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Clergy in Islam

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    Clergy in Islam

    I have tried to find some authority is Islamic tradition that sactify today's wide-spread muslim clergy but failed. My thinking is that there is no room in Islam for the kind of moulvis that occupy mosques and lead prayers there; and earn their livlihood from that profession. The concept of leading the namaz as imam is that when at the time of salat muslims of a community will get together, better one of them will lead the prayer on the basis of taqwa and acceptance of his role by the fellow muslims. But that's for one namaz, very next namaz in the same msjid a different person may be leading the faithfuls in their worship. after salat they will disperse in Allah's land to persue their professions. Imam will get no remuniration for leading the prayer.

    In shia Islam I know there is well defined clergy and that's why our shia brotern send their brightest kids to be trained as clergymen. But in sunni islam I very doubt about the religious authority that would santify our moulvis with all their ignorance to lead us offer our namaz. I know that many of them would qualify to lead namaz but a great majorityof them wouldn't. Yet that doesn't mean that any one leading the prayer would get remuneration for worship.

    Just confused; May be some one of you would shed light on some sources of knowledge I haven't been able to access.

    You're right there is no concept of clergy in Islam.

    Anyone can lead the prayer.

    Although they say they are not being paid to lead the prayer but to look after the mosque.


      lack of knowledge pays its part in this issue as well....
      u r right such a concept is not right....
      but then again we see moulvis taking money for teaching Quran and there is a hadith clearly prohibiting taking money for teaching Quran....
      may Allah give the moulvis a better sense and understanding of Islam cuz they r the main cause of the deviation of muslims from the main path (thats my personal view)....
      Both Halal & Haram r evident but between them r doubtful things, most ppl have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from suspicious things saves his religion & honor, & whoever indulges in suspicious things indulges in Haram.


        brothers/sistes AoA,

        i don't find it objectionable to criticize 'mullah party' for whatever they are doing. they did some good, and some bad. but its not their sole responsibility. a lot goes to our shoulders as well. since we left religion in their hands, depend upon them in almost all religion-related issues. we have left our religion-education, all we do is take "Islamiat" as one subject upto high school, and how much do we learn from that?

        its not their fault alone, its ours too. we have made a 'customized Islam' as our religion. we drop which we find 'difficult', 'incovenient', 'antique' and we conveniently follow what we find easy, 'followable' etc.

        We oughta be Changez like, don't we?