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Selling alcohol

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    Selling alcohol

    I know that it is haram selling alcohol in Islam but still I see many desi and muslim people selling alcoholic drinks in their restaurants.

    Note: I am not with this pratice because when I see the double standard of some desis I wonder sometimes why they not see what they are doing themselves before preaching others and I am also not pointing my finger at anyone because I myself am also not perfect in everyway, but am tring to improve myself if I see myself doing something wrong. I know that my Allah is watching me.

    I know that it is also a matter of existence of some small firms and if they not sell alcohol they may not survive because the gorray guest may not come to eat.
    My question how would each of you react if you are in such a position where you have to decide to feed your family with this haram income by including alcoholic drinks or
    disincluding alcoholic drinks which may be an income loss ??

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    Meray liye, Na bechna na Peena haraam. Peene ka baad ya pehle, buray kaam karna haraam hota hai. But to each his own.


      Originally posted by Tanhaa:
      Meray liye, Na bechna na Peena haraam. Peene ka baad ya pehle, buray kaam karna haraam hota hai. But to each his own.
      please pay a closer look to the topic, your message is "irrelevant". she is not asking whether you consider drinking as halal or not.

      I have seen such people in my community as well *sad*, and they donate to 'masjid' also

      Problem with us *desis* is that we make our own justifications for our deeds... following traits of bani Israel (regarding the "Saturday"). Such people actually are cheating themselves.

      May Allah help us in understanding all of our problems.

      We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


        Changez Bhai, She was asking about selling alcohol, and my answer was neither selling nor drinking is haram for me . What is haram are my bad actions under intoxication.


          What truly astonishes me is how many stores run by Muslims in the UK sell alcohol.... it's shocking!!!!!
          Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.


            , let us face the fact that by driving alcohol underground we have given rise not only to boot-legging from which the state makes nothing by way of excise and import duties, but which has actually contributed to the taking of far more harmful drugs and therefore to crime of the worst kind. Indeed, if the UAE and Bahrain and Kuwait and Egypt and Syria and Iraq and Morocco and Tunisia and Turkey and Jordan and Qatar and Yemen and Malaysia and Indonesia and Bangladesh, all members of the great Ummah, can allow foreigners and other 'kafirs' to drink alcohol (only Saudi Arabia, Iran and Libya do not, and they are flush with cash) why can't we?



              You have asked good question but it looks as if you have asked two questions:

              Q1. What do we think about selling Alcohol?

              A1. I personally think if I have a retaurant then I will be selling alcohol if living in Western world. I know that it is harram to buy/sell and to drink but then Islam is also modrate as long as you don't cross the limits (which from my point of view is to drink). I also believe in the concept of doing things more then what I do. "Inama ul Ah-mallo bin niyat" but then I might be wrong and if I am please inlight me.

              Q2. Should be accepting money from gorra's harram earning?

              A2. I believe as long as you are working for money (not prostitution) then I will take the money for the services.

              Please if you think that I am not right, I would love to know it.



                For me, selling alcohol is Haraam period.

                If we were to use the same reasons as Muslim alcohol sellers, then the exact ruling would apply to the following.

                Pork is Haraam, but butchers should sell it to cater for the Kafirs.

                Prostitution is Haraam, but pimps should supply the service but not actually use the service.

                Murder is Haraam, but hitmen should be contracted as long as you don't do the deed!!

                The list is endless.

                The point I'm making is that even if we don't indulge in the practice in itself, it does not mean that we should provide that service. It is still Haraam. Plenty of A'Hadeeths have confirmed this view.

                I wonder whatever next we will do for money!!


                  Sholay.... very good examples... Okay, I would like to ask if you wish to open a restaurant or lets say a local shop... how would you attract goray customers?


                    sholay : no one is denying that selling is not haram. I simply asked a question what would you do if you are in such a situation where you would have to choose between selling it in your shops or not. Thats all, why make a elephant out of an ant.

                    Tanhaa: many people think like you say "Peene ka baad ya pehle, buray kaam karna haraam hota hai" But its clear that if a person is drunk he/she can not control his actions anymore and ... the rest you may paint for yourself. But liked you said each his own so I will not argue over this with you.

                    Changez_like & mbmags: I am grateful you are the only ones who so far have answered my question honestly.

                    mbmagsi: I just asked Q1 ,but you did extra
                    homework All of us have become so "moderate" that the things we do are haram and we call it modern, its an excuse all of are using to justify ourselves.
                    Good if you have a shop and you are selling alcohol but are not drinking it by yourself but your guests may include other muslims, maybe some young ones now is that right!, are you now feeling better that you are the one not drinking but providing for others muslims to drink it. I guess you may feel with me that even selling of drinks and drinking by yourself is at the same position.

                    rvikz: sorry but I dont understand your message at all, how come do you come to drugs from alcohol, please read my question first and if you dont understand i will be glad to explain once more.


                      SADI! I don't know what to say now. I think you have covered the whole subject.


                        Originally posted by mbmagsi:
                        SADI! I don't know what to say now. I think you have covered the whole subject.
                        I just wanted to hear what people especially those living outside think over this topic. I liked you honest reply Its better to think for yourself and search for an answer than let others guide or misguide you. Just use your own brain and everything is ok

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                          These are a matter of personal beliefs and No one is more right or more wrong than the other. Under the circumstances logical discussion leads to bigger dilemmas.

                          So Sholay jee, You have just listed the ethical dillemas that result from logical extension of what is halaal and what is haram.

                          I could add a few more dillemas:

                          1. Is driving a customer to a bar , to a house of prostution haraam? So what should taxi driver do.

                          2. Is patronizing a restaurant which sell aclohol and pork Haram? After all we are encouraging the deaing of haram products and services.

                          So where do we stop the logical extension of faiths and beliefs??

                          My approach is simple:

                          I dont want to, and will not be responsible for the behaviour of others. In the final analysis its the individual who is responsilbe for his haraam behaviour. Mr. X(muslim) who buys alcohol from Y(Muslim) cannot say that X is less guilty because Y sold it to him. So therefore by my logic Y has not done anything haraam.

                          By this logic, for example owning and selling weapons, drugs etc, in my mind are ethically acceptable.

                          They may be legally prohibited. And what is legally prohibited and allowed is to be decided by democratic means for the good of society.




                            It's all very easy to make statements of ethics and so forth under the banner of freedom of choice, speech and movement.

                            What one must remember is that just because we live in a Western Non Muslim society, does not mean we adapt the lifestyle and practice the ways of the majority. The examples you have given are not only extreme, but ludicrous.

                            The original question was asked in relation to 'would it be appropriate to supply alcohol in a restaurant' or something like this.

                            I in turn gave my opinion and a couple of examples without getting too deep.

                            The fact remains that especially in London UK at least, there are plenty of restaurants cropping up which do not supply alcohol whatsoever. They are easily making a living and provision from Allah is adequate.

                            As far as I am concerned, anyone who tries to preach me one thing and practice another, is a Hypocrite. This unfortunately applies to a lot of resturanters and off licence owners who sell alcohol.

                            I, by the way have a restuarant and DO NOT sell alcohol whatsoever and am making a healthy living.

                            I suppose the ultimate reason is CONTENTMENT.

                            How COTENT is one with their lifestyle and income!!!!


                              Yes Sholey jee. I will agree with you to the extent that people should practice what they preach. And of course as far as beliefs go each one is right with his own