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Pakistani girl's letter read out in US Senate

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    Pakistani girl's letter read out in US Senate

    Pakistani girl's letter read out in US Senate

    WASHINGTON: A Pakistani girl student's letter on Islam sent to a US Senator was read out by him in the US Senate. Assistant Majority Leader and a Democrat of Nevada, Senator Harry Reid, received a letter on the five pillars of Islam from Sanaa Khan, a 9th grade student from Las Vegas.

    So moved was the Senator by what written in the letter that he stood on the floor of the Senate and read out it to his colleagues. He said he appreciated very much Sanaa sending him this letter and it was his hope that everyone in the Senate would become familiar with her letter and with the tenets of her religion.

    The Senator said: "I have been on the floor before, speaking about Islam and what a great religion it is. I have said before and I repeat that my wife's primary physicians are two members of the Islamic faith--her internist and the person who has performed surgery on her. I know them well. I have been in their homes. I have socialised with them. I have talked about very serious things with them. We have helped each other with family problems. I have been to the new mosque with them in Las Vegas. They are wonderful people with great families. I have come to realise Islam is a good religion, it is a good way of life.

    Muslims maintain a good health code as their religion dictates, and they have great spiritual values as their religion dictates. It is too bad there are some people evil people around the world who would target the innocent in the name of Islam. I believe that the strength of Islam, and the faith and fortitude of more than one billion Muslims around the world, will overcome these evil people and their evil deeds."


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    The News International, Pakistan

    How can a man die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the Temple of his Gods?


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