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Is smoking haram?

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    Is smoking haram?

    Would anyone like to share something about this topic?



    "Real Programmers always confuse Christmas and Halloween because Oct31 == Dec25" -Andrew Rutherford

    Originally posted by Aatif:
    Would anyone like to share something about this topic? Thanks Aatif
    Greetings of Peace to one and all

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    A recent BBC documentary conveyed 2500 Indians (all races and religions) DIE everyday due to tobacco related illnesses in India alone.

    Yes! everyday 2500 people die . Their deaths would have caused countless number of problems for their immediate families.

    Yet, little is man concerned about his fellow beings

    Just like Alcohol, tobacco has been packaged in various forms and :-

    1) is sold to everyone
    2) is advertised in newspapers, magazines, radio and television ( had been reduced considerably)
    3) is smoked/chewed by the will of man
    4) has licensed outlets to market them
    5) produces revenue for the government
    6) brings sufferings and death to the consumer as well as the bystander
    7) propels one's health to self-destruction
    8) destroys family life

    2500 Indians will die tomorrow …what have you done about it?

    Smoking is (Islamicaly Unlawful)….Lets ask, why?

    The declaration that "There is no God worthy of being worshipped except ALLAH and that Muhammad is the messenger of ALLAH", demands that the Muslim accept the Decrees set by ALLAH and by HIS messenger , the Prophet Muhammad ( Peace and Blessings be upon him ).

    The Qur'an is a revelation from ALLAH , containing the Principals of Islam, which is a complete code of life, which reveals the essence of what is Good and evil. i.e. Lawful and unlawful .

    Surah 90:68 reads :- And We have shown him (man) the two ways ( Good & Evil)

    Surah 7:157 reads:- He allows them all that is good and lawful and prohibits them as unlawful all that is evil ( things , deeds, beliefs, persons, foods, drinks etc )

    So, smoking ( Tobacco) has been medically proved to cause Lung cancer, Lung Tuberculosis and heart diseases as such it becomes evil and surely HARAM or unlawful for a Muslim to consume.

    In addition, it is revealed by ALLAH in Surah 4:29 :- "And do not kill yourselves" also in Surah 2:195 :- "And do not throw yourselves into destruction" ….these verses alone is sufficient to warn man to stop smoking as smoking kills and also brings him into destruction in due course .

    Further, the Qur'an reveals in Surah 17: 26-27) :- " But spend not wastefully (your Wealth) in the manner of a spendthrift, verily , spendthrifts are brothers of the devil , and the devil (Satan) is ever ungrateful to his LORD . As such a smoker , becomes unjust to himself as well as his family by burning away his money as well as ruining his health. In addition the smoker's smoke inflicts harm upon others that are close to him or her.

    The Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said : "There should be neither harming nor reciprocating harm" ( Hadith Saheeh Al-Jami # 7517)

    *Anyone who smokes, cause the spread of evil, they smoke openly and thus encourage others around him to do the same.

    *Smoking becomes an addiction, and it prevents fasting and praying as the smoker becomes impatient to have another smoke.

    *The smoker causes his home, car, clothes etc. to smell bad by the smoke from the tobacco.

    From the above mentioned verses and hadith, it is clear that smoking is evil and thus it is Haram (unlawful) for Muslims and if you ask any doctor, he will advise you the same. Muslim Scholars who are smokers claim it is Makruh……well , it still means that we should avoid it .

    Sound Advice:-

    If you are under any kind of stress, turn to ALLAH, read the Qur'an and be with pious Muslims. Smoking , taking Drugs and consuming Alcohol , can only lead you to an addiction that enslaves you to something that harms your health , your wealth , your family and your reputation in this world and to what ever punishment that ALLAH pleases in the hereafter for indeed HE had warned you 1417 years ago in writing and current doctors and scientists have also learned the same through their research.

    So, Stop Smoking !

    By Dr. Saleh As-Saleh, re-edited by RRC, Zamboanga City.

    The Al-Qur'an, Chapter 2: verse 268 reads:

    ….Satan threatens you with poverty and bids you to conduct unseemingly, ALLAH promiseth you HIS forgiveness and bounties, And ALLAH careth for all and HE knoweth all things.

    Devoted to Truth

    It is better to light a candle ( reveal the TRUTH) than to curse the darkness


      Stop smoking look at me.... I smoked over 6 years and now I have stopped. (2 years now almost). It's unhealty and useless.

      • “na maiN momin vich masiitaaN, na maiN muusaa, na fir'aun!”
      Ain't new ta this....HOMEINVASION('93)


        ..Waste of money (disliked in Islam)
        ..Bad breath (Not allowed to go to the mosque with bad breath)
        ..Intoxicating to an extent (intoxication disallowed)
        ..Addictive and bad habit (disliked in Islam)

        Without even waiting for a scholars verdict on cigarettes, us lay people can come up with enough reasons to stay away from it because of Islamic reasons.


          Originally posted by Akif:
          ..Waste of money

          Depends on the person paying I suppose? What is waste for one might be OK for someone else.

          ..Intoxicating to an extent

          Cigar and pipe smoking are not intoxicating.

          ..Addictive and bad habit

          As far as I'm told cigar and pipe smoking is non-addictive. Are these OK?


            Old man...
            Waste of money, in Islam, is defined as any expenditure without which you can do. That includes eating more than u need to....buying more clothes than u need....having huge houses which outdo your requirements.
            Since the question asked was from an islamic perspective, hence the point about it being a waste of money.

            Regarding intoxication, one doesnt really have to have deep red droopy eyes and out of his senses in order to be intoxicated. Even something as petty as a cup of coffee or tea intoxicates you to an does a does a cigar and a pipe. The only argument I guess you can make is that the extent of intoxication you get from them does not impair you in anyway. But the point is, ones dependency on them.

            I dont know, or dont think that a cigarette is haram in Islam, though I have heard people say so. However, when people ask about cigarettes, its usually from an intoxication perspective. I merely mentioned that even if intoxication is not brought in the picture, there are other valid reasons that make smoking a disliked deed.


              I completely understand your point of view guys. Thanks for sharing. Actually Ive been smoking for quite a while now (5 or 6 years I guess). And one day when someone came up to me and asked if smoking was haram, I was just speechless. I guess what I did till now was wrong, I will try my best to get rid of this killer! If there is any program or anything that I can follow to get rid of it then do let me know. Ali_R how did you get rid of smoking?? Do let me know.



              "Real Programmers always confuse Christmas and Halloween because Oct31 == Dec25" -Andrew Rutherford



                "khmer" is the word used in Quran that is Haram. It means intoxicants. Also, it is injurious to health leading to death. Another ayat states that suicide is Haram as well. If there is enough proof that Smoking can kill and it intoxicates you then it is Haram.

                Unfortunately, I can't issue a fatwa as I am not an authority to give one but this is what I know.



                  Tea contains tartazine....which is carcenogenic.

                  Crossing the road is dangerous away from notified crossing areas.

                  Not striving to earn alot of money in order to get private health care is a form of suicide.......

                  NO....all the above is BS. and certainly not haram.

                  Smoking is not haram, but it makes sense not to do it.

                  Alcohol intoxicates the mind, mind altering substances that prevent you from using your faculties are Haram.

                  People keep things in focus b4 long you'll be wearing your watches on your right hands!! whilst drinking beer.

                  Concentrate on the simple things and the rest will follow. We are all muslims, all trying to better ourselves as people. If it helps you to give up smoking by thinking it is haram then do so but keep this to yourself and do not impose your version of Islam on anyone else.


                    Originally posted by Aatif:
                    Ali_R how did you get rid of smoking?? Do let me know.



                    From one day to another. The best you can do. I wouldn't support stopping smoking by slow reduction of ciggs. quantity every day or every week. If you want to get rid of it then you have to stop on the spot.
                    I re-joined the gym and started to rebuild muscles, therefore I had to get rid of ciggs. And re-joined tennis courses and played football every weekend. Sports diverted me and I'm very thankful that I have made it.
                    Of course I had Allah's support as well.

                    • “na maiN momin vich masiitaaN, na maiN muusaa, na fir'aun!”
                    Ain't new ta this....HOMEINVASION('93)


                      I agree with Ali_R coz my cousin left smoking without reducing the quantity or anything else. Other friends tried patches and this and that but they came back to it but he left it altogether just be deciding that it is not good and he should stop it.


                        Ali_R and K_S .. thanks for the advice.

                        Thap ... I dont know who to believe! But I know I wana stop it!


                        "Real Programmers always confuse Christmas and Halloween because Oct31 == Dec25" -Andrew Rutherford


                          There is a difference of opinion on the issue. Some say it's Makruh, others Mubah and yet others Haram.

                          You should look at all the evidences presented and choose the one which you think is closest to the truth.

                          I follow the opinion they are Mubah but I don't smoke anyway.


                            yeah Smoking is haraam cuz everyone knows smoking causes Cancer and cancer cause death so if u smoke then its gonna cause u to death u shouldb't be smokinga s u know suicide or hurting your own self is haraam.
                            LIfe is a beautiful gift from Allah which we dun realize it often. and our body is so precious we shouldn't be destroying it or hurt our self becasue its not yours. so plzz guys Yes SMOking is haraaam so plzzz who ever smokes stop it yar for Allah's sake.

                            Love is like Heaven but it may hurt you like hell.