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" Say, Oh disbelievers ! I worship not what you worship "

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    " Say, Oh disbelievers ! I worship not what you worship "

    “Say, Oh Disbelievers! I worship not what you worship”

    At a banquet hosted in honour of President Musharraf on the occasion of the Agra Summit, Indian President Narayan said, “Let our scholars, artistes, writers and professionals and above all our common people meet freely and share the warmth of fraternal friendship. It is only common sense that for this purpose we need an atmosphere of peace and mutual confidence between us. We have to rule out violence from our relationship.” At the same banquet, President Musharraf said, “We have been locked in mutual suspicion and hostility…we have paid a heavy price for it. We owe it to the future generations to do our utmost to pen a new chapter of goodwill and cooperation… We must not allow the past to dictate the future… We must overcome the burden of history. Other nations have done so. We must also do so.” We would like to ask, what is this “burden of history” that General Musharraf wishes to overcome?

    On this Tuesday, 14 August 2001, Pakistan marks 54 years of independence from the direct rule of the British Kaafir Imperialist. The Pakistan Movement, which led to the creation of Pakistan, was formed on what was known as the ‘two-nation theory’ under which it was said that Muslims and Hindus were unable to live in a single country, together, because of irreconcilable differences between them. Fourteen points were presented to highlight the stark differences between Hindus and Muslims, the most remembered point of which was that the Hindu worships the cow while the Muslim eats it. This thinking has had a determining effect on the attitude of Muslims of Pakistan towards India and stands in harsh comparison to the newfound enthusiasm of Presidents Musharraf and Narayan for “fraternal friendship”. Other elements of the “burden of history” to which General Musharraf refers are the three wars with India and the continued conflict over Kashmir, wherein tens of thousands of Muslims have been martyred.

    Why does General Musharraf want to overturn the “burden of history” between India and Pakistan and now create friendly and stable relations between the two countries? The true reason for this is not a warm change of heart from the General, but rather a coldly calculated change of policy from America. After the Cold War, China has become America’s primary global concern, to be dealt with according to two distinct but complementary policies. On the one hand, America has poured billions of dollars of investment into the Chinese economy, so that China becomes interdependent on the world economy and, more specifically, the American economy. On the other hand, America is pursuing a renewed policy of containment, whereby it is building adversaries to China along the Chinese border. A key component of this second policy is South Asia, whose combined population of over one billion is the numerical equal of the massive Chinese population.

    In order for America to pursue her plan for South Asia, she is seeking to reduce the hostilities between India and Pakistan so that the two countries function as a strong block in opposition to China. A member of the Indian government went as far as saying that Pakistan and India should form a confederacy. And President Musharraf was using the same language when he addressed the Indian media saying, “It is the job of the bigger partner to look after the smaller partner”. In order to achieve this, the two governments do not need further summits, for they are already agreed on the course of action. What they need is further work on the ground to convince their populations that India and Pakistan must now move closer to each other. This is why well-known Pakistani leaders and politicians have begun portraying numerous benefits of open relations with India, principally from the military and economic aspects. At the same time, the Muslims of Pakistan are being increasingly exposed to Indian culture by encouraging the promotion of Indian music and films and by arranging visits of Indian music artistes and actors. Also stronger links are being developed between intellectuals, journalists, NGOs, and retired diplomatic and military personnel from both countries.

    Oh Muslims of Pakistan! How do you accept that your leaders should follow the American plan and you remain silent on this? How do you accept the domination of Indian culture in your society and your homes and you look the other way? How is it that your leaders give you the two-nation theory, and you believe in it for 54 years, and then they act as if Muslims and Hindus are brothers, and you accept this also? Have you forgotten the meaning of Surah al-Kafiroon, wherein Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala says:

    “Say, Oh Disbelievers! We worship not what you worship" [TMQ Al-Kafirun]

    Even the two-nation theory was wrong, because it surrendered vast Muslim lands, opened with the blood of mujahideen, to the Hindu idol-worshipper, preserving only a part for Muslims in the form of Pakistan.

    Foreign policy relations established by Muslims must be according to Islam and Muslim interests, and not according to secularism and the interests of the kuffar. In any common block of Muslims and Hindus engineered by the Western kuffar, it is always the idol worshipping Hindus that will be made to dominate. The Americans know, as did the British before them, that the Muslims are a global community with an independent worldview; so giving power to Muslims would mean creating another global threat to their own interests. Backing the Hindu entails no such danger. The rulers of Pakistan have been more sincere, as agents, to America, than have the Hindus. Yet it is Pakistan that has been most severely mistreated by the Americans, while the Americans continue to show their favour towards India. This is why the Pakistan military budget has now been frozen, while the Indian military budget is in rapid expansion. And this is why America looks to lift sanctions from India before sanctions are lifted from Pakistan. A sincere and aware political leadership would be thinking about inciting China against America, and would never accept or allow Pakistan to be used as a tool in America’s hands to crush its global opponents.

    Oh Muslims of Pakistan! You must throw down these Western kufr systems of government and these insincere rulers and re-establish the righteous Khilafah that will implement Islam and call all Muslims to unify under it in a single Islamic State. When your oppressed brothers in Kashmir, India and other parts of South Asia hear this call, they will not allow the Hindu to stand as an obstacle between them and you, thereby easing the expansion of the Khilafah to the entire region. Then indeed South Asia will become a single block, but an Islamic block dominated by Muslims and working with sincerity for the interests of Islam and the Ummah, not a secular block dominated by Hindus and working for America’s interests. And when the rest of the Ummah witness the re-establishment of the Khilafah and the re-unification of the Muslims of South Asia, how long do you think it will be before all their oppressive governments come crashing down and they all, in their entirety, unify under the Khilafah, thereby becoming a global superpower to rival American and Western supremacy? Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, revealed:

    “He is the One who sent His Messenger with Guidance and the deen of Haq to dominate over all other deens though the mushrikeen may detest it.” [TMQ At-Taubah:33]

    Hizb ut-Tahrir
    Wilayah of Pakistan
    20 Jumada Al-Ula 1422
    10 August 2001