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Ode to king Fahd

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  • Rehaan
    well written article!

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  • iqra_786
    started a topic Ode to king Fahd

    Ode to king Fahd

    ( An article from Trends Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 7, Price £1, 1991)

    Ode to

    King Fahd

    0 FAHD!

    0 Fahd, what have you done to us, what have you done to the Ummah? 0 Fahd, how can you invite to our land those that have always striven against Islam. How can you allow yourself to be dictated to by our sworn and proven enemies, those that laugh at you and your religion behind your back.

    0 Fahd, how can you face up to your Creator after the treason you have committed against all His teachings? How could you have allowed the Christians, Atheists and Jews to come and defend you, to defend our Holy places and to defend our religion?

    0 Fahd, how can you face the Ummah how after the humiliation you have caused us? How could you allow yourself to live in such luxury and lavishness while your brothers and sisters in other countries suffer from hunger and thirst and who constantly live in fear of their lives.

    0 Fahd, why do you not allow Muslim workers in your country to preach unadulterated Islam, not the impure and narrow-minded Islam that you attempt to spread in the world with your money and through your "scholars"

    0 Fahd, why have you blackmailed al I those people whose salaries you pay into defending your positions and your actions? Why have you blackmailed all those countries that owe money forcing them into the un-islamic position of supporting your actions in the Gulf.

    0 Fahd, why didn't you use your knowledge of the Arabic Language to read, understand and follow the to place the honour and dignity of Qur'an? Why don’t you look to your forefathers, those that followed the beautiful teaching of Islam and those that strove truly in the path of Allah.

    O Fahd, why do you not give up the kingship of your people to someone more worthy and more able who can govern and rule according to the teachings of Islam why do you cause the us – Islamic workers to live in constant pain and suffering over what you have done?

    0 Fahd, Why in your country are their three laws: one for the Arabs; one for the whites; and one for everyone else.

    0 Fahd, why do you not give more support to those sincere Muslims coming Hajj, to ease their hardships and to enable them to perform a pilgrimage with the minimum of difficulty, because they need more from you than simply a free water bottle.

    0 Fahd, why do you try and attach so many strings to the money that you give to the Islamic organisations and Mosques throughout the world, and why do you prefer to only give money to those who spread your version of Islam?

    0 Fahd, why do you not actively encourage your Ministers to pray and to fast and why do you not plead with your people to set an Islamic standard of conduct when travel abroad and not the lavish and wasteful attitude that they display.

    O Fahd, why didn't you do more against the book that insulted our most blessed Prophet, our beautiful and great religion and our way of life? Instead you seem to us to place the honour and dignity of the Arabs in a greater position.

    0 Fahd, Allah is reaching out towards you - accept His offering land Allah. and work truly and sincerely for slam. Read and understand the Qur'an and strive hard in search for the truth using everything at your disposal.

    0 Fahd, know that we must all accept Islam totally before Allah decides to take us from our bodies or before He punishes us on this earth as only then we will be successful.

    0 Fahd, the Palestinians need more from you than money and words, they need you to be politically active, to struggle and strive within the world leadership trying to restore their homeland and restore the rights of all oppressed people in the world.

    0 Fahd, You have so much money, why are you not using it to restore Islam at the pinnacle where it was before and where it deserves to be now and always.

    0 Fahd, Why do you lavish presents like you have done with so many members of the British Royal Family, why didn't you spend a small amount for Da'wah to them as well?

    0 Fahd, we are not able to see you personally nor are we able to talk to you as you keep yourself aloof from the Ummah so read this article and accept the truth which is in it, establish Islam wherever you go as your judgement and reward or punishment from Allah will be directly related to your responsibilities and possessions in this life.

    O Fahd, O Fajd, O Fahd…………….