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History repeating itself....

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    History repeating itself....

    An interesting analogy about the present Mid-East and something that happened many years ago...

    In the book "Judges" of the Jews and in the Bible is the following story. I took the liberty to tell it in my own words, and to highlight the present situation relative to the original storyline.

    A man (USA) and his wife (Innocent People) overnight in a town. Some young men (Hijackers) came and raped his wife till she died (Planes into WTR & Pentagon). The man wanted justice and in an effort to get the whole of Israel (World) behind him, he cut his wife in 4 pieces, send each to the four directions, asking all to help him to revenge what happened (USA's threats to all that they are either with USA or against USA on this issue). The whole of Israel (World) agreed that the young men (Hijackers & OBL) should be punished. They came ready to fight to the town where the incident has happened and asked the town (Afghanistan) to deliver the culprits (OBL) to them for justice. The town (Afganistan) refused to hand over the culprits (OBL). The tribe Benjamin (Arab Nations) that the town belonged to, decided they have to stick with their own brethren and prepare to defend their brethren (Afganistan). A war broke out between the two groups of people involving the whole of Israel (WW111?). Heavy casualties result on both sides until the tribe of Benjamin (Arab Nations) are basically completely destroyed and the town (Afghanistan) burned to the ground. After the war, the rest of the tribes of Israel (The World) was sorrowful for what happened to their fellow tribe Benjamin (Arab Nations) and supplied them with the means to again grow as a tribe (Humanitarian help).

    The moral of above story:

    a) The man "gave" his wife to be raped as he himself did not want to be raped. (The USA due to it's foreign policies created the situation where people hate the USA and is part to blame for what resulted)
    b) What the young men did was an act of barbarism against an innocent that had no choice in the matter. (The plane at the Pentagon might still be claimed as an act of war, but the WTC towers were absolutely barbarous and uncalled for)
    c) The town's decision not to led the young men account for the deed in a court of law was wrong. (As is the decision of Afghanistan to shelter OBL and not allow him to be tried in an international court of law)
    d) The tribe of Benjamin was wrong in that they should have forced the town to hand over the culprits to be tried and not set brotherhood/affiliation higher than what is correct and just. (As are people on this forum blinded by their affiliation - Islam - and try and advocate to stand together against the whole world)
    e) A war was fought that in the end resulted in a lot of innocent lives of people, that had absolutely no personal gain in the situation, being lost due to the shortsightedness of leaders from both sides, and the stubbornness of the townspeople.
    f) At the end of the war, Israel saw that they almost destroyed one of their own completely and had to make some heavy sacrifices in order to prevent the tribe of Benjamin from disappearing completely.

    BTW: Shortly after the above incident took place a King was brought forth from the tribe of Benjamin that ruled the whole of Israel....

    Originally posted by The Old Man:
    BTW: Shortly after the above incident took place a King was brought forth from the tribe of Benjamin that ruled the whole of Israel....
    Keeping in mind the majority of the types of rulers that have so far been produced from the tribe of Benjamin (Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto, King Fahd, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein, etc.), I hope this one's character was described in a positive way in the book. Perhaps already as it is, sadly enough, we have sufficient dictatorial and corrupt Muslim leaders.

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