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The Native Vs. The Westerner

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    The Native Vs. The Westerner

    Hi, I'm new here, just figured I'd stretch minds and discuss topics that I find interesting with my Pakistani brethren and sistren. The first of which is the ideological differences that lie at the core of many of the world's conflicts and problems past and present and why the world is the way it is, and why we believe as we do.

    As to start with an overly simplistic outline from which to build upon, it is necessary for me to post this chart of basic differences between the underlying cultural core/worldview of the Asian/African/Australian/American (im using NATIVE for short) and the Eurasian Westerner (Europeans, Semites). This is a foundational map from which further cultural nuisances can emanate. The English and Italian or the Jew and the Arab like the Zulu and Yoruba or the Buddhist or Taoist possess differences between each other but one can find a similar orientation that they share towards defining the world (conceptual system).


    Basic Assumptions/Cosmological view:
    -Natural Order vs Natural Chaos
    -Complementarity vs Opposing Opposites

    Philosophical Orientation:
    -Spiritualism vs Materialism
    -Collectivism vs.Individualism

    Cultural Focus:
    -Culture optimal For Each specific Group vs One's own culture is optimal for every other group

    Psychological Model :
    -Cultural Context of Behavior vs Individual Behavior
    -Cultural Differences In Psychological Functioning vs Western Psychological Functioning as Standard
    -Holistic/internal (self-knowledge) vs Empiricism/External

    One of the reasons why I use the term "Western" than "European" is to INCLUDE Arabs and other "Middle-Eastern" groups. Historically Indo-Europeans stemmed from the Northern areas in the convergent area of Europe and Asia, hence the use of Eurasian. The "Aryans" that invaded India were one in the same as these Indo-Europeans and so were the LATER "Persians" as the earliest inhabitants of the "Middle-East" were African/Asian. Later on we find the emergence of a nomadic/pastoral people now designated as "Arabs." Though there was misgenation between African/Asian and Indo-European groups, one can see that the Arabs were clearly more similar CULTURALLY to their Indo-European predecessors. The fact that they CONTINUED the legacy of the Judeo-Christian tradition through the revelation of Allah and Islam is significant in understanding that they represented, yet another group of Westerners. Although they are different on multiple levels, on the fundamental level of conceptualizing the universe they are inherently "Western."

    *My comments on Islam within this paradigm are based on my general knowledge of Islam, I am not a scholar by any means, Please bring in Quranic references to correct any misunderstanding that you may see)


    Basic Assumptions/Cosmological view:
    -Natural Order vs Natural Chaos --> This includes the concept of man's inherent "sinfulness." and propensity to sin.
    -Complementarity vs Opposing Opposites --> The strict division between LIGHT/DARK can be seen in Persian tradition such as Mithraism and Zoroastarianism. Also its presence found in the Islam through the designation of Allah as ultimate good and Shaytan as ultimate evil.

    Philosophical Orientation:
    -Spiritualism vs Materialism --> Allah is the CREATOR separate from HIS creations. Heaven is described in a physical way, an emphasis on economics, distribuition of booty, etc.
    -Collectivism vs.Individualism --> Islam is largely collective in its orientation though it has ideas of individual property rights and such.

    Cultural Focus:
    -Culture optimal For Each specific Group vs One's own culture is optimal for every other group --> Islam is the ONLY (ALLAH'S) truth and must be spread across the world, across cultures.
    Psychological Model:
    -Cultural Context of Behavior vs Individual Behavior --> From a cultural perspective one is supposed to act within the confines of Allah's word, thus behavior is seen a "cultural" in a sense, however (see next one)
    -Cultural Differences In Psychological Functioning vs Western Psychological Functioning as Standard --> Islam is a religion that "transcends" cultures. Thus "cultures" as viable entities that define one's life, standards and psychological functioning, are negate with the "Islamic" view. Instead of Islam being seen as an emanation of Arabic culture, IT (or Allah) assert itself as THE WAY of the UNIVERSE and all cultures are subordinate. However in practice, the more one becomes closer to practicing TRUE Islam, one becomes culturally more "Arabic" in orientation.

    Holistic/internal (self-knowledge) vs Empiricism/External
    -Self-Mastery, finding one's own way and peace versus The need for INFALLIBLE SCRIPTURE.

    (more to come, as I present specific examples of how “Natives” see the world radically different from the Westerner)

    Agree/Disagree......please let it be known


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    You are coming from what we call "shop talk" mode .If you are going totalk like TEXT book most ppl. much rather read there own text book than yours.

    In other forum you are giving analogy from your factory manufacturing & production line situation which may be a very hot shot topic for your degree or college but doesnt interest us .

    If i start talking shop from my special field & try to fit your philosophy into my science education you will feel uncomfortable defending it or may not even be able to.

    so more general question like the common public the better the chance ther guppo will read .Here every body is not at the same level.Some are still in junior high some in freshman college some graduate & some ph.D M.D.

    In islamic society unlike all other judeism ,christianity & hinduism particularly there is NO class or race systrem to begin with .so if you want rascism discussion i suggest culture would be the appropriate forum.


    barque(bijli) yoon akadti hai apne karname pe ke
    jaise phir naya hum aashiyaan bana nahi sakte