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    Allahumma la tada' lana fi maqaamina hatha thamban illa ghafartahu, wa la hamman illa farrajtahu,wa la karban illa naffastahu,wa la mareedan illa hfaitahu, wa la mubtalan illa 'afaitahu,wa la maitan illa rahimtahu,wa la dainan illaqadaitahu,
    wa la daallan illa hadaitahu, wa la 'aduwwan illa khathaltahu, wa la ta'iban illa qabiltahu, wa la jaahilan illa allamtahu,wa la mujaahidan fi sabeelika illa nasartahu,wa la waladan illa aslahtahu, wa la 'aiban illa satartahu, wa la 'aseeran illayassartahu, wa la haqqan illa istakh-rajtahu,wa la haajatan min hawa'ij id-dunya wal 'aakhirah hiya laka radan
    wa lana fiha salah illa a'antana 'ala qada'iha wa yassartaha birahmatika
    ya Arhamar Raahimeen

    O Allah, we ask You at this instant
    not to let a sin unforgiven, a distress unrelieved,
    an illness unhealed or a handicap without relief,
    a dead without mercy or a debt unsettled.
    We ask You to guide those who have gone astray
    and to defeat our enemies and accept repentances
    and to leave no learned as ignorant
    and help the mujaahideen (fighters) in Your path,
    and make our sons good believers and cover our defects,
    and make the truth clear.
    O Allah, by Your mercy, make things easy for us
    and help us do anything that pleases You
    and is good for us in this world
    and in the Hereafter.

    From the book:
    "Selected Invocations
    to be made during Prostrations,
    Witr Prayer and at the end of Qur'an Recitaiton"
    Compiled by:
    Muhammad bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Musnad

    "I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving creature, but He has a grasp of its forelock. Verily, my Lord is on the straight path. (The truth)"