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Differences between Christian Sects

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    Differences between Christian Sects

    I know the two major sects Catholics and Protestants. I just know that protestants were created by the king of England for his personal reasons. I might be wrong and won't mind if somebody corrects me. I also know that there are Orthodox christians, Unitarian and Baptist christians.

    My intention is not to create an argument who is better but just want to find out the differences in their belief.

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    Lutherans, Adventists, Methodists, Coptic, Evangelical....many more also


      Originally posted by khan_sahib:
      I just know that protestants were created by the king of England for his personal reasons.

      The Protestant movement was not created by the English king but arised as a spontaneous outburst all over Europe due to differences in dogma and other issues around the beginning of 1500's.

      The king of England, Henry VIII, was instrumental in the origination of the Anglican Church (Church of England).

      My intention is not to create an argument who is better but just want to find out the differences in their belief.

      Good luck - the subject is too large for this board though...


        The first split in Christianity occured before the life of the Prophet (SAWS), and involved Rome (where religious power of the Roman empire was based) breaking away from Constantinople (where political power was based). In Rome, the sect that eventually became the Roman Catholic Church was based, where in Constantinople, the Orthodox Church was based.

        In the 16th century, the Protestant sects began to take root. Henry the VIII was originally a champion of the Catholic cause, and was awarded the title Fidi defendo (Defender of the Faith) by the Pope. However, the Pope refused to allow Henry VIII to divorce Anne Boleyn. In frustration, Henry made his own Church, with himself as its head, and ordered his subordinates in his new Church to grant him a divorce.
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          Unitarian's aren't necessarily Christians. They are plurastic. They include theists and atheists, agnostics and humanists, pagans, Christians, Jews, and Buddhists. They believe in a universal religion, which is really more of a spiritualism than a religious doctrine. They are one of the few religions which uphold universal salvation. They are Heretics (derived from the Latin word choice).

          Catholics believe they will be the only ones to enter heaven (have Salvation), ditto for the Protestants (only not as much so). There isn't that much of a difference between the minor Protestant sects. The Catholics differ from Protestants in their belief that the Catholic Church is the one true church created by Jesus Christ, and their belief that the Eucharist(bread and wine of communion) becomes the actual flesh and blood of Christ.

          All Protestants and Catholic sects believe in the trinity Father, Son, Holy Ghost. They believe that the Bible is the word of God, (the Catholics have a slightly different version of the Bible), They believe in being saved by Grace (the Protestants more so - Catholics are more into guilt and confession).

          Than there are the Southern Baptists, and the fundamentalists (a type of Protestants). They pretty much represent the antichrist.

          There are some quirks I guess. Seventh Day Adventists are usually vegetarians, Mormons believe (not all) in more than one wife, Pentecostals sing and dance during their services and speak in tongues, Christian Scientists will not recieve any type of medical treatment so as not to interfere with the will of God, etc.

          Done babbling now.


            I was hoping some of the Christian brothers here on these boards will take part in this thread. Mainly cos they can share with us first hand knowledge about their religion.

            Anyway, khan_sahib thanks for starting this. Though, the topic is very broad, if you can specify a perticular sect, I can tell you my findings on it.
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