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Who are Sufi Claimers?!

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    Who are Sufi Claimers?!


    Al Hamdulillah wa sallallahu ala Rasulillah.

    Brothers and sisters, Bearing in mind that Sufism is the methodology implemented by the true Sufis following the example of Prophet Muhammad, Insha'llah, let us expound on what we have named "claimed-Sufism." Be warned against the "Sufi-claimers," for there are many people today who claim to be Sufis yet do not have a drop of piety in them. They are dangerous people who delude others into following their misguidance by their false appearance of piety. They exaggerate to give the appearance of being humble, and their superficial efforts are to lower their heads and their gaze and to close their eyes whenever they say statements to remember Allah (dhikr). They worry about appearances and settle for using the dhikr-beads. For all their concern about their appearance, these "Sufi-claimers" are a people who did not learn the Obligatory Knowledge of the Religion. As a result of their ignorance, they do not follow the Messenger of Allah in what is lawful nor do they avoid what is unlawful. Rather, they follow their own desires and that which the devil embellishes for them. They are liars and false-claimers and are drowning in their own ignorance.

    Those "Sufi-claimers" claim to love the Prophet, when really they belie him and oppose him. Their hearts are attached to the love for leadership, power, and recognition. They want fame, titles, money, and other than that among the worldly matters. They try to camouflage their true goals by appearing sincere and humble. However, they misinterpret the matters of the Religion to suit their own desires and as a result, they pervert these rules and are drawn into sinning. They breach the laws of the sound circles of remembering Allah, and falsify the sound rules of followship under the tariqah. When they get in circles to remember Allah, they pervert His name and say, " Ah, Ah," instead of saying, "Allah, Allah." In their circles, they move their bodies in unlawful motions, similar to the dance of the enormous sinners, ignoring it is forbidden in the Religion to dance in that manner.

    We Ask Allah to Protect us, And Allah knows best.
    Ahmad G
    Islamic Studies Teacher/Student.


    Here, we will mention some ot Those "Sufi-claimers" and how they are not interested in acquiring the knowledge of the Religion.

    They are ready to misinterpret the verses of the Qur’an and the hadiths of the Prophet to suit their own desires and to justify their bad inclinations and the enormous sins they commit. As a result, they commit the unlawful. For example, some among those ignorant "Sufi-claimers" misinterpret the Qudsiyy hadith related in Sahih al-Bukhariyy from the route of Abu Hurayrah, that the Prophet said Allah said: Shaykh Abu ^Uthman al-Hiriyy interpreted this hadith as:

    The best thing the slave of Allah can do to become closer in obedience to Allah is to perform that which Allah made obligatory on him. After that, the person would perform plenty of the supererogatory acts of worship until he gains the love of Allah . Once he is at that stage, his matters would be answered faster than the things that he hears, faster than the things he sees, faster than the action he does with his hand, and faster than the walking he does with his legs; and if that person should seek refuge with Allah, Allah would protect him.

    Abu Sulayman al Khattabiyy explained that hadith to mean: "Such a person would be guided to use his body in what is acceptable to Allah, and his supplication would be answered quickly." Thus, if he uses his hand, he would be guided to use it in obedience to Allah; likewise, when he uses his ears, eyes, legs, and other organs.

    This is how some of the scholars of Islam interpreted this hadith, but those ignorant "Sufi-claimers" believe Allah unites with the creations so they misinterpret this hadith and say it means, "If Allah loves the slave then Allah becomes his hand, leg, ear, and eye." Some of these "Sufi-claimers" believe Allah dwells in the slaves; and some others believe the universe is Allah, and every person, animal, or thing is a part of Him. One of them would even have the audacity to say about himself, "I am Allah." A man named al-Hallaj, who lived over 1000 years ago, said he is Allah. If one of those "Sufi-claimers" goes to visit a friend and is asked who is at the door, he might say, "Allah," because he believes that Allah dwells in the bodies.

    Some of those blasphemers who say Allah unites with His creation said, "The Christians committed blasphemy because they limited Allah to the body of ^Isa and the body of Jibril." They said, "Had the Christians generalized and said, ‘Allah is in all things,’ they would have escaped blasphemy." May Allah protect us from their evil.

    Shaykh Zayni Dahlan, who was the Mufti of the Shafi^iyy school in Makkah more than one hundred years ago, pronounced the one who holds such a belief a blasphemer and in this he agreed with Shaykh Ibn Hajar, who lived more than 300 years before him. Al-Qadi ^Iyad also pronounced them as blasphemers and conveyed the consensus (ijma^) on their blasphemy. Shaykh ^Izzud-Din Ibnu ^Abdis-Salam, Fakhurd-Din ar-Raziyy, as-Suyutiyy, al-Junayd, Shaykh Abul Huda as-Sayyadiyy al-Baghdadiyy, and ar-Rifa^iyy all pronounced them as blasphemers.

    Imam Ahmad ar-Rifa^iyy said: "Had al-Hallaj been on the right path, he would not have said, ‘I am Allah’."


    Some of those "Sufi-claimers" say, "Iblis will be saved on the Day of Judgment." This is blasphemy. You would find among them those who say, "On the Day of Judgment there will be no difference between the one who is obedient and the one who is sinful." This is blasphemy. You would find among them some who say, "The occupants of Hellfire actually enjoy Hellfire." This is blasphemy. You would find among them those who claim: "Pharaoh of Musa would be saved in the Hereafter." This is blasphemy. Some of them say: "The knowledge of Allah increases." They say: "A new knowledge happens to Allah," and by that they make Allah similar to the creatures. This is blasphemy. Some of them say: "Allah has a place." This is blasphemy.

    Some of them, when wanting to remember Allah, pervert His name and say, ‘Ah’ instead of saying Allah. Shaykh al-Mannawiyy refuted those who claim there is a hadith about the Prophet from which they deduced it is permissible to say ‘Ah’ instead of Allah. He said this claimed hadith is more likely fabricated because it belies the Qur’an. Allah said in Surat al-A^raf, Ayah 180: which means. [Allah has the perfect names, so call Allah by His Perfect Names. ] Shaykh Dhafir al-Madaniyy said it was the deviated followers of the Shadhiliyyah Tariqah, residing in Fas, who innovated that term ‘Ah,’ and not Shaykh Abul Hasan ash-Shadhiliyy, the founder of the Shadhiliyyah Tariqah.

    Some of those "Sufi-claimers" say, "Prophet Muhammad, (sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam) is an illuminated part of Allah."!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They say, "Allah took a part of his light and ordered it to be Muhammad, so it became Muhammad." !!!!!! vThis is blasphemy for three reasons. First, because they say Allah is an illuminated body. Second, because they say Allah has parts. Third, because they bely the Qur’an in which it is explicitly stated that Prophet Muhammad is a human being. The proper understanding of the ‘light’ of Prophet Muhammad has two dimensions. The first is that Prophet Muhammad guides to the path of Islam. The second refers to the light which emanated from Prophet Muhammad when he smiled or when one looked at his face. He, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, was the most beautiful of the creation; however, believing that does not deny that Prophet Muhammad is human, because it is clearly stated in the Qur’an in Surat al-Kahf, Ayah 110. Predicating about Muhammad, Allah said which means: [Say, (O Muhammad), "I am only a human being as you are, however, I receive the Revelation." ] So brothers and sisters, be warned against a book titled Mawlid al-^Arus, which was unrightfully attributed to Ibnul Jawziyy. This book includes a statement that "Allah took a part of ‘His Light,’ ordered it to be Muhammad, and it became Muhammad." Anyone who believes Allah is a light and part of it transformed to become Prophet Muhammad is a blasphemer.

    Some of those "Sufi-claimers" say: "Muhammad is the Self of Allah."!! This is obvious blasphemy. Some of them say: "Paradise is the playground of kids, however, as for us, we want Allah." This is blasphemy for belittling Paradise. Those "Sufi-claimers" attribute that saying to one of the great scholars of Islam, a great Sufi: Abu Yazid al-Bastamiyy, who is clear of such sayings.

    Some of those "Sufi-claimers" say: "Prayers do not have much significance; rather, what is important is clearing one’s inner self." They say: "A person can be guided to Allah through Islam, Buddhism, fire-worship, or another religion." All of this is blasphemy for belying the saying of Allah: which means [The true Religion to Allah is Islam.]

    Some of those false "Sufis-claimers" believe their leaders are a reflection of Allah: checking the matters of the slaves, supporting the one who is a believer, and misguiding the person who stands against them. Hence, they say that anyone who stands against their shaykh is standing against Allah. A woman from their group wrote an article expressing that belief. She believes Allah goes into things, and that the shaykh of her tariqah is a reflection of Allah. Moreover, she believes anyone who refutes the shaykh of her tariqah is against Allah. So, if one would go to the shaykh of their tariqah and refute him by the evidences of the Religion, his followers would consider him a bad soul. Thus, to them, standing against their shaykh means Allah has exposed the defiance of the person and his rejection of Allah.

    In his book, Nihayatul Matlab, al-Juwayniyy said: "We do not infer any other meaning from he who utters an explicit word of apostasy." Hence, the one who says, "I am Allah," and then claims he meant another meaning is still a blasphemer. The religious rule and judgment is not to infer another meaning from an explicit word. This is why the scholars of Baghdad pronounced al-Husayn, the son of Mansur, al-Hallaj, as a blasphemer. Al-Hallaj was killed, and his head was placed on a pole by the orders of the ^Abbasiyy caliph, al-Muqtadir Billah, in the year 309 A.H. in accordance with the fatwas of the scholars.

    Abu ^Abdur-Rahman as-Sulamiyy in his book, Tabaqat as-Sufiyyah, said: "Most of the true Sufis negated al-Hallaj." "They did not consider him a Sufi", as was said by al-Khatib al-Baghdadiyy in his book, The History of Baghdad. Ar-Rifa^iyy said, "Had al-Hallaj been on the right path he would not have said, ‘I am Allah.’" Al-Junayd al-Baghdadiyy who is also recognized by those "Sufi-claimers" as the head of the Sufis, said to al-Hallaj, "You have opened a hole in Islam that can only be filled in with your head." His statement came true after only a short period when the ^Abbasiyy caliph ordered al-Hallaj killed. Al-Junayd al-Baghdadiyy also said, "Had I been the ruler, I would have beheaded the one who says, ‘No one exists except Allah’."!

    Our belief is that Allah eixsts as he existed eternally without a place.

    Allah knows best.

    <<>> Learning the Obligatory Knowledge of the Religion puts the Muslim on the road for excellence and self-betterment. Acquire The Islamic Knowledge Before You Discuss Religion!!

    Ahmad/Islamic Studies
    Ahmad G
    Islamic Studies Teacher/Student.


      Thanx once again. Im justing asking you one thing. We say that KABA is the house of GOD but why?? If we consider that ALLAH has no place. And why are there many ppl who believe that light has to do something with ALLAH??!

      "kaisay na karta usko main pyar, uski haseen main sukh thay hazaar, bichar gayay hum dukh ki hay baat"
      Ain't new ta this....HOMEINVASION('93)


        If you have multiple messages regarding the same topic, then restrict them to the same thread. Do not spread them out in multiple threads.