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Brief Tafseer (Interpretation) of Soorah Faatihah (part 6)

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    Brief Tafseer (Interpretation) of Soorah Faatihah (part 6)

    [6] Ihdinaa siraat-ul mustaqeem

    “Guide us to the Straight Path –“

    Allaah – the Most Wise – mentions the previous verse (verse 5) before this and the verse that follows because, firstly, the rights of Allaah come before the rights of His servants, and that Allaah helps His servants when they recognise and worship Allaah (SWT). For this reason, once we have singled out Allaah for worship, we can expect His guidance. Allaah may help us by testing us to see whether we remain grateful or whether we lead ourselves astray if we decide to choose the wrong path. And Allaah does not allow anyone to go astray unless he/she is from the faasiqoon (wrong doers). Secondly, for every action we undertake we require Allaah’s help because he is the one who allows us to do this and therefore we need to ask Allaah for success. Also by seeking help from Allaah, it is an act of humility and humbleness by submitting to Him and this helps us to recognise that He is the one who truly guides.

    Ibn Mas’ood – radiallaahu ‘anhu – said:
    The Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) drew a line for us and said: “This is Allaah’s Straight Path.” Then he drew lines to its right and its left and said: “These are other paths. Upon everyone of them there is a devil calling towards it.” Then he recited: “This is my Straight Path, so follow it and do not follow other paths, they will separate you from His Path.” [related by Ahmad (1/435), an-Nasaa’ee (7/49) and ad-Daarimee (1/67-68)].

    Thus ‘guidance’ is a condition of success. And who is there better to guide us than He, Allaah, the Supreme Creator of all that exists in the heavens and the earth, amidst the skies and the oceans? For this very reason, we need to continuously ask Allaah for guidance so as to avoid all possibilities of going astray on the paths to which devils are calling toward.

    "No leaf falls except that He knows of it, and no rain drop forms except that He has willed it."

    Thanks for that...May Allah guide us and protect us from our on evil desires.Ameen.