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60 Hadith of Imam Ali

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    60 Hadith of Imam Ali

    1. He said to his son al-Hasan (peace be with them both)
    0 son, learn about four things and so long as you act in accordance with what you learn then harm from these will not come to you. The richest wealth is intellect. The greatest poverty is foolishness. The biggest damnation is due to vanity. The most noble descent is through the excellence of morals. 0 son, be wary of befriending a foolish man for although wanting to give you benefit he will cause you harm. Refrain from befriending a miser for he will distance himself from you at the time of your need. Do not befriend a libertine for he will sell you for a petty sum. Do not befriend a liar for he is like a mirage that causes that which is distant to appear close and that which is near distant.

    2. The doer of good is better than it and the doer of evil is worse than it.

    3 . Be magnanimous but not a profligate; appraise but be not a miser.

    4. Proximity to Allah cannot be gained through voluntary devotion if the obligations falter.

    5. The words of a wise man are behind his heart while the heart of a fool is behind his words.

    6. The most illustrious wealth is the abandoning of [false] hope.

    7. He who is swift in doing to the people that which they dislike is talked about by them in accordance with their imagination.

    8. An evil deed, which causes repentance, is better in the sight of Allah than a noble deed that brings about conceit.

    9. He who entertains lengthy hopes does so by sacrificing the performance of good.

    10. The worth of a man is in accordance with his resolve, his veracity is in accordance with his sense of honor, his bravery is in accordance with his sense of pride and his chastity is in accordance with his self-respect.
    Part Two

    11. Be cautious of the tyranny of a generous man as he starves and of a depraved man as he satiates himself.

    12. The one most worthy to pardon the transgressions of others is the one most capable giving retribution.

    13. No wealth is greater than intellect, no poverty worse than ignorance, no inheritance better than good morals and no aid than consultation.

    14. Perseverance is of two types, perseverance with that which is disliked and perseverance from that which is liked.

    15. Wealth and needlessness in a land away from home make it home while poverty in the homeland makes a separation from home.

    16. Possession is the source of desires.

    17. He who cautions you is like the one who gives good tidings.

    18. Loss of friends is like separation from ones homeland.

    19. Do not shy away from giving a little for deprivation is less than that.

    20. Continence is the adornment of poverty.
    Part Three.

    21. You will not find an ignorant man save he is wasteful and excessive.

    22. As intellect becomes more complete words become fewer.

    23. One who places himself as a leader for people should begin with educating his own self before others and his training of others should be through his conduct before his tongue. A teacher and an instructor of his self is more worthy of exaltation than one who is a teacher and an instructor of others.

    24. The breaths of a man are steps towards his death.

    25. Everything reckoned is something decreased and everything anticipated is sure to come.

    26. Wisdom is the possession of a believer, take it even from the non-believer.

    27. The worth of every man is in what beautifies him.

    28. Retain a report through thorough comprehension of it not mere retention of transmitting it, for transmitters of knowledge are many while those who understand it are few.
    29. Allah has placed obligations upon you do not cause them to go to waste. He has set boundaries for you do not exceed them. He has forbidden you from things do not violate them. He has remained silent concerning certain things but not through forgetfulness, do not burden yourselves with them.

    30. Whenever people disregard matters of faith for the betterment of their world Allah causes them involvement with that which is more damaging.
    31. Many a scholar has been destroyed through ignorance and not benefiting from his knowledge.

    32. The affairs of Allah cannot be established save by him who does not allow himself to be bribed, nor allows himself to be equalled [by others through their wealth and influence, in the establishment of the laws of Allah] and nor does he pursue covetous desires.

    33. A wasted opportunity is a source of torment.

    34. The example of this world is like that of a snake soft is its touch deadly is the poison soaked within its mouth. An undiscerning fool advances to it while a wise man remains cautious of it.

    35. He who is negligent in [the performance of good] deeds is afflicted with distress. Allah has no concern with a person in whose wealth or self there is no share for Him.

    36. This world is a passage to the eternal abode and the people in it are of two types; a man who has sold his soul to it and is rebuked by it and a man who has bought his soul from it and has been released by it.

    37. A friend is not a true friend until he is true to his friend on three occasions; at the time of misfortune, in his absence and at his death.

    38. Prayer (salah) is a means of proximity for every pious person. Pilgrimage (haj) is a way of holy struggle (jihad) for the weak. Every thing has a form of purity (zakah), the purity of bodies is by fasting. The form of struggle for a woman is by maintaining a happy marriage.

    39. Increase the descent of sustenance through the giving of alms.

    40. One who is confident of a [good] descendent is generous in giving [to him]

    41. One who economizes is not reduced to poverty.

    42. Patience descends in accordance with calamities. The one who strikes his hand onto his thigh [as a sign of non-perseverance] at a calamity reduces the worth of his deeds.

    43. Anxiety leads greatly to senility and old age.

    44. How many a person fasts but gains no more than thirst from his fast. How many a person stands long nights in worship but has no more than sleeplessness and toil from his wakefulness. How wonderful is the sleep, rest, eating and drinking of the sagacious.

    45. Regulate your faith with the giving of alms. Safeguard your property by giving the religious dues. Repel the waves of calamities through supplication.

    46. A man is concealed underneath his tongue.

    47. It is like annihilation if one is unaware of his worth.

    48. Every man has a final outcome whether sweet or bitter.

    49. For everyone there is a state of advance and retreat. As for that which retreats it is as if it did not exist.

    50. He who perseveres eventually achieves success even if the waiting is lengthy.

    51.One who agrees with the actions of others is equally involved with them. One who is involved in falsehood commits two crimes: the crime of committing falsehood and the crime of being satisfied with it.

    52.Reprimand your brother [in faith] by showing him beneficence. Repel his evil by bestowing gifts upon him.

    53.One who places himself in a suspicious position has only himself to blame for peoples unfavourable opinion.

    54.One who owns is the one who monopolises.

    55.The one who proceeds independently through his own opinion perishes, as for the one who consults others he shares in their wisdom.

    56.One who conceals his secrets has control of that which is good for him.

    57.Poverty is the greatest death.

    58.He who attends to the right of one whose right cannot be attained has indeed enslaved him.

    59.Obedience is not owed to creatures (acting) in disobedience to the Creator.

    60.A man is not blameworthy if he delays taking his right, he is only to blame for taking that which is not his.

    these are just true words of wonder Prophet Mohummad has said "main ilm ka shahar hoon aur Ali uska darwaza hai"


      4. Proximity to Allah cannot be gained through voluntary devotion if the obligations falter.

      8. An evil deed, which causes repentance, is better in the sight of Allah than a noble deed that brings about conceit.

      WOW......great ones....


        Great sayings from great person.

        BTW, do sayings of Hazrat Ali RA count as "hadith"? or are these sayings of Prophet PBUH interpreted by Hazrat Ali RA?

        We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


          "I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate. Whosoever wants to enter the city must pass through its gate" - holy prophet (pbuh)

          That should answer your question.



            These are sayings and not Hadiths of Hazrat Ali (R.A).. Hazrat Ali's hadiths are where he said Prophet Muhammad said something or did anything Hazrat Ali related..
            .. they are great sayings .. thnx for sharing
            Saints are fine for Heaven, but they are hell on earth.


              Originally posted by Degas:
              These are sayings and not Hadiths of Hazrat Ali (R.A).. Hazrat Ali's hadiths are where he said Prophet Muhammad said something or did anything Hazrat Ali related..
              .. they are great sayings .. thnx for sharing