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Read Darood Sharif.....???

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    Read Darood Sharif.....???


    In this thread I will post some Hadiths about the fazeelat of Darrod Sharif. First a famous Aayah

    ....Undoubtedly Allah and His angles send blessings on the Prophet(Sall Allah ho Alaihe Wasallam)-O' you who believe! send upon Him and salute Him fully well in ampel quantity.
    (part 22, Chapter 33, Section 7, Verse 56)

    Read and enjoy.

    1--- On the day of judgement the nearest person to me, from amongst the people, would be the one who would have recited Darood Sharif the most in this (mortal) world.

    (Tirmazi, Kanzul-Ummal)

    2-- The one who recites Darood Sharif once Allah sends ten blessings upon him, eradicates ten of his sins and improves ten of his grades. (Mishquat)


    I agree with you that we should recite darood shareef.

    Could you also please post the transliterion of darood shareef for all of us.


      Hadith No---- 3

      You decorate your meetings by Darood Sharif because your Darood Sharif would (turn ou to) be the devine light for yourself on the day of judgement. (Jameh Saghir)

      Hadith No-----4

      The one who would recite Darood Sharif, I would be his advocate on the day of judgement.

      There is a huge number of different Darood Sharifs. You can read any at any time.

      ----Sall Allah Ho Alaihe Wasallam-----

      is the shortest Darood Sharif and easy to read.