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The Internet and the purpose of opposition

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    The Internet and the purpose of opposition

    Ibrahim says: salaams to all,

    Dear Brothers/Sisters

    Indeed nothing comes to pass, except by Allah (swt)?s approval. But many of us seldom realize that there is a greater purpose behind all this. In fact we should thank Allah (swt) for allowing their presence, since the deviants (ahmedia. shia, and whatever sect or non believers) by their onslaught on Islam are actually refining the Muslims.

    The way I see it , it is because of them I had learnt Islam, failing which I would have been complacent that I am a Muslim and need not do any research to understand what Islam actually teaches. ( just like the Cream of Muslims who lost everything they had achieved in Spain on account of complacency)

    This folks are grinding stones , the purpose that they have been allowed to permeate is on account of their constant grinding motion against Islam, causing true Muslims to become POLISHED like diamonds to shine forever whereas hypocrites, fakes and the like who also may consider themselves as Muslims will be ground down to dust or end up as grinding stones to polish others.

    It is important we understand that we are on trial here, just like I am and just like everyone else are and all this problems are created so that you/we will start THINKING and STAND UP to become better Muslims in your/our life time .

    Islam is about Quality NOT Quantity.

    The important thing is , have we done anything to verify the TRUTH and establish it. Meaning have we contemplated on the facts that are being presented in front of us? By doing so we grow in wisdom provided we have the capacity to judge with justice and fairness and not let our bias, compel us into excepting or promoting falsehood.

    So do not be dismayed on account of the exchanges that takes place here or elsewhere, they are meant to educate the ignorant and the weak in faith to strengthen their own faith/actions/desires and establish their faith and chart their final destiny.

    What crumbles will ONLY be falsehood what will shine will always be the TRUTH, so do not worry about the purpose behind it, worry about what it is doing to your comprehension of truth vs untruth.

    THOSE WHO ARE RESPONDING IN TRUTH ARE SHARING THEIR KNOWLEDGE WITH THOSE WHO LACK IT, those who are spreading falsehood are exposing their defect by it?..maasha Allah! What more can one ask for?

    Most of all, Allah (swt) is achieving what He had planned and prophesized in advance.


    Al-Tirmidhi Hadith Hadith 42 Narrated by Al-Miqdad

    Al-Miqdad heard Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) as saying: There will not remain upon the surface of the earth a mud-brick house or a camel's-hair tent but Allah will instill into it the word of Islam, bringing both mighty honour and abject humiliation. Allah will either honour them by making them worthy of it and those whom He humiliates shall have to render submission to it. I said: The religion will then be entirely for Allah.

    Transmitted by Ahmad.

    Hence today we see the Internet has been created, achieving this and our discussions are read by the devils as well as the angels and ONLY the Angels will triumph.

    So absorb and treasure the essence and reject the chaff .

    Wisdom is an essence , it is not an Idea Not even a thought

    PS: Also do not be deceived by the handles many are actually non Muslims using Muslim handles in order to deceive Muslims. That is the only way they can slander Islam in this medium without exposing their true Identity.