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    ok guys this may sound a little stupid but I have been friends with this (christian) girl at school for about 2 years now, she said she wanted to be more than friends and asked me out, i like her a lot and everything but i don't want to be commiting a sin neither so i'm really confused

    Thought i'll ask you people a few questions, i'm only 16

    1) What is the youngest age a boy and girl can get married?
    2) Is it true that muslim men can marry jew and christian women?
    3) Do I need my parents permission?
    4) If later we have a 'talaaq' and re-maary will I have to tell my other wife about my first marriage, is there any way she'll find out??
    5) Does it cost anything, if yes, around how many 's.

    please please anwser the above questions and give other info that you think will be of use to me, thanx

    By the way I don't want any info on that temporary marrige thing, i mean a proper nikkah. thanx


      Just the mention of item number 4 in your list leads me to believe that this is not something you are quite ready for.

      Perhaps somebody here will answer your questions for the sake of sharing information with you, but I would advise a great deal of soul-searching and researching other cases similar to yours' before you make any hard and fast decisions.

      Good luck and may Allah guide you.


        the legal age in islam for marrying is puberty. that is around 14-15 years for male and 12-14 yrs for yes you can marry her cuz u r 16. and yes we can marry chritian n jew girls, but it is advised to look at muslim gurls first then go towards non muslims. i dont know about england so cant comment on how much pounds it would cost you. and you dont have to tell your other wife about your previous marriage, but that would be lying and cheating and i though marriage was supposed to be a sacred bond between two people and sh!t like that. any way...i m not here to lecture u...but let me warn you, if you get kids as a result of your marriage and they become non muslims, you will share the burden of all their sins and letting them become non muslims...and i would be worried about way, its good that u are concerned about sin and stuff, keep that feeling, cuz not many people in this world have it.