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    New information from Country Style

    New information from Country Style

    (October 7, 2001) Country Style has supplied with the following information:

    *Chocolate Brownies and Maple Donut Icings contain alcohol
    *Black Forest, Lemon, and Cappuccino cakes contain alcohol
    *All baked products are free of animal ingredients
    *All rennet sources in whey powder are from microbial source
    *Tender Tuna and Good ol' Egg Sandwich Fillings do not contain any Haram ingredients
    *Cream Soups do not contain any animal rennet
    *Garden Fresh Pita contains all Halal ingredients
    *Cheese in baked products could have animal rennet

    Country Style operates over 350 outlets across Canada. For more information, contact Country Style at (905) 764-7066.

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