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    In the Name of Allah Al Rahman Al Raheem Innal hamdulillah wassalatu wassalamu ala Rasoolillah wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi ajmaeen.

    Rasoolullah's(SAW) khutba on the Evil of Backbiting:

    Hazrat Bra'(RA) reported that Rasoolullah (SAW)gave a sermon so much so (in such high tone) that he made the noble ladies in the houses hear him. He said:
    "O group of those people who have embraced Islam verbally but faith has not entered their hearts! Donít backbite against the Muslims and donít be at the back of their hidden faults. He who pursues the hidden fault of his brother, Allah will then pursue his hidden fault, and when Allah pursues anyone's hidden fault, He will defame him in his own house."

    and in a similar narration reported from Ibn Abbas(RA) :
    "Donít harass the believers and donít pursue their hidden fault. He who pursues his brother Muslims hidden fault, Allah will expose his secrets."

    The Messenger of Allah (SAW) related that Allah (SWT) ordered Yahya ibn Zakariyyah(AS) with five commandments; to act upon them and convey them to Bani Israail...(the fifth one being):
    "...and I order you to make mention of Allah often, as this is like a man being pursued at speed by the enemy until he reaches a protected fortress and so protects himself inside it, likewise is the servant he can only protect himself from the shaytaan through remembrance of Allah the Mighty and Majestic"

    May Allah (SWT) make our speech only for our salvation and not a source of our doom, and may He strengthen us with a beneficial understanding of deen, to raise us on the day when all will bear witness.

    Khilafah- The need of the Time

    I thought you'll discuss "back-biting" and its 'social' results and 'here-after' results

    We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


      Thank you for sharing this with us.