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Hindus & sikhs unite with Nazi's against Islam

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    Hindus & sikhs unite with Nazi's against Islam

    Conversion charges divide British Asians RASHMEE Z AHMED
    LONDON: The second, almost surreal stage of the campaign to distinguish British Indians from Pakistanis appears to have begun, with a section of second-generation Sikh youths linking up with the far-right British National Party and identifying a common enemy - Britain's two-million strong Muslim community.
    "British Sikhs and Hindus object to their daughters being converted by marriage and we object to Muslims causing trouble here," Nick Griffin, the Oxbridge-educated head of the BNP who has a conviction for inciting racial hatred, told this paper.
    "Yes, we've contacted the BNP, we Indians don't want to be tarred with the same brush as the Muslims, who are taking our girls," a young Sikh accountant who insisted on the anonymous name Mr Singh, told this paper.
    Mr Singh, who alleged that "extremist young Muslims" were going to extraordinary lengths to form relationships with Sikh and Hindu girls to convert them, said the problem was increasingly urgent in west London, Birmingham and Leicester, three areas where Sikhs and Hindus live in large numbers alongside the Muslim community. Anecdotal evidence aside, no one can produce any hard data that there is a concerted campaign of conversion.
    "This is irresponsible and divisive," said Ghiasuddin Siddiqui of the Muslim Parliament, "most religions are missionary, but in 200 years of preaching, did the Christians manage to convert all of India?"
    The new alliance with the BNP has caused great unease among Sikh pacifists and Muslim leaders, who say the Asian community would be foolish to trust a party that espouses a return to pristine British culture and believes multi-culturalism to be a failed experiment.
    Sociologists say much can be read into the strange coming together of Sikhs and a political party that visibly speaks for white Britain. Britains Sikhs, a small community that is often lumped with the one-million strong Hindus, evidently resents being "engulfed" in terms of media imagery and the official b*****ng of Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans as "Asian". Indian groups have been pointing out the difference to any one who will listen ever since the summer of riots between British Pakistanis and police in the northern English towns of Bradford, Burnley and Oldham.
    Even so, doves and hawks alike say a very real problem exists. Gurunam Singh Sahni, former head of London's Central Gurdwara, admitted he could instantly think of at least seven recent cases of conversion to Islam by marriage among the Sikh families he knew. "It's becoming frequent now, but this is not the answer to it," he said.

    The Asian identity between muslims, hindus and sikhs which the british government tried so hard to establish, in order to dilute and weaken the muslims strength has finally come undone. Muslims have refused to mix and unify with hindus, Sikhs and even the jews and Christians because Allah swt informs us in the noble Quran
    “ Let not the believers take the disbelievers as friends/ supporters instead of believers, and whoever does that is not of Allah in anything, except if you fear from them something to be feared. And Allah warns you against himself and to Allah is the return” ( TMQ) Ale- Imran:28
    So will the people who Allah swt describes in the Quran as muslims and not Sunni, Shia, Wahabbi, Brelwie learn a lesson from this Alliance between the hindu/ Sikh kaffirs and the BNP Kaffirs.???
    Allah swt says:
    “ And those who disbelieve are allies of one another, and if you ( muslims ) do not do that ( i.e establish unity under one Khalifah ) there will be fitnah and oppression on earth, and a great mischief and corruption “ ( TMQ ) Al- Anfal: 73
    So there is no place in Islam for muslims to slander and abuse each other
    Allak Ta’ala said:
    “ The believers are nothing else than brothers ( TMQ 49:10 )
    And the prophet saw said “ The similitude of the believers in their love for each other , and the mercy they have for each other and the kindness they show to each other is that of one body which when one of its limbs hurts then the entire body responds to that part with sleeplessness and fever “


    The BNP should know that the same hindus are uniting with Jews Nationals in united states, then we'll see what happens. In Pakistan where I lived we had a lot of one man "badmashhood". There were many, but people didn't care. WHY? because they all killed each other most of the time. Simple as that. The same will happen to all these hate mongers. If not, we will do the job well and DONE.

    *We are the Taleban-Resistance is Futile*
    Sin: Osama Bin Junior