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Translation of the Qalimas

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    Translation of the Qalimas


    when I was a child, my mother made me learn the qalimas, and some other surahs.

    i was just wondering if anyone knows of any site where i can read the translations of these surahs


    interestingly, the QALIMAS that r taught to us seem to be found only in the indo-pak literature....
    i have not found them anywhere in the arab world....
    and i have asked some of my friends, arabs, involved in religious studies, they say NICE WORDS but not found in hadith....

    so i have much doubt about the legitimacy of the reading of these QALIMAS....
    Both Halal & Haram r evident but between them r doubtful things, most ppl have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from suspicious things saves his religion & honor, & whoever indulges in suspicious things indulges in Haram.


      A Qalima is not something you just read with your tongue but it is a shahadah ..
      it is what a Muslim beleives.
      Some of the qalimas can be also said in your dua.


      There is no god except Allah, Mohammad is His Messenger.

      Allah ke siwa koi Ibaadat ke laa'ek naheen Muhammad (s.a.w.) Allah ke rasool hain.

      I bearwitness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, He is One, He has no associates, and i bearwitness that Muhammad is the servant and messenger of Allah.

      Allah pak hai aur sab ta'areef Allah ke liay hai aur Allah ke siwa koi ma'bud naheen aur Allah bohut berra(great) hai, gunahon sey bechney ki taaqet aur neiki kernay ki toufeeq naheen megar Allah ki teraf se jo bohut buland azmat wala hai.

      Allah ke siwa koi ma'bud naheen wo akaila hai uss ka koi shareek naheen , ussi ke liay hai baadshahi aur ussi ke liay taareef hai wohi zinda kerta hai aur maarta hai aur wo zinda hai uss ko hargiz kabhi mout naheen aye gi. Berray jalal aur buzargi wala hai uss ka haath mein bhlaayi hai aur wo her cheeze per kadir hai.

      Mein allah se maafi maanga(maangti) hoon Jo mera Perwardigaar hai her ghunaa se jo mein ne jaan bhooj ker kiya ya bhool ker chhup ker kiya ya zahir ho ker aur mein uss ki baargha main tauba kerta houn uss ghunah se jis ko mein jaanta houn aur uss ghunah se bhi jis ko mein naheen jaanta (Oh Allah) beshakk tu ghaibo'n ko janenay wala aur eibo'n ka chhupaney wala aur ghunahon ka bekhashney wala hai aur ghunah se bechney ki taaqet aur neiki kerney ki quwwat naheen mager Allah ki medad se jo bohut buland azmat wala hai.

      Oh Allah! Mein teri pena'a maangta houn iss baat se ke mein kissi shai ko tera shareek banaoon jaan bhooj ker aur bekheshish maangta houn tujh se uss (shirk) ki jis ko mein naheen jaanta aur mein ne uss se tauba ki aur beizaar huwa kufr se aur shirk se aur jhoothh se aur gheebat se aur beda'aet se aur chughli se aur be-haya'yion se aur behtaan se aur temaam gunahon se aur mein islam laya aur mein kehta houn ke Allah ke siwa koi Ibaadat ke laa'ek naheen Muhammad (s.a.w.) Allah ke rasool hain.