate to be placed on the scales in our favour on that Great Day when all that will count shall be our deeds.

    So my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam, please, let us not delay any longer in taking benefit of this blessed month, particularly with the last 10 days approaching. The bounties are many and seeking expiation and guidance is great. But if we miss this opportunity, the costs are far more immense as we may never live to see and to experience another Ramadhan. Death can overtake us at any time, and at any place. Let us try and make the most of this Ramadhan and what remains of it. Let us spend our time wisely in the remembrance of Allah. Let us try and keep away (or limit ourselves) from the forums for the next few days. Let us instead try and use our time to take advantage of the blessings of this month and its last 10 nights by searching for the night of decree which is equivalent to the worship of 1000 months. The forums shall still be here, by the Will of Allah, when you return in 12 days or so, but Ramadhan will have passed and disappeared into the distance along with its blessings and bounties. So let us spend the time that we do in discussion and debate, in increasing our eemaan (faith) and repenting for our sins while improving ourselves as good Muslims by abstaining from this life, and its attractions and adornments, and looking forward to the Paradisial beauty which Insha’Allah awaits us in the Hereafter.

    May Allah – the Most High - guide me and may He guide you and may He guide all of mankind. May He, Allah, the Most Merciful forgive us for our sins and rectify our mistakes. May He help us to take full benefit of Ramadhan and characteristically improve us as Muslims, and spiritually elevate us and increase our love for Him until the Day of Judgement. And we ask Allah, that He, the Almighty, make the trials and tribulations of this world and the Hereafter easy for us, and enter us into Paradise by granting us the highest level in Firdose.

    Fee amaanAllah

    WasSalaamu ‘alaykum.


    Wow, Thanks for the advice Sentinel.

    Jazakallah Khair


      Jazak Allah khair, brother. No matter how we memorise the answers to the questions that we will be asked, the correct answers will come only from those who have lived the life according to sirat al mustaqeem. The others will find there tongues tied, rendering them speechless.

      Regarding the answers to what we have done in this world, I am reminded of a hadeeth where Rasool Allah (sallallaho alaihe wasallam) distributed some dates amongst the companions and gave the least to Ali (radhi Allaho anho) at which he was apparently unhappy. Next day Rasool Allah (sallallaho alaihe wasallam) asked each sahabee to stand on a stone outside the mosque and account for the dates they were given. The sahaba who had been given more had to stand in the heat on a hot stone for several minutes, while Ali (radhi Allaho anho) took seconds. This waas to explain that the more we have the more we will have to explain when the sun is just few feet above our heads.

      May Allah help and guide us so that our transaction in th grave and on the Day of Judgement is easy.

      Rabbeshrah lee sadree; wa yassirlee amree; yafqahoo qaulee.


        WOW WOW! Man that's some post! Thanks for that, Im gonna try and be real good.
        Thanks once more...WOW!


          nice post! thanx


            A Ramadhan reminder from last year ...


              barakAllahu feekum Thanks for the reminder sentinel


                Walaikum Assalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

                Jazakallahu khair for the reminder.

                Do you mind if I forward it on to my school MSA and some other friends?


                  >>man will plead for his own son, his own blood and flesh to be thrown into the fierce blazing abode instead of himself. If that will not be enough, he will beseech for his wife and children to be taken in his place

                  That's the height of selfishness. Sad.


                    ... Wa'iyyaakum.

                    Sister Sadiyah, you're more than welcome to do so. I'll PM you with an edited version also insha'Allaah, which is a genaral reminder, rather than specific for the forums.



                      you did a great favor to us by posting it.
                      ...I know that which you do not know. (Quran - 1:30)...... Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?...(Quran - 55:13)...
                      Shikra was here.


                        Barak'Allahu feekum akhii