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    Who are the illuminati?



    Soldiers of H.U. Please do yourself a favor, below is an article written by : [email protected] of "The News" . Please respond to him at free will.

    The Hindu-Jewish conspiracy

    Muhammad Naveed Ahmed

    A news report in The New York Times, last Friday, discloses that some fundamentalist Hindu groups have formed an alliance with extremist Jewish groups in New York, advocating hatred and violence against Muslims, proclaiming that Islam is their common enemy. It is explicitly stated in the daily's report that "the unusual alliance brings together two extreme religious philosophies from different parts of the world that, at first glance, have little in common. But living elbow-to-elbow in the ethnic mix of New York, the small groups of Hindus and Jews have discovered that sharing a distant enemy is sufficient basis for friendship."

    "We are fighting the same war," says a fanatic Hindu, Rohit Vyamaan, who runs the Hindu World Web site '' from his home in Flushing Queens and Long Island. "Whether you call them Palestinians, Afghans or Pakistanis, the root of the problem for Hindus and Jews is Islam," he defiantly adds.

    This is no revelation. It is only the latest confirmation of a fact that was long ago pinpointed by the Canadian writer William Guy Carr in his book "Pawns in the Game". The same truth was reconfirmed by Pakistani writers Khursheed Warsi in his "The Cobweb: Worldwide Designs of Satan" in 1991 and retired naval commodore Tariq Majeed in his "The Global Game for a New World Order" in 1994. These two writers have exposed the nefarious designs of the anti-Islamic lobbies in the west and the east. The two main nations that emerge as the principal actors in this global conspiracy drama are the Zionists and the extremist Hindu lobbies.

    William Guy Carr has quite lucidly explained how this conspiracy was conceived by some disgruntled power-hungry Zionist Jews, specially some affluent Freemasons-who define themselves as the 'Illuminati'-as long ago as the 1770s, under the leadership of Adam Weishaupt and other influential Jews like the Rothschilds and the Rockfellers. "Pawns in the Game" is sure to provide interesting reading to all those who would like to get an insight into the dangerous notions behind the much propagated campaign for a New World Order.

    Based upon Carr's books, a Karachi-based author, Khursheed Warsi, has added more factual dimensions to the warnings sounded in "Pawns in the Game." Describing the modern Jew as the product of the "Talmud" and not the "Torah" of the Bible, Mr Warsi details the fundamental beliefs of the Freemasons who define themselves as the Illuminati. He writes: "In the Freemasonry ritual of exaltation to the Third Degree Masons, the true name of their god is revealed as 'Jah-Bul-On', a precise designation, that describes a specific supernatural being-a compound 'deity' composed of three separate personalities fused into one:

    * Jah or Jahweh is the god of the Hebrews.

    * Bul or Baal is the ancient Canaanite fertility 'deity' associated with 'licentious rites of imitative magic.'

    * On or Osiris, ancient Egyptian 'deity' of the underworld.

    "The Freemasons who accept Jah-Bul-On as their god, are initiated into the Order and Sect of the Illuminati. They worship Lucifer (Satan) as required by Adam Weishaupt, the founder of this sect in his book entitled "Morals and Dogmas". Their plan is to destroy all established religions (specially Islam); established governments and crown their leader king-despot to enforce an evil and satanic despotism all over the world." The governing force will be wealth that will be concentrated in the hands of the most intelligent Illuminati.

    The description of 'Jah-Bul-On' is as grotesque as are the aims and ambitions of this growing Illuminati sect. Baal, who has been identified as a "devil" by the 16th century Christian theologian, John Weir, is a figure with the body of a spider and three heads-those of a man, a toad and a cat. The spider represents "Lucifer-Satan" himself and the cobweb his grand designs of an evil empire, intended to encompass the entire world.

    It is not necessary to expound that the Zionists, the Freemason-Illuminati and the extremist Jewish Rabbis scattered around the globe are bent upon re-establishing the supremacy over the lands, which, they describe as "belonging to them" from time immemorial to the Last Day. With this ideology as the basis of their Talmudic concepts, these lobbies have always been on the lookout for tribes and nations that subscribe to this ideology. That the ancient but distorted Hindu teachings happen to be the closest to such beliefs gave them an opportunity to create links with the Brahmin Hindu bigots of India. Just as the extremist Jewish groups believe that all other faiths are inferior to them, the Hindu Brahmins also believe that all other human beings are below them in the social system.

    Where the fanatic Rabbis-Freemasons-Illuminati describe those who follow other faiths as the "Goyim" the Sanskrit-oriented Brahmin also looks down upon all other children of Adam as "belonging to different levels"--all below him. The caste system of India and the Illuminati ideologies are, if one ponders a little on them, two sides of the same coin. Both view themselves as superior to other human beings and both attach the greatest importance to wealth, with the firm belief that wealth and unlimited wealth, acquired by any means, holds the keys to controlling the poor and underdeveloped "Goyim" of the planet, which will ultimately result in the complete enforcement of the "New World Order" of the "One World Government."

    It is in line with these concepts that all recent revolutions have taken place in the West, starting with the English Revolution that led to the downfall of King Charles and the coming into power of Oliver Cromwell; and the final two revolutions witnessed during the last century in the form of the Communist revolution in Russia and China and the two World Wars. These facts may sound unbelievable to the reader but anyone can corroborate everything by reading not only the books mentioned above but also by visiting various WWW sites on their computers. The catchphrase is 'Illuminati'. One only has to spend a few hours and the veracity of whatever that has been written here will be easily verified.

    The well-organized Freemason/Illuminati cult has the richest and the most influential people as its leaders and the most intelligent men and women (Thanks to organisations like Mensa) at their disposal. Be it at Fort Arkansas in the United States or the London and Paris Clubs, or some uncharted hideout in other countries of the world (including Pakistan), the Illuminati are constantly busy in their hectic drive against Islam and Muslims. They have no fear from Christianity any more because most of the teachings of the Messiah Jesus Christ have been archived as 'impractical and too difficult to practice'. Carr has shown how Adam Weishaupt gave the fundamentals of the systems that came out as Communism and Capitalism and how his well-paid agents systematically made them clash against each other. Now, it is not the Capitalists or the Communists who are in power. It is the extremist Zionist lobbies in the West and the Brahmin lobbies in the East that are successfully spreading their gargantuan tentacles everywhere.

    The only threat that they face is from Islam, which they describe as "fundamentalist Islam". William Cohen, the well-known Adviser to Bill Clinton is also a well-masked Zionist manipulator of US politics will not leave Saudi soil and the oil-rich Gulf states until "fundamentalist Islam" gets exterminated.

    The 'Brooklyn exposition' in The New York Times should serve to increase our awareness that the Illuminati-led Americans and the BJP-dominated Indians are coming closer to each other in order to contain the rising spread of Islam, specially through Pakistan, once the Afghan and the Kashmir problems are resolved. That is why men like Rohit Vyamann, aided by the fanatic Rabbi Meir of Israel, have joined hands with to plot and scheme against a religion that has been universally accepted by all wise men and women as a complete practical code of life. Try what they may, with all their might, the Illuminati-Brahmin coalition will not be successful in achieving their goal because that is what has been made known in the Holy Qur'aan. Like all the predictions of the Holy Scripture, that have come true to this day, the promise that Allah will "make Islam prevail over all other religions, no matter how averse the disbelievers might be", will also be fulfilled. However, it is up to us, the small group of Muslims who have seen the wolfish fangs of the vampires, to unite and combat the growing menace.

    The author is a staff writer

    [email protected]