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A cry of the Muslim soul.

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    A cry of the Muslim soul.

    A cry of the Muslim soul.

    Abid Ullah Jan

    President Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Western allies! We may believe
    you for a moment when we hear, "this is not a war on Islam." However, you
    know in the heart of your hearts and we know from a thousand other leads
    that all your efforts are directed at nothing less than extirpating any
    resistance offered to your version of the world order by Islam. Whether you
    call it "political Islam," "fundamentalism," or "terrorism," at the end your
    joint struggle boils down to elimination of Islam as an alternative to the
    systems and values you intend to impose. The first and foremost submission
    in this regard is that whether or not you declare it a war on Islam, you
    will never - never -- be able to defeat Islam because Islam is not an "ism";
    it is not a geographic entity, a military force, an ephemeral ideology or a
    movement that temporarily resurfaces and could be oppressed with the force
    that you are so proud of. Islam is a true religion - a faith with its
    unbeatable power in the hearts and minds of those who truly believe in it.

    There is no denying the fact that since the demise of Soviet Union, the
    Western media is creating a negative perception and attitude towards Islam
    with full force. It regards Islam as an enemy to the Western society and
    institutions. However, the difference between your struggle against
    communism and Islam is evident from your statements that this is not a war
    on Islam. It is not that you do not consider it as such, but simply because
    you cannot afford such a war. The failure of your secret meetings to defeat
    and de-sting Islam begins as soon as you come out in public and claim that
    this is not a war on Islam. Your covert actions to destabilize and remove
    governments established in the name of Islam on the one hand and your
    support to puppets regimes for rooting out religious institutions and
    parties on the other, fail all your efforts to conceal your original motives
    and convince the general public that you are not against Islam.

    The weapons at your disposal in your war on Islam are: hypocrisy,
    propaganda, military might, economic power and social and political
    instability. Your propaganda machinery sustains your hypocrisy but it has
    been more than a decade that you try to present a world view of Islam by
    giving references to the government of the Taliban, poverty and backwardness
    in Sudan and the massacres in Algeria to show strict adherence to Islam as
    violent, fanatical and intolerant. With the growing awareness, the
    misinformation is gradually losing war. It is worthy to note that out of
    fifty-one Islamic countries around the world, these selective references are
    to project that it is Islam that is "violent, fanatical and intolerant."
    There is no mention of Islamic states living in peace. And the violence
    ratio of 3:51 or 4:51 in the Islamic world pales in comparison with the
    non-Muslim countries, where no one holds religion or the twisted liberalism
    and secularism --responsible for that.

    The way Mr. Blair attributes poverty and civil war in Afghanistan to the
    Taliban rule is yet another illusive but derogatory effort to show, as if
    poverty, human rights violations and civil war has something to do with
    Islam. Irrespective of the past 22 years of the Afghan history and the
    inhuman UN sanctions against Afghanistan, if we look around the world, we
    will find that poverty, corruption and civil war is not confined to Muslin
    communities alone. Besides many Western commentators, it was Roger Hardy of
    BBC who reported in his 1996 series, "Islam: Faith and Power," that "in the
    midst of such bewildering variety, there is a common threat - a new
    assertion of Muslim identity and consciousness." This is the threat you are
    struggling against, not to defeat poverty and safe guard human rights.

    As far your military might, you can never win hearts with your force. You
    defeated the Soviet Union by putting guns on the shoulders of Mujahideen,
    who were as much terrorists for the Soviet Union as much as Kashmiris are
    for the India and Osama is for the US. Even in Afghanistan, you cannot
    defeat the Taliban on your own unless you use other Muslims against them.
    You cannot suppress the general public in Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and
    elsewhere as long as you do not use Muslim armies and Muslim dictators for
    this purpose. All these tricks have outlived their utility. After all, for
    how long can you repress close to 1.5 billion people with the help of a few
    dictators. Just like the Israel's military might, you would fail to rule us
    with the strength of your military supremacy. How many countries would you
    afford to invade like Afghanistan or blocked like Iraq.

    Iraq has lived for eleven years under your sanctions and lost thousands and
    upon thousands of innocent lives. Afghanistan quietly went through your
    sanctions until your patience ran out - not theirs. So would be the case
    with rest of the Muslim countries. You cannot bomb them all into submission.
    You cannot embargo them all. You cannot make dictatorship rule them forever
    to come. As far the aspect of your cultural imperialism is concerned, your
    war on Islam is bound to failure because you try to impose the Western value
    system in the Muslim societies. Doesn't hypocrisy seem too mild a word to be
    used for this kind of attitude towards Muslim societies? If child abuse
    rates in the US have soared by 331% since 1976; if 60% of the rapists, 72%
    of adolescent murderers and 70% of long-term prisoners come from the
    fatherless homes -- products of Western liberalism; if there is one divorce
    for every one marriage; and if more than 200,000 women are annually
    assaulted by boyfriends, with whom they are involved in illegitimate
    relations, why then is the US bent upon exporting and imposing the same
    rotten culture on other societies, which are free from these social ailments
    at present? Your efforts are doomed to failure because such nonsense doesn't
    make any sense to a sensible person?

    Your hypocrisy is exposed. No amount of propaganda can hide your true
    intentions. Don't we see how your patience ran out with the Taliban in one
    month and with Saddam Hussein in just a few months? But you don't consider
    giving such an ultimatum to Israel to end its occupation, aggression and
    human rights violations. You can rain down death and destruction on the
    Taliban for their harbouring "suspected" terrorist, but you cannot do it to
    Israel for being ruled by an proven terrorist, for whose indictment more
    than 1.2 million people from around the world have signed a petition. The
    Taliban have been blamed for authoritarianism. The Taliban were ruling with
    nothing but Divine Law. They declared Quran their constitution and surely
    they knew and understood Quran, at least, better than Bush and Blair do. And
    it is of course authoritarian in a sense that it is derived from God's
    authority. And who questions God's authority? In practical sense, even the
    law or rules once adapted by a "democracy," require forced compliance by the
    individual and society for the functioning of an orderly system. Why then
    question submission to God's Divine authority?

    Is the US government authoritarian, which has assembled the largest
    regulatory workforce ever in the world history? Rule making agencies in the
    US employ 130,929 people. Citizens are forced to hand over addition taxes of
    $ 15.6 billion to support this force, also an all time record. However, the
    total cost of obeying federal regulations rose from $476 billion in 1985 to
    $607 billion in 1995. Bill Clinton used to boast that he has wiped away
    16,000 pages of bad rules since taking office. That's true. But his minions
    have more than filled the void. The Federal Register has grown from roughly
    41,000 pages a decade ago to more than 69,000 pages in 1994. American rulers
    must be thankful for not being Muslims, otherwise they would have been
    declared as some worst kind of authoritarians, for keeping a record 5.1
    million Americans either behind the bars, or probation, or parole, who
    violated their man-made regulations.

    If your war is against terrorism, you can win simply it with eliminating its
    root causes that lie in your unjust foreign policies. You can't win it with
    attacks on hospitals, homes, passenger buses, food storage, ICRC building,
    refugee convoys, UN Mine clearing office and other civilian installations.
    If your war is to eradicate anti-westernism and anti-Americans from our
    hearts, you can do it with just leaving us alone. However, if your war is to
    impose your will, your values and your brand of the world order, it will
    only increase the backlash from Islamic forces in a variety of forms,
    including militancy, which will not only destroy Muslim societies, but the
    Westerners, too, will not be able to live with peace. You, being the masters
    of your plans, must take the initiative and change your policies. If a
    genuine reconciliation and mutual co-existence is desired only policies of
    acknowledgment and recognition would work - not the sinister plans for
    repression and eradication. For mutual trust and respect; a conscious,
    focused, serious, multidimensional and global effort is required. Force is
    not the answer.

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