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    yes it is true...they believe in adam and eve


      Our belief is not evolution from Humanids to Homo Habilis to Homo Sapiens. We believe that Adam and Eve were the first HUMANS to set foot on earth from paradise.

      Jitna Diya Sarkar Nay Mujko, Itni Meri Auqat Nahi, Yeh Saab Tumhara Karam Hai Aqa, Mujh Mein Aisi Koi Baat Nahin.

      Love happens once . . .
      Rabul MashriqaiN wal MaghribaiN


        yeah muslims dont believe in that....
        and a very good speech by a muslim scholar that i heard makes it very clear for others as well....
        he says that if science thinks that life was created at random as the theories suggets that the gases cooled down and became liquids and plasma evolved and then bla bla bla....
        then tell me one science theory that wud agree with the following:
        take a bomb and drop it into a junkyard daily and one day due to all those changes u will see a fully assembled mercedes benz....
        as this is impossible even after infinite bombs dropped, so is the creation of life as a random phenomena....

                MUGHAL          ya mujhe afsar-e-shaahana banaaya hota
                 _.+._          ya mera taaj gadaayana banaaya hota 
                \@*@*@/         nashaa-e-ishq ka gar zarf diya tha mujh ko
                {_____}         umar ka tang na paimaana banaaya hota
        Both Halal & Haram r evident but between them r doubtful things, most ppl have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from suspicious things saves his religion & honor, & whoever indulges in suspicious things indulges in Haram.


          Do u ever read Quran, u morans
          You can find all the answers related to our creations and why were we created.

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            When you call people to Islam like that then no one will want to read the Qur'an.


              Typical brain washed people!




                You are free to follow whichever path you feel is right for you.

                But please stop promoting free advertising at every opportunity for your sect! The Submitters.


                  Not believing in evolution is like turning your back on everything important that distinguishes the humans from the apes. Things like rationality. There is overwhelming evidence to support that natural evolution of species occurs! There is however, not a single piece of credible evidence that supports that Adam and Eve appeared on earth one day as a miracle from God. I know people try to create arguments and evidence to support what is written in ancient holy books. The ideas of the holy books go back centuries before human knowledge was advanced enough to know about natural creation and natural process of evolution. Even a 7th century Arab would have had to rely on the Adam and Eve story to explain where did humans come from.

                  The broader decision that every Muslim like you has to make is whether to blindly believe in what is written in the Holy Quran and the hadiths, based upon blind faith, even if they contradict modern knowledge of things or to rely on evidence and an objective and academic pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the universe around us. Which do you pick?



                    Muslims are NOT t/ only people who reject t/ Darwin theory. Practicing Christians amongst others are alos dead against this theory of being taught in school and serious debates have prevailed. Why pick on Muslims?? We have enough to answer these days. Go pick on sum1 new!


                      Everything I said holds true for Christians and believers of any other religion or cult of the world that rejects evolution of species.

                      I have noticed that we often try to justify the teachings of Islam by using the teachings of Christianity or other religions. It is illogical to do so since the teachings of Islam have to stand on their own.

                      I am not a Christian and I am not expressing any opinion based upon Christianity or any other religious belief.


                        Logic User,
                        u wanna say ur less monkey than ur parents and grand parents ?
                        Thank God there is still God's acceptence in vast majority of of any religious faith muslims, Christians and jews alike.. yes our faith may beblind is much superior and steadfast than ur laboratory knowledge that changes every now and then..
                        Saints are fine for Heaven, but they are hell on earth.


                          Logic User,
                          by trying to use ur so called logic u have made some hindus here very happy but u never say anything bout some hindu beliefs here
                          Saints are fine for Heaven, but they are hell on earth.


                            Originally posted by Logic User:

                            I have noticed that we often try to justify the teachings of Islam by using the teachings of Christianity or other religions. It is illogical to do so since the teachings of Islam have to stand on their own.

                            Its not illogical, all the monotheist religions are the same. They are bassed on the same principles, in more than one aspect Judaism is more close to Islam than Christianity. Moses (AS) & Mohammed (AS) Share more of thier teaching, so its not illogical to explain the teaching of Isalm based on some Judao-Christian practice.

                            بِن دانا پانی میں جی لواں
                            بِن انَک میں جی نہ سکاں



                              Logic User

                              It seems as though you are relatively new on this Forum and are raising issues and subjects that we have dealt with many moons ago.

                              Here is a reply I wrote on a previous occasion, dealing with Evolution amongst other things.

                              Please feel free to rebut the claim:

                              CREATION OF UNIVERSE

                              The Big Bang Theory is one of it's plausible interpretations.

                              We should keep in mind that the whole history of science has been the gradual realisation that events in the universe do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but they reflect a certain underlying order which is divinely created and inspired.

                              There may be a large number of models of the universe, explaining its beginning with different initial conditions( whether the FRIEDMAN MODEL, BIG BANG MODEL, EDWIN HUBBLES MODEL, PENZIAS AND WILSONS MODEL, NEW INFLATIONARY MODEL, CHAOTIC INFLATIONARY MODEL OR SINGULARITY THEOREMS MODEL proved by Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking) but all of them lead to the initial state of infinite density and zero volume singularity.

                              You got the Primordial Fireball and it's immediate temp. after explosion etc with photons,electrons,and neutrinos and there antiparticles, together with some protons and neutrons.

                              I'll leave Einstein and Newton out for the moment, but the QUR'AAN WAS PERFECT IN IT'S QUOTE:

                              'Why don't the unbelievers realise that the heavens and the earth were fused into a SINGULARITY, then we parted them'. 21:30

                              CREATION OF LIFE

                              Modern Science completely endorses the concept of FOUR era of life after it's first appearance.

                              1 PROTEROZOIC ERA(PRECAMBRIAN PERIOD)
                              2 PALAEOZOIC ERA(ANCIENT LIFE PERIOD)
                              3 MESOZOIC ERA(MIDDLE LIFE PERIOD)
                              4 CAINOZOIC ERA(MODERN LIFE PERIOD)

                              The Qur'aan:

                              'And He fixed heavy mountains from the top( of earth) and He put blessings(source of sustenance, in earth) and He provided in it with proportions the sources of living in 4 periods'. 41:10

                              The Evolutionary Theory as Modern Science portrays is impossible.

                              Their can be no evolution in Physics. Heavier elements cannot be formed by Hydrogen, at least in peaceful terms. If you try to obtain Helium by combining 2 or 4 Hydrogen atoms, you obtain a thermonuclear bond, and the entire environment is vaporised in a mushroom cloud.

                              Mathematically, evolution is an impossibility. For a worm to be formed from an amoeba, 39 times 10 times 20 squared, alterations are needed in its genetic code, which would take 10 trillion years to produce at the rate of one change per second, or about 500 times the age of the observabel universe. For an ape, it would be 3 times 10 times 520 squared, changes, which is a number so inexpressibly large that even after taking the fourth power of the total number of particles in the universe, we still could not begin to approach it. For comparison, the total volume of the universe in terms of the diameter of an electron does not exceed10 times 124 squared!

                              Biologically, there can be no evolution as to this day, no one has been able to change even one cistron using scientific methods.

                              The Qur'aan states:

                              'And the animals on the earth and the two winged birds which fly in the sky, they are creations similar to you(O Mankind)'. 6:38

                              HOW THE UNIVERSE WILL END

                              If the universe contracts according to the laws of black hole physics, a new universe could emerge with a different geometry. The Big Crunch would turn into another Big Bang. The result would be an oscillating universe, an endless cycle of cosmic expansion and contraction. This is supported by the OSCILLATING UNIVERSE THEORY.