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    What to do?

    Assalam-o-alaikum Guppies!

    I have noticed that we do come across with information on religion it books, Quran Hakeem, Hadiths, websites or emails, discussions, past learnings etc. My concern is: how can we retain all that information?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Jazak'allah al Khair


    by implementing it.

    Practice makes perfect. Its not there just to be memorized


      One best thing already pointed out by bro Akif
      Besides implementing, you can make notes about it (summary and reference to it) and organize your notes so you can easily find out when you need to look at it in future.

      We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


        Walaikum Assalaam.

        My concern is: how can we retain all that information?
        Good query, Qrius. I second Akif's suggestion of implementing. I was given a little du'a book once and there were so many prayers in it I was worried that I wouldn't remember any of them. Copying the prayers into items that you frequently use on a day-to-day basis - such as university daytime planners (I'm not certain what others call them, agenda books?), personal diaries, oft-read books, etc. - usually seems to help me. I tape some regularly-used prayers and other useful info. on the wall above my desk so I can have them while I'm studying or just in my room... (it sounds odd, but seems to help me).

        Changez_like also had a good suggestion - if you are really organized, then arranging your notes according to the topic (does your information pertain to salaat, something about Ramadan, fasting, Tarawih, Hadiths about particular topics, etc. etc.) might also be a good idea.

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          Sometimes it does seem pretty overwhelming, especially when you have so many other things to worry about also, its like there's information coming at you from every direction, whether its in regards to school, current events, work, or as in this case religon.

          Like Akif bhai & Nadia said, the best way to retain information is put it into practice, if they're things you memorize ie. surahs & duaas, recite them daily or as often as possible. Try learning the meanings so as you recite them you know what it is you're saying thus making it more meaningful for you.

          Changez like, thats a good idea also

          Another good idea Nadia had, was copying such things down in a place where u'll often see them. Also, I find that its easier to remember a hadith, a story, a quote if I share it with someone.


            One method, which is kinda similar to what Nadia mentioned, is to tape duas at places where they are to be used. Like, the prayer for exiting the house can be taped to the inside of ur door. The one for entering the house can be taped outside. One for travel can be hung on ur car mirror..etc This way, not only you remember the duas, you also ensure that you will use those duas at their prescribed timing.


              Thanks Akif, Changez_like, Nadia_H and Girl from Quraysh for all the suggestions. They all are great suggestions

              I'll try to implement some of them for sure.



                What I normally do is to copy and paste it on the Document files and then write my own documents so that I know what they are and what they are for.

                I agree with all the above suggestions as well.


                  wasalam qris,
                  Study circles(Halaqa) are good if we want to retain the knowledge which we have and also implementing it.
                  Constant Dhikr(zikr) is the Way.

                  All is the Beloved and the lover is a veil
                  The Beloved is alive and the lover is dead (RUMI)

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                    I remember discussions here in two ways......

                    If I find something which I don't agree with........

                    I make a note of it and search through different books.

                    This way I not only learn new things but assess my beliefs against others as well.

                    Although we have got modern technology here but I still believe in....Book.... as an honest and reliable friend.