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Atta’s Rage Rooted in Islam’s Misogyny

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    Atta’s Rage Rooted in Islam’s Misogyny

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    Rediculous piece of crap!

    Seriously. It is totally fictitious, having no basis to reality or even an iota of truth.

    Here are the totally erroneous crap written/compiled by this Glazov person.

    In Woman in the Muslim Unconscious, Moroccan scholar Fatna Sabbah documents how the crucial criteria of female "beauty" in Islamic society are silence, immobility, and obedience. Women are supposed to dehumanize themselves in order to be tolerated.

    In Islam, males are taught to control desire (shahwa). Women are the incarnation of shahwa. Shahwa comes from the devil. It becomes clear, therefore, why the association of shahwa, the devil and woman is rife throughout Islamic religious literature.
    Completely idiotic!


    (Sex) is an act concerning only the orgasmic need of the male. Since this need is prioritized, Islam allows the male to marry four wives at a time.
    Total ignorance about Islam is blantant in the above paragraph. The writer would have done well to research a bit before writing anything about Islam. Right now he has done a great disservice to his readers and made a fool of himself.

    Islam offers some of the highest protection to females. Even among educated, professional muslim women, the rate of divorce is very low, essentially because Islam emphasizes the family values and requires us to make an effort into making the family work. Both husbands and wives have responsibilties towards each other and rights over each other. The relationship is based on trust and sincerity. Total prohibition of pre-marital and extra-marital sex allows the couples to concentrate on each other and make each other happy, without excess baggage of past relationships or casual flings casting a shadow over the relationship.


      If I were Muslim, I'd probably be outraged at the article too, Pristine. And, I am sure you are right that it is complete garbage respecting the interpretation of Islam given by 95% of Muslims. Would your position be the same if he had applied his analysis solely to the ultra-fundamentalist doctrine espoused by the Taliban, OBL and his followers?

      To get what I am driving at, it appears as if the Taliban believe it is not Islamic to allow women to work, read or become educated. Islamic women must wear that ridiculous outfit. Women working, reading, becoming educated and wearing less restrictive clothing is not viewed as anti-Islamic in other Muslim countries.

      Getting out of the male/female thing, Taliban destroy the Buddha statues against worldwide outrage.

      Now, I personally don't think the Taliban is very Muslim at all (and prior to 9/11, a lot of Muslims on this BB made that point). I am not suggesting that they are representative of Muslims or that the Soviet writer was right in generalizing as he did. I am interested in whether you think his analysis was correct if you limit it in its applicabilty solely to the perverted brand of Islam practiced by the Taliban.
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        Ummm good thing i have an exam in 17 1/2 hours, no time to comment, so no comment.


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            Niazi what are you? Webmaster of this site?

            • na maiN momin vich masiitaaN, na maiN muusaa, na fir'aun!
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