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  • hayaa

    I can probably recount the time in my life when I was suicidal, ironically it was just as terrible perhaps much worse an event that made me snap out of it.

    You seem to know exactly why you are messed up, you have all the root causes laid out right there on the table.. That always helps, knowing why you feel the way you do. it's much worse when you don't.

    May be you need to sit down one night and let all your anger out.. on a prayer mat, make all your accusations, place all the blames, cry, scream, vent. And when you feel a little calmer, you might just feel a little better. But may be you do that already through your writing, and if it makes u feel better, by all means.. continue. Lets remember though, that it may be other ppl that have caused our lives to be messed up, it may even be like you said, God that puts some of us through hell, but once you realize that, you're in command. Take control, and don't let the rest of your life end up in a mess.
    God is all loving, it's the ppl that smear the picture and twist it to suit their guilty consciences.

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    People don't realize how many of us are suicidal or seeking help, they just spew doctrines and tell us to read the Quran but it doesn't work too well, it's temporary.

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    Al-Qaeda is looking for you.....

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  • Uzee
    started a topic ANGER OF A LOST SOUL


    Anger of a Lost Soul

    Yamoni Bari


    Anger of a Lost Soul
    with No Direction, living without Salvation
    seeking sanctuary from all this confusion
    Troubled by the Abundance of self Hate
    realizing a pitiful life
    Explanations seem so far fetched
    seeking peace at any means
    destroying all remaining self esteem
    temporary pleasures acting as pain killers
    true Happiness seems impossible
    Screaming from the top for help
    for an answer to a question unknown
    Suicidal at every step
    thoughts of horrible death
    Confusion running wild, claiming an empty soul
    thoughts of anger, violent thoughts become violent actions

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