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    Anathema to Islam

    Article in US Newspaper. Well written.


    These ungodly acts are anathema to Islam

    M.K. Jasser
    Mr. Jasser is a Phoenix cardiologist. He was born in Syria, which he left as a political refugee in 1967

    As I watched the horror unfolding on the TV screen, the feeling of pain and sorrow was alternating with extreme anger.

    Mass murder of innocent men, women and children, destruction and pillage, all in the name of what? To a Muslim American, the horror of it all is accentuated by the recurring use of the Islamic adjective in describing terrorist individuals or countries.

    For a loyal and patriotic U.S. citizen, the whole thing is too hard to bear.
    No individual, group of individuals, country or institution represents Islam. Islam is a religion represented only by a book, The Holy Koran. What is in the Koran is Islam and what is not in it, is not.

    It is nearly impossible to get Western media to understand that. Western writers and reporters keep on going from one Muslim cleric to another for opinions on this issue or that, as they are used to doing in Christian circles.

    The Koran states in no uncertain terms: “No clergy in Islam.” The Koran speaks for itself.

    “Jihad” is not defined in the Koran as a holy war. There is no such a thing. Jihad means struggle. Struggle to make a living, struggle to survive, struggle to defend one’s self, one’s family or property. It is always defensive.

    The Koran defines the ethics of war like no other religion. The non-combatanats are absolutely protected in their selves, their homes and their property. During the Crusades, when the Crusaders targeted the religion of Islam itself in their attacks, a truce was declared when Richard the Lion Heart, the king of England, was wounded. Arab physicians treated his wounds; then the fighting resumed.

    On suicide bombings and suicide operations, the Koran has the clear admonishment: “Do not ever throw yourselves into certain demise.”

    A Muslim who defined the time, place and instrument of his death, or the death of someone else, will never see heaven. In the entire history of the Islamic Arab and Ottoman empires there was never a single documented episode of a suicide mission.
    In the Holy Koran it is stated: “He who kills a human being will be considered as if he killed all of mankind.”

    Actions by Muslims have little to do with Islam, while actions by Arabs have even less to do with Islam. Islam is frequently used and abused by both. It is not enough for Muslims to describe murderous operations, such as those that occurred on Sept. 11, in terms such as deplorable or unfortunate. This is the way I would describe a riot or other acts of lawlessness.

    By actions of this depravity and wantonness, with the indiscriminate killing of innocent men, women and children, cannot fit those mild descriptions. These are anti-Islamic actions that defy and violate rules of God and the very basic requirements of belonging to the human race.

    Those who are responsible for such monstrous actions will burn in Hell forever in the next life. In this life they need to be hunted, captured and executed like the animals they are.

    It is also necessary for us to remind those who rejoice and celebrate the murder of others, that by such rejoicing they will forever relinquish their entitlement to sympathy when they becomes victims themselves.