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    Signs of Qiyaamah

    From: Dr. Israr Ahmed
    Ameer Tanzeem-e-Islami

    Lahore (November 9, 2001) Press Release: Addressing a Friday Congregation at Jame-ul-Qur'an

    Mosque in Model Town, Lahore, the Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami Dr. Israr Ahmad said that the Gulf War

    in 1991 and the current war against Afghanistan represent the prelude to the great wars that would

    signal the end of times, as prophesized in ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

    Dr. Israr Ahmad said that belief in the Hereafter is a fundamental article of Islamic faith. Ahadith of

    Prophet Muhammad (SAW) contain descriptions of numerous signs, the appearance of which indicate

    the nearing of the Last Hour. Some of these ahadith describe that a series of great world wars will take

    place before the appearance of Mahdi and the second coming of Prophet Jesus. However, these ahadith

    do not give any clear sequence of events or chronology, and therefore they need to be pieced together

    and interpreted to get the big picture. Dr. Israr Ahmad said that according to these ahadith, Muslims will

    unite with a certain ally and fight together to defeat a common enemy. He said that according to his

    interpretation, these ahadith have already come true in what the world witnessed in the Gulf War. He

    said that the war against Afghanistan is also part of the same series of events that will ultimately lead

    to the great world wars or the Armageddon, in which a large number of Muslims will suffer heavily

    before the second coming of Prophet Jesus.

    Dr. Israr Ahmad said that in the Gulf War a broad based coalition against Iraq was easily formed

    because Saddam Husain was the clear aggressor and no country could have condoned Iraq's invasion

    of Kuwait. However, Dr. Israr Ahmad pointed out that Saddam's invasion of Kuwait had come about

    due to the prior assurance given to him by the US ambassador that US will not interfere in case Iraq

    were to take any step against Kuwait; this was a trap that was specifically set up to demilitarize Iraq

    because it was a threat to Israel. On the other hand, the present war is very different because the real

    culprits behind the attacks of September 11 have not been clearly identified, yet Afghanistan is being

    attacked only because it had become a reservoir of zealous Arab mujahideen, perceived once again as

    a threat to Israel. In addition, Pakistan's nuclear capability is also seen as a similar threat, and that is

    why there are plans being made by the US to take control of Pakistan's nuclear weapons if there is any

    danger to the Musharraf Government.

    Dr. Israr Ahmad said that in the past, Israel had deceptively attacked USS Liberty in order to make the

    US attack Egypt, a plot that remained unsuccessful due to its early exposure; in this connection, Israel's

    indirect involvement in the September 11 attacks is not unlikely. Dr. Israr Ahmad expressed his opinion

    that the Muslims hijackers involved in the attacks most probably became Israel's inadvertent tools,
    providing the US with the excuse to destroy Afghanistan even without proper evidence.

    Dr. Israr Ahmad said that, in any case, it is the responsibility of the Muslims of Pakistan to help their

    Afghan brothers and sisters in this time of trouble, to protest against Pakistan's cooperation in the

    terrible bombing of a neighboring Muslim country, and to put pressure on the Musharraf Government

    thatit should change its present policy. Above all, however, Muslims need to repent. They must examine
    their personal, social, and economic lives and remove any practice that is in conflict with the Shari'ah.

    Dr. Israr Ahmad said that irrespective of the results of the present conflict, repentance, avoidance of

    haram, and fulfillment of Islamic obligations is something that each of us must undertake for his or her

    salvation in the Hereafter.

    "I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving creature, but He has a grasp of its forelock. Verily, my Lord is on the straight path. (The truth)"

    Welcome to being part of long list of people who for several thousand years have been predicting the end of time. The world is not ending and the predictions are no more than wine for the already drunk.


      The post doesn't belong in the Religion forum as Dr. Israr as usual has chosen to be more political than religious in his statements.
      JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee