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Greatest enemy of ISLAM

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    Greatest enemy of ISLAM

    What people think, in general and specially in view of recent events:
    Who is the greater enemy( caused more damage) of ISLAM?

    1)Western civilization in general or

    2) extreme and fanatic elements within the islamic world.



      Is that the only two choices? I would have thought lack of understanding the Islam has been the main culprit where people relate Islam with culture.

      PS. what made you relate the recent events to Islam?


        Khan Sahib; Your answer is very interesting and thought provoking because, " Lack of understanding the Islam by both these groups may be the greatest enemies of Islam".
        Recent events all over the world are obviously related to Islam. What else are they related to? Islam is the focus, Isnt it?


          Greatest enemies of islam are the muslims themselves......they understand the value of islam, yet they are still forcing themselves to be blinded by their enemies who take advantage of the muslims day by day till the muslims are weak and can't reply back with a strong comeback. If only we fellowed the ways that we were supposed to fellow, we would have been yet again ruling the world 1400 hundred odd years later.


            A thorough psyco analyzes of this ideology is required.
            We need to know the core reason of all bloodshed and infighting.
            The problem is that a few from Islamic intelligentsia get ready for such a discussion, rest just start showing whatever is written in words, peace, love so and so.
            Or they find reason by comparing this ideology to other religions, mere escapism from hard truth.



              005.085 Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans;......

              Who is correct! The Qur'aan or current mankind.

              What do the underlying events stem from and by whom!!

              Furthermore, when the attack took place, a Hindu representative reporter at the Whitehouse Conferences was literally asking America to wipeout the Muslim World and act now, now, now. His tone of questioning was simply, How long or how much will America take from Muslims before doing blah, blah blah.

              The most annoying thing about this opportunist was that he said it on more than one occassion and was present at more than one conference.

              How he actually got in and represented India, baffled me.

              Instead of concentrating efforts on the individuals who carried out these crimes, 'fuel for the fire' was being blown in the wrong direction.

              Who is the real Enemy?

              Right now Mankind is the greatest enemy unto himself!!