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Dangers of nationalism

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    Dangers of nationalism

    read this excert from the thread on is chilling what there ppl want...

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    Originally posted by RMS Azam

    Loss of a naval fleet is not a deterrent, loss of the State of Israel is. The message to US is: the disadvantages of destroying Pakistan's nuclear capability far outweigh the advantages.

    But by dowing that we will take out 140M in Pakistan and the 130 - 140 m in Indian along with god knows how many in ME, so who will win in long term??

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    11-22-2001 06:33 PM

    Ali Mian
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    Nuclear weapons are a weapon of last resort. No one actually intends to use them. However if they are used, that means that you are in a no win situation and have no other options left. Yes millions of people would die in both Pakistan and India which would be herendous. However the other option is to cease to exist as a nation state. So if one is going to go, why not take the enemy with you.

    Regarding using nukes against US battle groups. As mentioned it will not have the same psychological impact or deterence as using nukes against Israel or India. However, it will have an impact nevertheless. Sure the US can retaliate with nukes but If God forbid we ever find ourselves in such a scenario of using nukes, we wont be fighting to win because there are no winners in a nuclear war. We would be taking the enemy down with us.


    Pakistan Zindabad! (S)(*)

    this is scary, so to these ppl, lives of atleast 1/2 a billion of ppl, mostly muslims is worth wasting if pakistan was attacked???????? nation is nothing but its ppl and what do these ppl think they are? god??? they think pakistan is worth killing all these lives??? i am sorry guys, i like pakistan as a country i was born in, but for the security of pakistan i would not even think such a horrible act. that is why allam iqbal once said...
    "in taza khudaon main bara sab say watan hai"
    "jo is ka parahn hai wo mazhab ka kafn hai"
    patriotism is fine,but these ppl in pakdef are nationlists and thats why i stopped going there, these thoughts sickened me.

    Nationalism is fine, it imbibes love for your country. But ultra nationalism is dangerous, it gives rise to fascism.


      [al-Hujurat 49:13.22] O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into NATIONS AND TRIBES , that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other).

      All is the Beloved and the lover is a veil
      The Beloved is alive and the lover is dead (RUMI)


        Hello Dear People,

        Nuclear War = Tic Tack Toe!

        But truely in the US gov't point of view the area many of you (or your family) live around is the most dangerous explosive place for use of nuclear weapons. Read..

        Another dicussion by politicians at work?

        Interesting...wheres the rest of the report?
        But it is an old report.