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Regarding the CNN report on the Taliban......

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    Regarding the CNN report on the Taliban......

    Posted in another thread:
    For a slice of life on afghani females, do see the CNN documentary on Afghanistan/Taliban. These jackasses should be ashamed of themselves.
    I highly suggest reading the following article, it'll no doubt enlighten you in regards to the CNN documentary.

    CNN's One Hour Report : Smear Job on Taliban
    Camera Tricks Used to Fabricate Atrocity Stories

    August 26, 2001, 10 to 11 pm: "CNN PRESENTS"

    {To realize how the world's biggest TV network could try to get away with
    such a weak and obviously fabricated story, understand the audience whose
    prejudices CNN was pandering to. Just before the show, Larry King was talking
    to Darva who "married" a man on TV. Later she broke with him and posed in the
    nude for playboy. Her "husband" said he didn't mind her posing like that.
    Earlier MSNBC was showing legalized prostitution in Nevada where "girls" make
    $50,000 a year. After that comes a program referring to Quranic punishments
    for adultery in Afghanistan! (Try to imagine how the American audience would

    Only a journalist can understand the dirty trick CNN played in its attack on
    1. The people who put it together:
    i. Saira Shah, an Afghan woman who grew up in England and is alienated from
    the Islamic way of life.
    ii. Ahmed Rashid, an anti-jihad, anti-Islam Pakistani journalist who has
    written consistently for years against the Islamic movement and who strives
    to perpetuate the fear that the Taliban will take over Pakistan.
    iii. RAWA, a communist splinter group, which after the defeat of the
    Communists in Afghanistan has joined hands with the Zionist media in USA to
    smear the Afghans. It has a web site which uses the "big lie" technique to
    defame the Taliban. (RAWA is a minority even among Afghan Communists and has
    no relevance to Afghanistan.)

    what the program showed was that a woman named Saira Shah visited Afghanistan
    and was taken by the Taliban to Kandahar and Kabul. She was not mistreated in
    any way but she came back to help CNN make this propaganda program. CNN's
    basic script shows that Saira Shah DID NOT SEE ANY ATROCITIES OR MISTREATMENT
    2a. In fact she was treated so lightly that when she decided to "disappear"
    in Kabul and go meet her RAWA contacts, no one bothered her or her
    2b. Saira did not realize this bag gap in her story that if Afghanistan is
    really a police state, her photographer would have been beaten to a pulp when
    she did her "disappearing act", to find out where she had gone. In fact
    nothing happened to her or to her photographer. What kind of "police state"
    is this in which a foreign woman can simply leave her team and go meet
    whomsoever she wishes?

    game CNN played was to to take some of RAWA's propaganda videos (which no one
    knows when and where they were taken) and superimpose them. For instance we
    see Saira visiting the stadium where some convicted criminals were executed
    for violations of Quranic law. At that point, RAWA's video came in showing a
    man aiming a gun at the head of a burqa-clad woman. These were two separate
    items: Saira's visit and RAWA's video, but only an expert eye could see the

    4. Use of atrocity stories from opposition refugees in Pakistan. Saira is
    shown talking to a man from Hazarajat who claims an atrocity by Taliban in
    which a whole group of people were slaughtered. Later in the program, we are
    told Saira had met the man IN PAKISTAN. There are no graves, no bodies. We
    have only this man's translated word. The man's name is not given. (Later we
    see superimposition of a RAWA video which shows bodies in a pit. Only careful
    viewing shows that those are NOT the bodies related to Hazarajat or to the
    man's story.)

    5. SAIRA THEN VISITS NORTHEASTERN AFGHANISTAN and melds happily with the
    opposition which is being armed by India, Iran and Russia. Here a man
    gesticulates and shows her where 9 civilians were murdered by the Taliban.
    The gap in the story is that Muslims always rapidly bury their dead. There is
    no sign of graves in the whole area shown. Again we have to take an
    opposition fighter's story at face value.

    6. Saira visits some RAWA women putting on lipstick and rouge and we are told
    that this is a form of resistance to the Taliban!

    7. CNN used "here comes dracula" and 'the killing fields' music repeatedly to
    create the impression that Afghanistan is some huge land of terror
    controlled, in Saira's words by the "brutal, repressive" Taliban. Ruined
    buildings have existed in Kabul from before the Taliban take-over.


    1. Afghanistan gave a million martyrs to drive out the Russians. Almost every
    village was destroyed by the Russians creating the biggest refugee population
    in human history. (It was not difficult to find bodies and atrocity stories
    and make doctored videos as RAWA has done.)
    2. Kabul was ruined because of fighting between PRE-TALIBAN groups. The
    Taliban took it by storm: Hence most of it is in ruins. This has nothing to
    do with Taliban rule. In fact TALIBAN HAVE BROUGHT PEACE TO 95% of
    Afghanistan. Hence Saira was able to travel without any problem in lands
    under Taliban control.
    3. Much of the suffering in Afghanistan is owing to the destruction of its
    infrastructure and USA's persistent efforts to create destabilization through
    4. India, Iran and Russia continue to arm the northeastern groups while
    Taliban are cut off by U.S. sanctions. Thus, as in Sudan, the fighting is
    prolonged and peace does not come.

    All well wishers of Afghanistan should help to build hospitals, roads. clean
    water facilities, schools UNCONDITIONALLY.
    Out of all moneys going to Russia from USA, Afghanistan should have a primary
    There are many problems in Afghanistan. The Taliban, like all governments,
    have their weaknesses. Condemnation and isolation of these proud and brave
    people will not work. We must be their friends and show them that we can be
    the world should marry these women or help them get married. In such cases,
    polygamy is permitted by the Qur'an.

    Source: RAIN (Research and Information Network)

    A very big to GfQ for presenting us woth this brilliant article

    Thank you GfQ !!!!
    Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.


      Yes, it's a big bad western conspiracy. Everyone around the world is wrong and the Taliban is right. Logic...i don't think so.

      Give us the link please. Tried to find out about this research and information network but no dice!


        Originally posted by Infoman:
        Yes, it's a big bad western conspiracy. Everyone around the world is wrong and the Taliban is right. Logic...i don't think so.

        Give us the link please. Tried to find out about this research and information network but no dice!

        would you beleive in Pakistni media if it brought up controversies ? no. ( i know you are gonna say "depends on the subject" )

        We oughta be Changez like, don't we?

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          -----Original Message-----
          From: MPACnews: an information source about Islam and Muslims in America
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          Sent: Monday, September 03, 2001 2:20 PM
          To: MPACnews: an information source about Islam and Muslims in America
          Subject: MPACnews: CBS Admits Misrepresenting Palestinian's Words

          CBS Admits Misrepresenting Palestinian's Words

          CBS admitted in a letter to MPAC that they have "moved around" portions of a translation of Abu Wardeh's interview with '60 Minutes' to correspond with a different part of the interview.

          This decontextualized, improper editing is what MPAC has contended that '60 Minutes' engaged in all along, and we find this willful misrepresentation of an interviewee's
          words to be inappropriate for a news show of such high caliber.

          Such manipulation of the interview can only lead '60 Minutes' viewers to conclude that Palestinians undertake bombing missions only to obtain elaborate sex in Paradise.

          In the letter CBS wrote in response to MPAC's efforts to ensure accurate reporting about Islam in the media, Betsy West, Vice President of "Prime Time", who signed the letter,
          claims that the interview was reviewed by an unnamed "Arabic Scholar," without specifying his/her credentials. This scholar, who may not be a scholar on Islam, was called upon to give an "objective" opinion on the translation of Abu Wardeh's words.

          The scholars' credentials is of central importance to the resolution of many of MPAC's concerns. One such concern is the translation of the word "H'our Ein," which was
          translated in 60 MINUTES as "virgin wives."

          Arabic scholars know that Arabic word for virgin is "Azra'a," as it is always used in The Bible to refer to the Virgin Mary: ("Mariam Al Azra'a.")

          Moreover, it is clear that '60 Minutes' manipulated questions and Abu Wardeh's answers, misrepresenting Islamic teachings and demonizing the Palestinians' struggle for
          freedom. Painting Islam as an irrational, sexualized religion can be a tactic to sensationalize these stories and play on viewers' prejudices. In the process, this draws attention away from the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people.

          An interesting fact is that the letter, while dated August 30, 2001, was faxed to MPAC's Washington, DC office on Friday, August 31 at 4:40 PM EST. Most businesses are
          closed for the Labor Day weekend, therefore making any follow up communication with CBS impossible until after Labor Day.

          '60 Minutes' continues to adamantly refuse to release the full, unedited version of this interview or disclosed the name of their "Arabic Scholar".

          Please call and/or Fax Executive Producer Don Hewitt and urge him to take the necessary steps to address the concerns of the Muslim community.

          Office: (212) 975-2867
          Fax: (212) 757-6975

          The preceding document was posted on MPACnews - an information source about Islam and Muslims in America brought to you by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)
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            By Robert Fisk, Middle East Correspondent

            [The Independent, UK, 3 September 2001] Just as the BBC last month ordered its reporters to use the phrase "targeted killings'' for Israel's assassination of Palestinians, CNN under constant attack from right-wing Jewish pro-settler lobby groups has instructed its journalists to stop referring to Gilo as a "Jewish settlement''. Instead, they must call the settlement, built illegally on occupied Arab land outside Jerusalem, "a Jewish neighbourhood".

            Arabs have long protested over CNN's reporting of the Middle East especially its pejorative use of the word "terrorist'' but they are likely to be outraged by this latest "softening" of the station's reporting in Israel's favour. Some of the land on which Gilo is built was taken from the Palestinians of Beit Jala Gilo is Hebrew for Jala but no hint of this historical background will be permitted on CNN. Israeli soldiers in Gilo have been involved in nightly battles with Palestinian gunmen in Beit Jala.

            The instruction from CNN's headquarters in Atlanta is straightforward. "We refer to Gilo as 'a Jewish neighbourhood on the outskirts of Jerusalem, built on land occupied by Israel in 1967','' the order states. "We don't refer to it as a settlement.''

            This extraordinary climbdown in favour of the Israelis follows months of internal debate in CNN, which has been constantly criticised by CNN Watch, and other pro-Israeli pressure groups in the United States which monitor all its reports on the Middle East.

            Many journalists at CNN headquarters are angered by the new instruction. "There's a feeling by some people here that what we are doing is searching for euphemisms for what is really happening," one of them told The Independent yesterday. "We've managed to eliminate the word 'terrorism' we now talk about 'militants' because we know that the word 'terrorist' is used by one side or another to damage the other side. But now there's pressure on us not to use the word 'settler' in any context but to just refer to the settlers as 'Israelis'."

            In the past, CNN used "terrorist" only about Arabs the Israeli settler who murdered 29 Palestinians in a Hebron mosque in 1994 was always called an "extremist" on CNN and at one point described Arab protests at the illegal settlements built by Jews on Palestinian land as "conflicting heritage" claims.

            However, by censoring the word "settlement" for Gilo, CNN is perpetrating a lie. Gilo was illegally annexed by Israel after the 1967 war not just "occupied" as CNN wishes its viewers to believe and far from being a "neighbourhood on the outskirts of Jerusalem", it was built on land which Israel again illegally used to extend the boundaries of Jerusalem.

            "There has been an intense internal debate over the use of words," the CNN reporter said. "And sometimes we still do use the word 'settlement' about Gilo. In fact, we don't necessarily say all that stuff about 'occupied by Israel in 1967'. But we're having problems. There are many small pro-settler Jewish groups who're trying to win the war of words."

            A CNN spokesman in Atlanta said last night: "We have no response to make to you. We don't want to get into a discussion on this ... In fact we'd rather not say anything about this at all."

            * Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinians in gun battles in the West Bank city of Hebron yesterday, creating a violent backdrop for the arrival of the European Union's foreign policy representative, Javier Solana. He was due to help lay the groundwork for a meeting between the Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat, and Israel's Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres, which might be held in Italy at the end of the week.

            [AND A COMMENT about this latest CNN "enforcement action" from a Canadian reader]:

            Dear CNN:

            Since the beginning of the Palestinian intifada, against the Israeli military occupation, almost a year ago, the Zionist-controlled mainstream media has been a shameful platform for whitewashing Israeli belligerence. This by 1) Using euphemisms; 2) Selective reporting (of incidents or pertinent information, including omitting the historical context); 3) Injecting factual errors into the reports (Zionist myths); 4) Implementing lexical apartheid (selective use of repulsive words to describe Palestinians and/or their actions (militants, terrorists, and so forth) while using plausible descriptions for Israelis; and last but not least 5) Forced publishing of pro-Israeli articles. The CNN, has been a pioneer in succumbing to expediential pro-Israeli
            articles in the USA.

            Closer to (my) home, the National Post holds that shameful post. (Senior editors at Aspers? CanWest publications - owners of two thirds of Canadian media outlets - were ordered in August to run a strongly worded pro-Israeli editorial on Saturday op-ed page.)

            Let?s imagine for a millisecond that we would refer to Kuwait as "disputed area" (between Iraq and Kuwait) and, listen to US spokespersons ask both sides to "show restraint" while Sadam does to the Kuwaitis what Israel is doing to the Palestinians now.

            But in Israel, it is somehow okay to call what the UN body equally considers occupied territories, the Jewish colonies (again euphemized as settlements), "disputed".

            Would the CNN then call Iraq?s new colonies in Kuwait "Iraqi neighborhoods"? Somehow, its okay to refer to the colony of Gilo, for example, in the occupied territories, as "neighborhood".

            Iraq declares that Kuwait is its capital. Would the CNN list it as the capital of Iraq with a barely noticeable fine print saying that it is a contentious issue? (What happened when Iraq declared Kuwait as an Iraqi (19th) province?)

            Were the Kuwaitis fighting off the occupation labeled as terrorists/militants?

            It seems to me that the CNN news reporters also need to start an intifiada against the Zionist dominance. And, it seems for a minute, alas, that the Palestinians cannot gain their freedom before the Americans do.

            Baha Abu-Shaqra


              Israel branded 'racist' as "democratic" UN, Amnesty, snub decision


              DURBAN, South Africa ? A human rights forum running parallel to the U.N. World Conference on Racism ended rancorously on Sunday with a declaration that branded Israel a "racist apartheid state" guilty of "war crimes, acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing."

              The declaration, adopted by a majority of the 3,000 delegates from 44 regions to the World Conference's Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) forum -- a broad-based summit of groups from around the world involved in human rights issues ? shocked Jewish participants, and many walked out of the meeting.

              Some other international human rights groups who were part of the NGO forum, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, moved to distance themselves from the declaration.

              Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres expressed his government's anger.

              "It is an outburst of hate, of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism without any consideration," he told reporters in Tel Aviv.

              ry Robinson, the U.N.'s High Commissioner for Human Rights and general-secretary of the U.N. Conference, said that the NGO statement's equation of Zionism with racism was regrettable and would almost certainly not become a part of the main conference's final statement.

              "I had urged the NGOs not to adopt it.
              But the process was democratic and
              they went ahead and adopted it," she said. "But I also have a democratic right to reject that declaration dealing with Israel."

              "I think the NGO Forum, by including that text on Israel, have diminished the chances of it being adopted by the conference. I don't think it can be adopted," she added.

              Reed Brody, executive director of the New York-based Human Rights Watch, said: "Israel has committed serious crimes against Palestinian people but it is simply not accurate to use the word genocide and to equate Zionism with racism ... it is now a matter of damage control."

              Amnesty International also balked at the declaration.

              "We are not ready to make the assertion that Israel is engaged in genocide," said Claudio Cordone, a spokesman for the London-based group.

              The forum's document branded "Israel as a racist apartheid state," and called for the establishment of a U.N. committee to prosecute Israeli war crimes and the complete isolation of Israel as an apartheid state.

              Jewish groups: Declaration incites hatred

              The NGO declaration mirrored the struggles of the U.N. conference, where Robinson has worked to calm the brewing controversy over language condemning Israel.

              The United States, Canada and Israel sent lower-level delegations to the U.N. conference in protest of what they see as anti-Israel sentiment at the summit. The United States has threatened to withdraw before the conference's September 7 end date if language it considers offensive is not removed.

              The United States was "extremely unhappy" about the removal of clauses condemning anti-Semitism -- including the bombing of synagogues and armed attacks on Jews -- from the final draft of the NGO declaration, a U.S. official told Reuters news service.

              But the Palestinians and other Arab groups were pleased with the NGO document.

              "It's just the facts," said Shawqi Issa, spokesman for the Arab caucus at the forum. "This is what should be from the (non-governmental organizations). They are not like the governments. They are here to protect the victims of racism."

              Raji Sourani, director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza, called the conference "very successful" and said that "it broke the silence of conspiracy of governments."

              Jewish groups, however, said the NGO forum deck was stacked against them from the start.

              "They've invalidated themselves," said Stacy Burdett, an associate director with the Anti-Defamation League. "A conference against racism has turned into a conference promoting racism."

              And Alan Baker, Israel's legal adviser to the World Conference, said that NGO delegates "have only succeeded in turning the conference into a circus for Israeli bashing.

              "It's inciting hatred," he said.

              Another spokesman for the Israeli delegation to the U.N. conference told The Associated Press that he hoped delegates to that meeting would take note and understand that what happened at the NGO forum "should not happen at the U.N. conference."

              "Hate is taking over," said Noam Katz. "It totally contradicts the aims of the World Conference against Racism, to fight racism and promote tolerance."

              More to come at main conference

              The NGO document has been presented to the United Nations to be incorporated into the World Conference's document when those delegates close their meeting on September 7.

              Observers say the harsh anti-Israeli language in the non-governmental summit's final declaration has increased tension at the U.N. conference, attended by representatives of more than 150 governments.

              Resolutions at non-governmental forums have no binding authority but observers say they increasingly influence the final declarations adopted at the U.N. governmental meetings.

              U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned delegates at the main meeting on Saturday that rows over the Middle East and controversy over how to handle the historical issue of slavery threatened the conference.

              Reparations to Africans for centuries of slavery remain a stumbling block for the World Conference delegates. African and Caribbean states want a formal apology, and divisions have emerged over whether reparations should be paid to descendants of slavery.



                Bothers n friends.......

                CNN...BBC.....etc etc

                these are all chips of the same block

                You would see what they want to show you....not what it is actually.

                Forget Taliban for a while.......check their role about other Muslim countries which are not "Fundamantelist" countries like Afghanistan.

                CNN will show a tiny headline.....6 children died in a bom attack in Phalestine by Israel.....but they will show whole family history of few Israilis who were died in a suicide bom attack few weeks back.

                If this is CNN behaviour about poor Phalestinis who fight with stones against missiles.....

                Then you will be living in fools' paradise if you think they will show anything positive about Talibans who rule in a big country independently and don't bother about America or anybody else.

                Media like CNN or organisations like UN they are all under American pressure. But occasionally they make "mistakes" which favour Muslims.
                Sometimes they end up showing which goes in the favour of Talibans, and UN end up passing resoulations which goe in the favour of Kashmiris.

                And remember in Afghanistan there are many many rules about women which %100 match with Saudi Arab's rules but CNN never shows anything negative about Saudi Arab......So what do you understand???????


                  Originally posted by Infoman:
                  Give us the link please. Tried to find out about this research and information network but no dice!
                  No link. I hope the following information is adequate.

                  Research and Information Network (RAIN)
                  P O Box 26119, Isipingo Beach, Durban, South Africa 4115.
                  tel: 0027 31 9029174. fax: 0027 31 9024523. mobile: 082 352 352 6
                  e-mail : [email protected] director : Abu-Bakar Dawjee


                    Originally posted by Infoman:
                    Yes, it's a big bad western conspiracy. Everyone around the world is wrong and the Taliban is right. Logic...i don't think so.

                    Give us the link please. Tried to find out about this research and information network but no dice!

                    You fool, look behind the scenes then talk or post.
                    If you are so sure that this has nothing to do with the bad western media or its not influenced by the western leaders then you are living in a dream world.
                    I never take side of Talibany, but I surely appreciate development in Afghanistan thus improvement in the system (coz there is no just the racist regime!).

                    Never understood how can they be so shameless.
                    First, they kill their own muslim brothers then they seek help from those "khafirs".
                    Shame on them

                    "kaisay na karta usko main pyar, uski haseen main sukh thay hazaar, bichar gayay hum dukh ki hay baat"

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                    Ain't new ta this....HOMEINVASION('93)