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No Regrets for being a muslim even with imminent death approaching

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    No Regrets for being a muslim even with imminent death approaching

    Assalam alaikum,

    Saaed bin Amir (ra) states:

    Khabeeb (ra) had a deep love of Islam. When captured by the pagan Arabs of
    Mecca they torturedhim severely. He was asked whether he ever thought that
    Prophet Muhammad should be in his place (i.e. that he, Khabeeb, was free and
    Muhammad was in captivity being tortured). In response to which Khabeeb said
    that he would risk his life just to save Prophet Muhammad from being pricked
    by a thorn on his foot. With imminent death approaching, surrounded by
    spectators, other pagan Arabs, he was asked if he had any last words. To
    this, Khabeeb poured out the following verses from his heart:


    I am surrounded by the teaming spectators and they have a huge crowd

    All of them are avenging their avowed enemity and expressing their
    sentiments against me.

    While I am tied under the gallows, tribal people have called in their women
    and children (to spectate)

    They have brought me near a sturdy and lofty log.

    They have ruled that transgression (1) alone can save my life.

    But death is better than that.

    Although my eyes are renting tears, I am not frustrated in the least.

    I will noy weep, nor beg their pardon. I know that I am going towards Allah.

    I do not fear death though it will kill me.

    Instead I fear the 'engulfing fire' (2) that sucks the blood.

    The Lord of the Great Divine Throne has ordained me to do some service and
    has promised me everlasting satisfaction (3)

    They have chopped my flesh, hence I have lost hope.

    I do meekly beseech to Almighty for my persecution.

    And helplessness in the state of being alien and their intentions even after
    torturing me (4)

    By God, I do not mind at all for all this while I am laying my life for the
    sake of Allah

    And what a way to have laid my life (5)

    I do positively hope that God will bless every piece of my flesh.


    Khabeeb then said:

    "Allahumma Ballighna Risalata Rasollin Fa Balligho Ma Yasmao"

    "O Allah, I have conveyed Your Orders/Command to these people, now convey to
    Your Apostle (i.e. Muhammad) the state of my condition and the treatment
    which they (pagan Arabs) gave to me at their hand (when I was captive)"

    Saaed bin Amir (ra) who was very closely attached to Umar (ra) plunged into
    a state of unconciousness. When Umar moments later asked him if he had a
    disease or illness, Saaed said, 'No, but I reachthis condition everytime I
    think about the words of Khabeeb, as I was there when he was executed
    (amongst the spectators)' (6)

    [From: Rahmatul Lil Alameen (Mercy for the World), Vol I, Nadvi (1933), pp


    (1) I.e. that if I abandon Islam, and return to my previous pagan belief my
    life will be spared

    (2) I.e. fear of hell-fire

    (3) I.e. to fight and uphold truth, justice, etc

    (4) Before they were planning to kill him, they tortured him severely

    (5) I.e. that I have not compromised my faith, rather I have kept my faith
    in God and not returned to idolatry

    (6) As with most people, everyone, including Prophet Muhamamd, had accepted
    Islam. Most of the people were pagan Arabs (of course we know that Prophet
    Muhammad never worshipped the idols - his wisdom stretched beyond this
    narrow view from early childhood, by the Mercy of Allah). Subsequently, the
    early Muslims were from different backgrounds. When Saaed recalls this
    account, at that time he had not accepted Islam. However, he accepted Islam
    at a later stage, and thus, everytime he remembered the execution of
    Khabaab, he felt guilt, because he was in the crowd of spectators and, as a
    pagan arab at that time, he felt pleasure watching his then enemy die.

    May Allah the Almighty have Mercy and help us realise that just because a
    person is nota Muslim today, doesnt mean thatthey wont be a Muslim tomorrow.
    We should endeavour to be good examples of Islam, and help alleviate any
    persons mispercetions. Just because a person is a Jew or a Christian or of
    any other belief, dosnt necessarily mean they are a kafir (disbeliever) - as
    disbelief can only be made when a person rejects Islam, and for this, a
    person has to first be taught Islam. And even if a person does reject Islam,
    and is a kafir, Allah the Almighty forbids us to fight or harm them, UNLESS
    they fight and/or harm us. But even in this eventuality, there are strict
    rules and regulations for the conduct of war and Allah the Almighty warns us
    clearly, NOT to transgress the limits which He the Almighty has set.

    May Allah the Almighty have mercy and guide us all, ameen.

    fi amanallah, assalam alaiakum,


    barque(bijli) yoon akadti hai apne karname pe ke
    jaise phir naya hum aashiyaan bana nahi sakte

    Jazaak'Allaah khair Azad bhai.

    Masha'Allaah, there are many lessons we can learn from this - the eemaan of the Companions and their understanding of the Deen.


    "No leaf falls except that He knows of it, and no rain drop forms except that He has willed it."


      "A woman has got to be able to say, and not feel guilty, 'Who am I, and what do I want out of life?' She mustn't feel selfish and neurotic if she wants goals of her own, outside of husband and children"


        Originally posted by Hasnain:
        Jazaak'Allaah khair Azad bhai.

        Masha'Allaah, there are many lessons we can learn from this - the eemaan of the Companions and their understanding of the Deen.


        Hasnain ,Bhai ,

        Aisha behen & readers ,

        here cn be no better time than like this

        when the world is focussed on Islam & muslims ,to revaluate ourself TO BRING THE BEST IN US & ISLAM,Capitalize on our universal message EQUALITY,CLASSLESS message ,unity ,alas not the best of example we are .

        aarazuu jurma vafaa jurma tamannaa hai gunaaha ye vo duniyaa hai jahaa.N pyaar na....