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    The US Government had the code name - Infinite Justice for the plan/operation that would bring those responsible for the wtc incidents to justice.

    Guess What?

    Fundamentalist muslims objected to the name claiming that only Allah can grant "Infinite Justice" and the US Government decided to comply and changed the name of the operation.

    Ponder this:
    For these fundamentalists - the name of the operation was blasphemous but the wtc acts committed in the name of the same Allah, which cost thousand of lives, was not.

    Code names are computer generated. More often than not, they carry dubious meanings.

    Regarding the code name Infinite Justice, it was suggested by Pentagon officials themselves that the name would hit a sensitive nerve among the muslim communities worlwide...and hence they decided to change it.


      Here's the background to the name:INFINITE JUSTICE that was later changed. Pls note the extent of your misinformation.

      The code name of the U.S. military buildup was changed to ''Operation Enduring Freedom'' after the initial name, ``Operation Infinite Justice,'' ran into objections from some Islamic scholars on grounds that only God, or Allah, could mete out infinite justice in their view.


        The way you started ur response, I thought ud give me a quote from Colin Powell himself..

        The way i heard it, it was more like, the name was changed for the fear that it would offend muslims around the world. However, either way, I dont see anything wrong with muslims objecting to it, if at all they did.

        And regarding ur point to ponder....Who told you the WTC towers were rammed into 'in the name of Allah'?

        FBI came up with 19 names, and more than half have already been proven to be fake. FBI has not produced an iota of believable evidence against Osama. Dont jump to conclusions based on non existent evidence. Lets wait for the case to fold out.


          Akif writes:

          "And regarding ur point to ponder....Who told you the WTC towers were rammed into 'in the name of Allah'?"

          You don't mean to say that the suicide bombers are blowing themselves up in the name of their mommy.

          ObL has declared a Jihad against the Satan West repeatedly over the last few years and even recently, he has been extoling the Pakistanis to rise up in Jihad and kill the amricans & jews where-ever they live. And, a Jihad is fought for Allah and those Heaven-dwellers that rammed the aircrafts into the targets were on Jihad in the name of Allah and not in the name of mommy dearest.

          Your comments:
          "FBI has not produced an iota of believable evidence against Osama. Dont jump to conclusions based on non existent evidence"

          If OBL is innocent then ask him to give himself up to the Int'l Court at the Haque; no need to be hiding in the back mountains and transmitting faxes inciting people to Rise & Kill in Jihad.

          His faxes or incitement to kill the 'infidels' are proof enough for him to be brought to justice.


            There is absolutely no proof that it was Muslims who crashed the planes into the wtc.

            Our idiot leaders and self appointed representatives have not made it clear whenever they talk that it was not Muslims who did this act. Instead they help the propaganda against Islam by saying words to the effect of bad Muslims did it.

            Bush talks of crusade and clash of civilisations and then tells us to believe that this war is not against Islam and Muslims.



              I believe the message in those faxes was something along the lines of that if the America led coalition decides to attack Afghanistan, there will be a definite response from the Afghanis and the followers of Osama. It had nothing to do with the attack on the WTC.

              Furthermore, Ibrahim, I find it hard to believe that the people determined by the FBI to be the hijackers would do such an act in 'the name of Allah swt'. I highly suggest reading their profiles.


                Ibrahim says: Before you read the published article in NY Times & Newsweek (attached below) I had already presented evidence that the initial records of the passengers list on the ill fated flights did not include any Muslim names ( posted in Bin laden thread earlier). Hence whatever came up pointing the finger at Arabs and Muslims indicating it was a Muslim job amounts to a fabrication.

                Further, out of the nineteen so called Arab hijackers, 7 are alive and kicking in their home towns, which means someone is making a mockery of themselves.

                Another 5 Arab names were actually trainees in the US military and their profile was given to FBI by Pentagon. ( read newsweek article)

                Hence the whole affair stinks of fabrication and in my personal view this was NOT done by any Muslims or Arabs and all indications are many Americans know who did it but are bound by the secrets act.

                U.S. Is Chasing German Leads on Terror Trail

                By LOWELL BERGMAN and DON VAN NATTA Jr.

                WASHINGTON, Sept. 24 Two weeks after the terrorist attacks in New York and on the Pentagon, investigators have not yet identified any knowing accomplices in the United States or uncovered a broad support network that assisted the 19 hijackers, a senior law enforcement official said today.

                The official, who is actively involved in the investigation, said that a key to unraveling the plot might lie in Germany, not the United States, and that a team of agents had been dispatched to pursue leads there.

                Based on investigators' portraits of the suspected hijackers and their movements before the Sept. 11 attacks, the official said, federal agents are investigating whether the plot had its origins in Germany and then branched out to hubs in Newark, Boston, Florida and Maryland.

                While some reports have suggested that there were other terrorist cells in the United States and even failed plots to hijack other airplanes on Sept. 11, the official said the arrests of hundreds of people and interviews with thousands of others had produced little hard evidence to support either suspicion.

                "Thus far we cannot connect any of those people that we're looking at to any of those 19" hijackers, the official said.

                Investigators have evidence that some people unwittingly assisted the hijackers but did not know about the overall plan. They are still pursuing leads in the United States that other people may be tied more closely to the hijackers and the plot.

                Attorney General John Ashcroft said today that 352 people had been arrested or detained and that an additional 392 people were being sought for questioning.

                If this new theory of the case proves true, it will have the effect of assuring the public that no conspirators remain hidden in the United States at a time when the White House is planning military reprisals.

                While not ruling out future discoveries, the authorities are saying that to date they have not found evidence of organized groups linked to Osama bin Laden's terrorist organization, Al Qaeda, still operating in the United States, or any direct evidence that the 19 men identified as the hijackers who crashed airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were associated with other groups planning future attacks.

                Officials said that promising information had been developed in Germany, where the police seek two men who they believe may have been directly involved in the plot.

                One suspected hijacker, Mohamed Atta, believed to have played a central role in coordinating the plots, lived in Hamburg while studying engineering. He was killed aboard the American Airlines flight that struck the World Trade Center's North Tower.

                Some investigators still believe that the plot was so intricately timed that it almost certainly required help from accomplices on the ground who helped scout airlines, airports and flight training schools.

                But as days pass without evidence of their presence, other investigators suggest that the hijackers designed their plot to self-destruct, leaving behind no trace of other conspirators or much documentary evidence.

                Moreover, investigators have still not identified a chief architect of the plot who might have headed a decision-making structure and then fled.

                A senior law enforcement official said that 17 of the 19 hijackers were not known to intelligence or law enforcement officials before the Sept. 11 attacks. Two of the hijackers, Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf alhamzi, were placed on the government's official watch list for suspected terrorists before the attacks.

                Saying that thousands of people had been trained at Mr. bin Laden's camps in Afghanistan, this official acknowledged that Western intelligence could not track them all.

                "It shouldn't surprise us that they have people that don't come up on anybody's radar screen, in our country or elsewhere, who can legitimately come here, travel on a legitimate visa, pay bills, stay out of trouble, take training and launch an attack like this," the official said. "It's staggering in its complexity and the discipline is very impressive."

                The official said investigators had collected electronic intercepts connecting the attacks to Al Qaeda. But the official said that evidence would probably not be made public in the government's "white paper" that is to connect Mr. bin Laden to the attacks.

                The official said the authorities were still sifting through thousands of bank records to determine whether the hijackers received financial support from Al Qaeda.

                Investigators are pursuing other avenues in the United States. Today, one man was charged in Northern Virginia with helping three of the suspected hijackers fraudulently obtain Virginia driver's licenses last month; a second man who aided with the licenses is cooperating and was not charged, prosecutors said. But officials said they did not believe that either man had any knowledge of the hijacking plot.

                The F.B.I. searched an apartment in Paterson, N.J., last week and showed neighbors photos of two of the hijackers on the flight from Newark that crashed in Pennsylvania, residents said today.

                Jamie Diaz, who also lived in the building, at 486 Union Ave., said today that one man had lived there about six months, and that they both moved out about a week before the hijacking.

                Officials said that reports that other hijacking teams were prepared to commandeer other flights on Sept. 11 remained only a theory, even though searches of planes turned up boxcutters similar to those believed to have been used by the hijackers.

                Last week, Mr. Ashcroft said other planes might have been at risk on Sept. 11. But reports of other hijackers who may have boarded or tried to board other flights appear to lack credibility, the officials said.

                Law enforcement officials in recent days said the hijackers planned for the attacks by monitoring the airports, and even taking the cross- country flights, more than once. "I'm starting to believe only two weeks into this that they did this with only a minimal amount of support in the U.S.," one official said.

                The investigation has also spawned a secondary intelligence inquiry of huge proportions intended to glean fresh threats in the United States and overseas.

                A senior law enforcement official said some investigators had theorized that the hijackers were able to keep the plan secret by letting only one member of each team know that the planes would be crashed into buildings. The others, the official said, might have believed that the jets would be landed at an airport where demands would be made.

                Alleged Hijackers May Have Trained At U.S. Bases

                The Pentagon has turned over military records on five men to the

                Source/Publisher: NEWSWEEK Magazine - MSNBC (USA)

                [U.S. Military Could Be Behind The Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks ]

                By George Wehrfritz, Catharine Skipp and John Barry

                USA, September 15, 2001 (Newsweek): U.S. military sources have
                given the FBI information that suggests five of the alleged
                hijackers of the planes that were used in Tuesday's terror
                attacks received training at secure U.S. military installations
                in the 1990s.

                THREE OF THE alleged hijackers listed their address on drivers
                licenses and car registrations as the Naval Air Station in
                Pensacola, Fla. -- known as the "Cradle of U.S. Navy Aviation,"
                according to a high-ranking U.S. Navy source.

                Another of the alleged hijackers may have been trained in
                strategy and tactics at the Air War College in Montgomery, Ala.,
                said another high-ranking Pentagon official. The fifth man may
                have received language instruction at Lackland Air Force Base in
                San Antonio, Tex. Both were former Saudi Air Force pilots who
                had come to the United States, according to the Pentagon source.

                But there are slight discrepancies between the military training
                records and the official FBI list of suspected hijackers--either
                in the spellings of their names or with their birthdates. One
                military source said it is possible that the hijackers may have
                stolen the identities of the foreign nationals who studied at
                the U.S. installations.

                The five men were on a list of 19 people identified as hijackers
                by the FBI on Friday. The three foreign nationals training in
                Pensacola appear to be Saeed Alghamdi and Ahmad Alnami, who were
                among the four men who allegedly commandeered United Airlines
                Flight 93. That flight crashed into rural Pennsylvania. The
                third man who may have trained in Pensacola, Ahmed Alghamdi,
                allegedly helped highjack United Airlines Flight 75, which hit
                the south tower of the World Trade Center.

                Military records show that the three used as their address 10
                Radford Boulevard, a base roadway on which residences for
                foreign-military flight trainees are located. In March 1997,
                Saeed Alghamdi listed the address to register a 1998 Oldsmobile;
                five months later he used it again to register a second vehicle,
                a late model Buick. Drivers licenses thought to have been issued
                to the other two suspects in 1996 and 1998 list the barracks as
                their residences.

                NEWSWEEK visited the base early Saturday morning, where military
                police confirmed that the address housed foreign military flight
                trainees but denied access past front barricades. Officials at
                the base confirmed that the FBI is investigating the three

                It is not unusual for foreign nationals to train at U.S.
                military facilities. A former Navy pilot told NEWSWEEK that
                during his years on the base, "we always, always, always trained
                other countries' pilots. When I was there two decades ago, it
                was Iranians. The shah was in power. Whoever the country du jour
                is, that's whose pilots we train."

                Candidates begin with "an officer's equivalent of boot camp," he
                said. "Then they would put them through flight training." The
                U.S. has a long-standing agreement with Saudi Arabia--a key ally
                in the 1990-91 gulf war--to train pilots for its National Guard.
                Candidates are trained in air combat on several Army and Navy
                bases. Training is paid for by Saudi Arabia.

                [ 2001 Newsweek, Inc.]


                  You know what......American foreign policy is a crock of self righteous, religeously biggoted, war-mongering, arragont clap trap.

                  How about INFINITE BULLSH*T, I'll go for that, has a certain ring to it dont you think?

                  "lets all step back and try and see the big picture"

                  [This message has been edited by Thap (edited September 26, 2001).]



                    'Face Down' I mean Face Up!

                    Before you start to falsely associate comments, views and any other bits and bobs of information in order to make Propoganda, lets get a few things clear.

                    Firstly, even if the Muslims objected to the original Code Name due to Blasphemy, they were RIGHT.

                    Secondly the USA Administeration were also RIGHT to change the name as they knew the basis of opposition. Jews and Christians also believe in God.

                    Thirdly, in order for the coalition to gain ground and receive support within the Islamic world, such objections have to be taken on board by people with power. Luckily for the Muslims, you are not one of them!!

                    In addition, maybe you have been on planet Mars over the past few weeks or you are one of the Hatemongers, because the Islamic World has condemned the attacks regardless of the 'so called' Code Name.

                    Unless you were a party to the proceedings of the attacks or you are telepathic, no-one knew what was being said or going on in the minds of the attackers.

                    Do you think it was Bin Laden who objected to the Code Name 'Infinite Injustice'!!!

                    I think not!!

                    Similarily, the majority of the Islamic World did NOT know that the attacks were about to take place! So how on Earth could they oppose something before it happened and did not know it was about to happen!!

                    Instead of beating about the bush about Islam, at least be open and come clean!!!


                      Originally posted by faceup:
                      The US Government had the code name - Infinite Justice for the plan/operation that would bring those responsible for the wtc incidents to justice.

                      Guess What?

                      Fundamentalist muslims objected to the name claiming that only Allah can grant "Infinite Justice" and the US Government decided to comply and changed the name of the operation.

                      Ponder this:
                      For these fundamentalists - the name of the operation was blasphemous but the wtc acts committed in the name of the same Allah, which cost thousand of lives, was not.
                      FACE up


                        i think in its hurry to seek retribution and calm down the usa people the usa is heading towards operation infinite injustice


                          Originally posted by kabir:
                          i think in its hurry to seek retribution and calm down the usa people the usa is heading towards operation infinite injustice
                          US has to show some face to its public that US knows its enemy. Even if Bush were to eat rotten apple it can be termed an OBL conspiracy. US always needed an enemy to put some blame on, to tell its public that all the zillion dollar equipment is worth spending.

                          We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


                            So my old friend faceup has come to show his face again... welcome back...
                            here you will find more "Mujahideen" than used to be before, (e.g. brother Ibrahim has posted somrthing already)...


                            The country you live in has something called "law of criminal justice".... can you please tell me what does this mean, and does it apply only to Americans and non-muslims or it is for any human being...

                            Wama Alaina Illal Balagh!

                            You (Muslims) are the best nation ever raised among the mankind: (because) you
                            advocate righteousness and FORBID EVIL, and you believe in (one) GOD (ALLAH).
                            (Sura: Alay-Imran; Ayat:110)
                            ***Sitaaron Pay Jo Daltay Hain Kamand!***
                            Shaheen=An Eagle or A Flacon!
                            (And yes it's a MALE Shaheen ;-)
                            The ORIGINAL Falcon -
                            Tu Tundi-e-Baad-e-Mukhaalif say na ghabra ay Uqaab
                            Yeh tau chaltee hai tujhay OoNcha urRaanay kay liye


                              Originally posted by kabir:
                              i think in its hurry to seek retribution and calm down the usa people the usa is heading towards operation infinite injustice
                              The should rename it to "Infinite Spanking"