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    Fatihah- the opening

    Al- before any word makes any noun proper
    Hamd- the praise- ultimate praise is for Allah. When we praise something, we
    acknowledge its excellence in all ways. Expression of gratitude to Allah.
    The first thing that we are being taught is that all praise only belongs to
    Allah. Not only is he perfect, but he created his own perfection. When
    someone praises us, we cannot get arrogant. We should always remember
    Alhamdulillah. All praise is for Allah.
    Allah - comes from root word aliha, which means something that cannot be
    precedented. The only being which can take a seed and make it grow into a
    perfect tree; take pebbles and turn them into mountains, take drops of water
    and make a river. He can take small things and make them into bigger
    well-proportioned objects. When Allah makes those who are not well
    proportioned, they are not there so that we can look at them and saw aw poor
    thing. It is so we can understand and realize what Allah has given us.

    Rabil alameen
    Rabb- lord, master, sustainer, nourisher, sovereign, ruler. Rabb encompasses
    all these things. Rabb can take something from nothing and make it into a
    complete being. And not just this but also, sustains it all the way.
    'Alameen- consists of everything that exists, everything we know and that
    which we don't know of. As humans, all we can do is discover and learn about
    things, but we cannot provide for them. We discover things, but we forget
    the hands behind them and instead we are so in awe with the scientists. The
    vision of the believer goes behind the materialistic eye.

    Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
    Both of them come from the same word: Rahm, which means mercy. He wants to
    intensely show his mercy. This mercy is for everyone.
    Rahm- literal meaning is "womb of the mother where the child is created". It
    is the first place of instinctual love protection and care. NO relationship
    can ever compare to relationship between a mom and child. Allah loves us 70
    times more than our own mother. In Surah Ar-Rahman, Allah says that he is
    merciful. But why, it is because he has sent us the Quran. 'alamal Quran.
    This is the mercy that extends to everyone, all of humanity.
    Raheem- continuous and repeatedly merciful. This attribute is for the
    believers. No matter what, he constantly tells us he will forgive us. And
    it also refers to the mercy on the Day of Judgment. He set all creation for
    man. Man has been created "best of creation."
    Allah says that he is Ar Rahman and Raheem but he says that don't forget that
    he can do justice as well.

    Maliki Yaumiddin
    It is fitting that he be master of the day of judgment. Because he has all
    the records of man. The record is encompassing everything that we do. On the
    day of judgment, man will say: what is it with this book, it doesn't leave
    anything out. Allah is the only one who knows the effort we put and how much
    we strive.

    Ddin means debt. Yawmiddin- on the Day of Judgment we will be repaid for
    everything, day of justice. Everything will be repaid. There will be total
    justice. Those who are wronged will get their right. Can we ever repay our
    mom for the pain she went through. That will be the day mom will be paid for
    everything. There was a mom who wanted to carry his mom on his back for
    Hajj. The prophet said that it won't even be repayment for even one scream
    that she let out during labor. Allah will not wrong anyone in the least.
    Whatever we do, we will see its results. That is yawmiddin.

    Iyaka na'budu
    You alone we worship.
    Ibadah- comes from the root word 'abd which means slave, servant, totally
    submissive, totally obedient. He created us, he is our master, and therefore
    we only run our lives according to his will. Ibadah is not only on the
    prayer rug or during Ramadan. When a person is a slave, he is a slave 24/7.
    He always answers the call of Allah. If we analyze our life today, who do we
    try to please, whose approval do we seek. When we pray we claim
    iyakanaboodo, but how much are we living up to this claim. Fist step of
    worship is obedience, submission to Allah. When we worship Allah, we worship
    him alone. When a slave has two masters, they are pulled between them two
    and this will break the person. We cant pull ourselves in two opposite

    Iyaka nastain
    Yo alone we ask for help
    When we have a problem, only him do we ask for help. When we ask Allah it is
    worship. So when we going through anything, you alone we ask for help. When
    we depend on anyone but Allah that is shirk. When you expect anyone or
    anything to help with anyone between (ex. Paying a religious person to make
    dua). Another claim we make- how often do we actually turn to Allah when we
    need help, what exactly should we ask for? Allah answers this:

    Ihdi nasi ratul mustaqeem.- guide us along the straight path. If our goal is
    paradise, we only ask him for direction. If you want paradise, we only
    follow his guidance. When you want to go to someone's house, we only ask
    that person for directions. We ask Allah to take us into his fold and for
    him to guide us.
    Hdy- guidance through love.

    As sirat al mustaqeem
    Sirat means path but it also means resolution or commitment.
    Mustaqeem- room word kiyam- straight upright.
    When we discover the path, we want to follow and we have the commitment,
    everything we want to do, will become easier for us. But it is up to us what
    we want. Not any path, a certain path. To guide us like those whom he has
    favored- shaheed, siddiqueen, these are our role models. They suffered
    hardships but lived up to their goal. Quran has been given to us and also
    been shown in practicality through Muhammad (saw)

    Anamta- comes from root word, which means to bless or favor.
    Magdub- comes from root word, which means anger. In reference to the Jews.
    They were given the scriptures and prophets, but they acted against Allah and
    made excuses and so they were cursed.
    Daleen means lost or diverted. Those who go astray. This refers to the
    Christians. They were following Isa, but then they saw other ways of worship
    and they started following them. They took Isa status and prophet and made
    it into Son of God. We ask Allah's protection and to save us from this.

    The main thing to ask for here is guidance. Guidance, we re born Muslims but
    how well do we follow the Quran

    Ameen- oh Allah accept it from me. Shows that we want to attain the right

    Fatiha is the essence of the Quran. It is called umm ul Quran. Gives us the
    main view of the Quran. Also teaching us how to make dua. We don't being by
    saying we this and this. No, we start by praising him. We begin by showing
    him we accept him as being our master. Then we ask with our heart. Dua of
    an absent minded person isn't accepted.

    Hadith- prayer where fatiha is not read is invalid.
    As we begin the Quran we see that the whole Quran is the answer to this dua.

    Surah Baqarah
    Verses 1-7

    In Surah Fatihah, we asked Allah to guide us. And Allah (swt) answers us by
    giving us the whole Quran as the only guidance. Surah Baqarah is not just a
    story of the cow, it contains many things for us to learn from and
    practically apply in our lives. Abdullah bin Umar took eight years to read
    this Surah because each thing he read, he made sure he was acting upon it and
    then he read more. There is a Hadith where the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said
    Shaytan runs where Surah Baqarah is behind recited.

    Alif Lam Mim

    No one except for Allah knows the meaning of this. But we do know that for
    every letter we read we get ten rewards for it. The fact that we don't know
    the meaning of this just shows how limited human beings are. The Quran
    begins like this to show us our limitations. We cannot surpass the knowledge
    that Allah doesn't want us to have.

    Dhalikal Kitaboo La Rayba Fih

    There is no doubt in this book. There is no other being that can begin their
    work by saying that there is NO doubt in it. We see in others books, there
    are editions to them. Yet there is no hesitation, no doubt in the Quran. It
    is the word of a being in which there is no doubt. You cannot think twice.
    Allah first shows us our limitations and then says that there is no doubt in
    this book. If there is something that we don't understand it is because of
    our own limitations. This is that book that will govern our life. We cannot
    act upon something that we doubt in. Allah assures us that this book has no
    doubt. Every Prophet was given a miracle. Prophet Muhammad was to be the
    last messenger. There is no human that will ever be given divine guidance
    after him. He had to be given something that would survive from the day it
    was revealed till now (till the end of time). The Arabs loved poetry and
    their poetry was very nice, but the Quran was better than all of their
    poetry. Arabs left their poetry for the Quran. The eloquence and language of
    the Quran out did all the poetry, it was uncomparable.

    Hudanlill Mutaqqeen

    Allah says that this is the guidance, this is the answer to our dua. But if
    this is guidance then why is it that this world isn't guided. That is
    because Allah says: The message is for everyone, but - It is guidance only
    for those who believe. Those who have taqwaa. This book is a guide, it will
    take us to our destination, but only if we have taqwaa. Sometimes we read
    quotations from famous people and we think that the people who say them are
    so great. When we understand Allah's greatness, then can we realize the book
    is going to come before anything, give it priority.
    Who are the people of taqwaa?

    Alladhina yu'minoona bil ghayb

    Those who believe in the unseen. Ghayb is those things that are hidden from
    our five senses, beyond mans normal experiences and observations. This shows
    man's limitations. Ghayb includes Allah, his angels, etc. First requirement
    is to believe in the unseen. Only if we have this conviction can we gain
    guidance from the book. We believe that there is oxygen in the air because
    scientists say so. We believe that Einstein really existed because history
    books tell us that. But why don't we take what the most trustworthy person
    to ever exist, Prophet Muhammad, has given us. The kaffirs even trusted him
    with their property, although they had severe enmity and hatred towards him,
    ad would plot to put an end to his mission. He was known to be the most
    truthful. If he told us that this is the word of Allah, then why don't we
    believe him? Who gave the teachers in school the title of "trustworthy"? No
    one. But his enemies called Prophet truthful and trustworthy, then why don't
    we believe him?
    taqwaa begins with our heart, intentions and thoughts. But it goes deeper
    than that.

    Surah Baqarah
    Ayahs 8-20

    Ayahs 1-7 of Surah Baqarah talk about two types of people: those who have
    taqwaa and those who chose to reject the truth. Now Allah talks about those
    who are in between these two. They are the Munafiqun or the Hypocrites.

    Wa minan nasi man yaqqoloo a manna billahi wa bil yawmil akhiri wa ma hum
    And of mankind there are some that say: "We believe in Allah and the Last
    Day" while in fact they do not believe.
    An Nas- comes from the root word in Arabic "uns". This means to get used to
    something or being familiar and inclined towards. It also comes from another
    word, which means to forget. Man is a forgetful creature and even this is a
    blessing in itself from Allah because if we didn't forget anything we would
    always be dwelling in the past. However in the Quran it means mankind or
    Allah says that these people they just pay lip service to Islam but in
    reality they are not believers. They are hypocrites. Hypocrisy began when the
    Prophet migrated from Makkah to Madinah. There were two tribes there Aws and
    Khazraj who had been at war for years. They were going to make Abdullah bin
    Ubaiyd the leader. But when Prophet Muhammad (saw) arrived, the people of
    Madinah chose him to be their leader. So Abdullah but on a front to act like
    he was on the Prophet's side so that the people would like him too. But he
    just did this because Islam was huge in Madinah. In reality he really hated
    Islam and the believers. So Allah opens the reality to them. Allah exposes
    their two-faced attitude. These people wanted to follow their nafs yet still
    look good in the eyes of the muslims so they adopted a "middle way"

    Yu khadioon allaha alladhina amonoo wa ma yakhda 'aoon illah anfusahum wa ma
    They think that they are deceiving Allah and those who believe, while they
    only deceive themselves and they perceive not.
    Yashooroon comes from the word s'ar which is a strand of hair. Their
    perception or understanding is smaller than a strand of hair. They dont
    realize that what they are doing is of no benefit to them, in reality, it is
    only a means of they own humiliation, in the dunya and in the hereafter
    without a doubt.

    Fi quloobihim maradun fa za da hoomullahoo ma ra dan wa la hum 'adhabun
    aleemum bima kanoo yakdhiboon.
    In their hearts is a disease and Allah has increased their disease. A painful
    torment is theirs because they used to tell lies.
    What is this disease that they have? It is the disease of hypocrisy. Their
    love of this duniya leads them to follow their desires and they don't want to
    sacrifice anything. Allah says that he leaves them in the hands of the
    duniya. Allah refers to hypocrisy as a disease. If we have a disease we have
    to go tot he doctor to cure it. Hypocrisy is a disease of the heart. In
    order to get rid of this disease we must turn to Allah.
    There are four qualities of a hypocrite as described by the Prophet (saw):
    When he speaks, he lies. When he is entrusted with something, he breaks
    it/betrays the trust. When he makes a promise, he breaks the promise. When
    he argues he turns to using foul language.
    The people in the Prophets time and even today they try to fabricate stories
    and tell lies to turn people away from Islam. They acted loyal to Islam but
    they wanted to turn people away from Islam. Nafaqa is the root word for the
    word Hypocrite. Nafaqa is a tunnel. The tunnel of a hypocrite has Islam on
    one end and Kufr on the other end. When the hypocrites see difficulties in
    Islam, they run to kufr. When they see difficulties in Kufr and they see that
    they can benefit from Islam, then they run to Islam. They don't want to
    sacrifice even a little. And Allah has said that for them is a painful
    punishment, which they deserve because of their plots against Islam.

    Wa idha qeela lahum la tufseedoo fil ardi qaloo innama nahnoo muslihoon.
    And when it is said to them: "Make not mischief on the earth," they say: "We
    are only peace makers."
    They hypocrites used to talk about Islam in a bad way and they used to say
    that we are just trying to tell people the truth of Islam so that they can
    see what it is. Muslims today we don't bother studying Islam but we go out
    and question every other thing and then make Islam seem oppressive. This is
    the deception of the hypocrites, that they pretend to be sincere well
    wishers, but Allah opens up the reality for us so as not o fall for their
    plots, that they are really just ones to cause corruption.

    Alaa inna hum humul mufsidoona wa la kinla yash'oroon
    Verily they are the ones who make mischief but they perceive not.
    They cause corruption but they don't even realize it, they are so wrapped up
    in this world.

    Wa idha qeela la hum a minoo kama amanannasoo qaloo aa nu'minu kama
    aamanasoofahaoo ala innahum humusoofahaaoo wa la kinla ya'lamoon.
    And when it is said to them: "Believe as the people have believed," they say:
    "Shall we believe as the fools have believed?" Verily they are the fools,
    but they know not.
    They call the believers fools because they don't understand how they can
    sacrifice all the good things in this life for Islam. When Abu Bakr gave
    away all his property, they called him a fool. The same way when someone
    refuses to take a job because it is a form of Haram earning, people will tell
    them that they are fools and that they have to learn how to adopt to these
    things. They think that anyone who gives for Islam is a fool. Allah says
    that they are the fools but they don't even know it. And this is the root of
    the problem: their own ignorance. These are the foolish ones in the eyes of
    Allah, but they are so obsessed with the dunya that they dont realize their
    foolishness, they dont have they priorities set straight.

    Wa idha la qoladhina amanoo qaloo amanna wa adha khalau ila shayatynnehim
    qaloo inna ma'akum innama nahnoo mustahzeoon.
    And when they meet those who believe, they say: "We believe," but when they
    are alone with their Shaytan they say, "Truly we are with you; verily we are
    but mocking."
    They have this two faced attitude. The word "Mustahzioon" come from root
    word "hta" which means to mock at something whihc is thought to be illogical.
    That was their attitude. They didn't undestand Muslims because they think
    Muslims are weird. They would put on attitude in front of the muslims, as if
    they were loyal to Islam but when they went into the company of the
    disbelievers they were loyal to them, they adopted their ways and became just
    like them.

    Allah yastahzeeoo bihim wa ya muddoo hum fee toghyaneehim ya'mahoon.
    Allah mocks at them and gives them increase in their wrong doing to wander
    Allah says he is mocking them. By them mocking Muslims, it doesn't matter to
    Allah. Allah is self-sufficient. Allah extents them into their rebellion.
    They say if they are really doing something wrong then why doesn't Allah show
    them punishment here. Allah is extending them in rebellion. He lets them
    wander blindly. He gives them rope with which to hang themselves. They dont
    realize that they r just being given respite "ya'mahoon" comes from three
    letters 'ain, mim and hah" which means state of confusion. Their hearts are
    closed because of their obsession with this world. The recession given to
    them by Allah is really a punishment.

    So basically in these Ayahs Allah defines for us the qualities of a hypocrite:
    1) yaqdaoon- they deceive
    2) yaflihoon, actually its 'yakdhiboon'- they lie
    3) la yasho'roon they don't perceive it
    4) la ya'lamoon- they don't have knowledge.
    5) mustahzioon - They are just mocking Islam
    6) ya'amahoon - They wander blindly
    7) mufsidoon - mischief makers, cause corruption

    Ulaaikalladhina ushtarawuddalalata bi olhooda fa ma ra bihattajiratoohum wa
    ma kanoo muhtadeen.
    These are they who have purchased error for guidance, so their commerce was
    profitless. And they were not guided.
    Their trade was not worth it. They gave us guidance, a life of eternity for
    this life, for dalala. They just saw the immediate results that they would
    get from this life but they never considered the hereafter. Allah says that
    in the end, their trade did not profit them at all. They are at loss. Not
    having guidance is the biggest loss anyone can have. We live for guidance to
    take us to our destination. They chose the pleasures of this world to please
    other. We have to set priorities. WE can't go on forever trying to please
    other. We will never get anywhere. There are two types of hypocrites. Those
    who say they believe but they don't have an atoms amount of belief in their
    hearts. And those who believe but they are weak and doubtful and their
    actions are not according to Islam. But this group, we cannot call them
    kaffirs or hypocrites because Allah is the only judge.

    Mathaloohum kamathalilladhistauqada narann falamma adhaa at mahaulahoo
    dhahaballahoo binooreehim wa tara kahum fee zhooloomatinla yubsseeroon.
    Their likeness is as the likeness of one who kindled a fire; then when it
    lighted all around him, Allah took away their light and left them in darkness
    so that they could not see.
    Allah gives the example of fire. The fire is Islam. Islam spread like fire.
    It gave light to society. When it illuminated them, Allah took away their
    light. When light surrounded them, Allah took away their ability to see. He
    left them in darkness. Islam is the fire that lit the society. But only
    those who had an interest in this guidance. Guidance is very valuable. Allah
    won't give it to someone who doesn't care about it. Those who have diseases,
    their won desires blinded them. He took away their light. They couldn't see
    light. They wanted Islam to be in accordance to their desires. Truth won't
    submit to us. We must submit to Islam. Basically, despite the light of
    Islam being there, they were not able to take advantage of it, because their
    hearts were closed to Islam, and their eyes were shut to it.

    Sumumm bookmoon 'umyun fahum la yarji'oon.
    They are deaf, dumb and blind, so they will never return to the right path.
    They will not return from darkness. It is not that they don't have
    faculties. They are deaf dumb and blind because despite having these
    faculties, they chose not to obey. Despite having sight, they chose not to
    see the truth. They have hearing but they don't want to hear the truth.
    They have minds but they don't reflect upon the commands of Allah. So they
    will not return despite the fire of Islam being kindled, because they are so
    far into their rebellion, and fulfillment of their nafs.

    Aw kassaayyebiminassamaaee feehee zhooloomatun wara'doon wa bar qun
    yaj'aloona assbi'ahum fee adhaneehim minnassawa'eeqee hhadharal mauta wallahu
    moohheetum bilkafireen.
    "Or like a rainstorm from the sky, wherein is darkness, thunder, and
    lightning. They thrust their fingers in their ears to keep out the stunning
    thunderclap for fear of death. But Allah ever encompasses the disbelievers."
    This example Allah gives for those who are weak in Iman. The heavy down pour
    that Allah is talking about in this ayah refers to Islam. Rain gives life to
    the dead earth, and Islam is like rain because it gives life to the dead
    soul. Rain is a blessing but it has its darkness and danger as well, which
    is the thunder and lightning. This is the same thing with Islam. Islam has
    thunder and lightning, which represents the trials and tribulations that we
    must face while treading the path of Islam. When we go through the path of
    Islam, sacrifices must be made. When those who are weak in Iman, see the
    trails or thunder, they stick their fingers in their ears or they want to
    hide. They only like Islam when they can benefit; otherwise they want to
    run/escape. It is because of the fear of death. This is because they are so
    indulged in this world, that they think that giving up anything for the sake
    of Islam would be like death to them. They cannot bear to give up anything of
    the dunya. They want to escape but there is no escape. Allah is already
    encompassing them. We try to run from Islam. But there is no point. Where
    can you run? How long can you escape. We must remember that with every
    difficulty there is ease. "There is no running from Allah except to him"

    Yakadul barqoo yakhtafoo abssarahum kullama adaa a lahummshau feehee wa idh
    azhlama 'alayhim qamoo wa law shaa allahoo ladha ha ba misam 'ihim wa
    abssarihim innallaha 'ala kulli shain qadeer.
    "The lightning almost snatches away their sight, whenever it flashes for
    them, they walk therein, and when darkness covers them, they stand still.
    And if Allah willed, He could have taken away their hearing and their sight.
    Certainly, Allah has power over all things."
    When the light shines, they walk in it. When it is dark, they stand still.
    They can't escape Islam. They know its true. They want to follow Islam only
    when it provides opportunities for them, when there is no difficulty, at
    times of ease. When everyone is doing something then they do it. They please
    people most of the time and Allah some of the time. They haven't set their
    priorities. We take Islam as a burden but it is not. It is light. No mother
    had a child she loves so much without going through the pain (of labor). To
    get we must give. WE think we are Muslims so we should get everything. But
    we don't want to give anything. This is hypocrisy. When Muslims won victory
    in the Battle of Badr, there were those who didn't help in the war at all yet
    they were Muslims and they wanted to be noted as victors, because they just
    wanted the goods that Islam had to give. But Allah can take away faculty but
    that is not the way Allah wants it. Allah doesn't take it away from them
    because they still have some Iman. So he doesnt take away their faculties.
    He gives them a chance to benefit from Islam because they still have a chance
    to be guided although they are prone to doubt. Allah is powerful over all
    things. WE need to have conviction in Allah. In hardships we turn to him.

    So far, from the beginning of the Quran we have done four things.
    1) Learned how to make dua
    2) Description of Muslims
    3) Description of kafirs
    4) Description of hypocrites.

    We need to reflect upon ourselves in the Image of the Quran, not look at
    others. That is why Allah gives us the Quran. They are the qualities of
    believer and these are the qualities of disbelievers. We must analyze
    ourselves before judging anyone else. People used to call sahabis fools. But
    Allah in the Quran says that he is well pleased with them. Do we want to be
    in this category or do we want to be seen by people and strive to please

    Surah Baqarah
    Verses 21-29

    Last time we read about the hypocrites. What their attitude is like and how
    they behave. We saw the two types of hypocrites there are. We can analyze
    ourselves according to that. We cannot adopt the color of the environment
    around us. We mare Muslims no matter what the circumstances are. From the
    beginning of Surah Baqarah we see that Allah mentions different kinds of
    people: those with Taqwaa, those who disbelieve, and the hypocrites. After
    mentioning all these people, now Allah brings it to a universal message.

    Yaa ayoo han naso' boo doo rabba kumuladhi khalaqakum walladhina min
    qablikumla'allakum tutaqoon.

    "Oh mankind! Worship you Lord who created you and those who were before you
    so that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious)."
    Allah addresses all of mankind "Oh Mankind". This is because the Qur'an is
    for everyone. Allah tells
    everyone to worship him. This is the central message of the Qur'an (Surah 51
    ayah 56). Allah tells everyone all together now to worship Allah. In salah we
    all stand together no matter what, despite differences in race, ethnicity,
    culture, nationality, etc., which shows that when it comes to the worship of
    Allah none is above the other. This message applies equally to everyone.
    Worship is not just restricted to rituals; it means obedience in all aspects
    of life. Allah says that he is the one who created and that is why he is the
    only one worthy of worship. But we please Allah by worshipping him. We are
    not giving him any benefit. It is for our own good. Allah created us, he
    loves his creation, and therefore tells us what is beneficial to us. If we
    obey him it is only going to benefit us. If we obey other deities, they will
    only look for what can benefit them. The root word of "Taqwaa" means shield.
    Taqwaa is the consciousness, which will prevent us from doing wrong and
    promote us to do what is right in order to save us from the punishment of

    Aladhi ja'ala lakumularda firashan wassamaa bina'a wa anjala min assamai ma
    an fa akhraja bihiminathamarati rizqanlakum fala taj 'alu lillahi andadan wa
    an tum ta'lamoon.

    "Who has made the earth a resting place for you, and the sky as a canopy, and
    sent down water from the sky and brought forth therewith fruits as a
    provision for you. Then do not set up rivals unto Allah while you know (that
    He alone has the right to be worshipped.)"
    The word firasha comes from the root fa ra shin. It means to spread. Allah
    has made it possible for us to live on earth. And he made the sky a canopy.
    Now Allah mentions the rain. Rain is the basis of life, which comes from
    Allah. It is a means of peace. During drought, people are very restless. Rain
    is from Allah. Fruits come out of it. Then he says don't set up rivals with
    Allah when you know. We know Allah has made all this yet we magnify other
    deities. Allah is the cause of our being. So what makes more sense? To submit
    to the being who gave us everything we have or to submit to other deities who
    gave us nothing. He says you have an intellect so use it. He says to worship
    him. The word "partners" in Arabic is andada. It comes from the root. Noon
    dal dal. This means, a stray camel that runs in any direction. Right and left
    we want to obey others than Allah. Our own nafs, spouses, society. These are
    all partners but we don't realize it. Everything we do, we have to attribute
    it to Allah. Pride in our nationality or in ourselves can also be an andad.
    Throughout history, whenever man was intrigued by anything, he raised its
    status and began to worship it (fire, son). Today we look at technology and
    give it a higher status. WE believe what the media says even when it says
    that Islam is oppressive.

    Wa in kun tum fee raibin mimma nazalna 'ala 'abdina fatoo bisoratin
    mimithlihi wa ud 'oo shoo ha daa a kummin dunillahi in kun tum suadiqeen.

    "And if you are in doubt concerning that which We have sent down to our
    slave, then produe a Surah of the like thereof and call you witness besides
    Allah, if you are truthful."
    This too is a messege or a challenge for everyone. If we doubt this book then
    bring a surah like it. This is the proof that we know its from Allah. There
    is no toher reason to disblieve. Allah says if this isn't worth following
    then bring something else in its place. Allah says to bring anyone who will
    stand by your claim as your witness.

    Fa illam taf'aloo wa lan taf 'aloo fataqounnarallati wa qoo doo hannasoo
    walhijarataoo'idat lilkafireen.

    "But if you do it not, and you can never do it, the fear the Fire whose fuel
    is men and stones, prepared for the disbelievers."
    Allah says and you will never meet this challenge, He says what is the
    problem. Submit to Allah, fear the fire. The idols that people used to
    worship will be the fuel for the fire. Allah will show these people that the
    idols had no power by throwing them into fire along with those who disbelieve.

    Wa bashirilladhina amanoo wa 'amilosualihati inna lahum jannatin tajri min
    tahtihal anharoo kullama rooziqoo minha min thamaratin rizqan qaloo
    hadhalladhi rooziqna min qabloo waootoo bi hi motashabihan wa la hum feeha
    azwajun motuharatun wa hum feeha khalidoon.

    "And give glad tidings to those who believe and do righteous deeds, that for
    them will be Gardens under which rivers flow. Every time they will be
    provided with a fruit therefrom, they will say: "This is what we were
    provided with before," and they will be given things in resemblance and the
    will have there in purified mates or wives and they will abide therein
    All through the Quran when Allah mentions Iman, he also mentions good deeds.
    We have to prove our Iman. We cant just talk. Talk is cheap. Good deeds based
    on the Quran and Sunnah. Not just whatever (ie: doing something good just for
    the sake of goodness or morality, like a philanthropist who gives much to
    charitable organizations but not for the sake of Allah). For those are
    gardens. Janna comes from the root word jim noon noon which means something
    hidden. It is the same root for jinn and for insanity (intellect is covered).
    Not just lucious green gardens, but underneath them rivers flow to add to the
    beauty. We can even imagine the beauty of this. There will be a pleasant
    surprise for the people who are
    in Jannah. They will be given things that they recognize from earth. And they
    will be given resembling things. And purified mates. Purity from the inside
    and outside. Everything about them will be pure. And they will dwell in there
    forever. This is the great thing about paradise. It is forever. In this life
    we cant have anything we love forever. We try to come up with things to do in
    order for us not to get bored. But in Jannah we will never get bored.

    Innalaha la yastahyee an yadrib mathalan ma ba'oo da tan fa ma fau qa ha fa
    ammalladhina amanoo faya'lamoona annahulhaqoominrabihim wa ammaladhina
    kafaroo mayaqoo loo na madha aradallahoo ba ha dha mathalan yoodalloo bihi
    katheeran wa yahda bihi katheeran wa ma todalloo bi hi illalfasiqeen.

    "Verily Allah is not ashamed to set forth a parable even of a mosquito or
    much more when it is bigger than that. And as for those who believe, they
    know that it is the Truth from their Lord, but as for those who disbelieve,
    they say: "What did Allah intend by this parable?" By it He misleads many,
    and many He guides. And He misleads thereby only those who are Al-Fasiqun
    (the rebellious).
    This refers to a complaint that the Makkans used to have. They would ask why
    Allah uses examples of insect in the Quran if the Quran is such a great book
    and an insect is so insignificant. Allah says he is not ashamed to strike an
    example even if it of a mosquito or even something even more insignificant
    than it. Because Allah speaks the truth. He is not ashamed to give us the
    truth no matter what way it is.
    He gives us two reactions to this (i.e.: people, creations to the parables
    which are used):
    1) The believers know it is the truth from Allah and those that want to
    accept the truth, they never criticize it. They use the smallest things to
    ponder over.
    2) Disbelievers cannot compete with the Quran so they try to pick faults at
    the Quran not realizing that it comes from a Supreme Being who is flawless
    and therefore whose word is flawless.
    When we spread Islam, we cannot be scared because we stand up for the truth.
    Allah says that the truth needs to be told. For example: if there are two
    children with the same plates of food. One is eating it because he is hungry.
    The other will sit there and pick at it. The truth is there for us. If we
    pick at it, its our own fault we pick at it. It is the same truth for
    everyone. There are disbelievers who know more about Islam than Muslims, but
    they use Islam to pick faults at it and make it look bad. Some pick up the
    quran and read a few Ayahs and it changes them all together because their
    hearts are open to the truth. The fasiqueen are the ones that are astray.
    Fasisqoon come from root word fa sin quaf. It means when a flower comes out
    of its bud. But contextually it means one who is transgressing the boundaries
    of Allah. Who are the fasiqs? Allah tells us

    Alladhina yanqoodoona 'ahdallahi mim b'adi mithaqiha wa yaqtha'oona ma
    amarallahoo mihi an yosuala wa tufsidoona filardi oolaaika humul khasiroon.

    "Those who break Allah's covenant after ratifying it, and sever what Allah
    has ordered to be joined and do mischief on earth, it is they who are the
    In this ayah Allah gives us the characteristics of the fasiqs.
    1) They break the pact of Allah after binding it. Surah araf verse 172
    Allah took the soul of every human ever, and gathered it and said - Am I not
    your Lord. All testified that Allah is the Lord. Tawheed is instinctual in
    us. So this unconscious inclination of Allah. When the messengers gives the
    message, they arouse the unconscious belief in Allah. Those who refuse, they
    suppress the natural instinct with in themselves. They don't pay rights to
    Allah that he deserves.
    2) And they sever that which Allah has order to be joined. Relationships-
    they break relationships. They don't care about people. Those who do not
    serve huquq -Allah (the rights of Allah) will never pay the huququl-'ibaad
    (the rights of people). Not giving a relationship its due rights is abusing
    the relationship (This is what the ayah also implies, but mainly it refers to
    those who cut relations with their relatives). It is a big thing to give
    people their rights. As Muslims we have to be good with people and just in
    all ways. We have obligations to everyone. Allah, our family, neighbors,
    friends. We have to remember everyone's rights and create a balance.
    3) They cause corruption on earth. They mock and question the deen. People
    say that their intentions are pure. If intentions are pure then the actions
    should also be pure. Transgressors are so rampant in today's societies.
    People are running after their desires. Homos are accepted in this society.
    But they are actually backwards and they transgressing, and yet their proudly
    flaunt what they do. And Muslims are
    ashamed of the truth. Society is going backwards. With all this we have to
    analyze ourselves. When we say the Shahadah we must realize that it really
    means something and it must be reflected. Every time we transgress we are in
    the category of fasiqa (ie: when despite reading the Shahadah, we break the
    limits of Allah, go against his will). After this Allah says that these
    people who think they will succeed, he says that they are the losers. These
    people who are obsessed with the duniya are losers. Despite the fact that
    they have the truth.

    Kayfa tak foroona billahi wa kuntum amwatan fa alyakum thumma yoomitokum
    thumma yuhyeekum thumma ilayihi turja'oon.

    "How can you disbelieve in Allah? Seeing that you were dead and He gave you
    life. Then He will give you death, then again will bring you to life and then
    unto Him you will return."
    Allah says how do you have the nerve to disobey Allah. How can we? What gives
    us the audacity to act contrary to Islam? First Allah shows us his favors.
    The he resolves our doubts.. He shows the penalty of the disbelievers. He
    gives Glad tidings and then talks about those who transgress. Now he appeals
    to our feelings. He says "HOW". We began as nothing, a mere drop of sperm,
    which we look at today with disgust. Then Allah gave us all these
    proportions, And despite it all, this is how we thank him. We were dead, he
    gave us life, dignity, honor, speech and thinking. These are all from Allah.
    We don't do anything for ourselves. If Allah had not bestowed us with these
    blessings, then no one could do anything. By Allah's leave, we will die. He
    gives us death. But that is not the end. One day we return to the state of
    nothingness. Just us and our deeds. Then he will give us life and to him we
    will return. Man is week hearted. We become arrogant. We think that what we
    have is from us, all because of our own doing. Allah says that everything
    granted is from Allah and because of this we should submit to Allah despite
    having a free will to please Allah because we going to return to him. On that
    day we won't have anywhere to run. We have to answer for everything. Only way
    to save ourselves from the wrath of Allah is to submit to hi and then to run
    to him. And to him we return. When we return to Allah, what sate do we want
    to be in??? Our spiritual state in this world will be our physical state when
    we stand before Allah.

    Hu walladhi khalaqa lakummafil ardhi jami'an thummastawa ilassamaai fasawwa
    hunna sab'a samawatin wa hoo wa bi kulli shaiin 'aleem.

    "He it is Who created for you all that is on earth. Then He rose over Istawa
    towards the heavens and made seven heavens and He is the All-Knower of
    This is why we should worship him. He keeps telling us his bounty. Then why
    shouldn't we obey him. Allah doesn't condemn this world. But we have to
    humble ourselves and remember the being who gave it all to us. Allah says
    that everything is made for us. But don't transgress the limits. He perfected
    everything for us. We need to realize the harmony in nature and there is no
    way we can deny Allah (swt). That is the purpose of the Quran. To give us an
    understanding of reality. To take us out of the deception of this life and
    bring us back to reality. And he knows all. He knows what it is in our hearts
    and how we reflect that in our deeds.

    will be posting further translation soon

    Parde ilm hazaar kitaaba...kaddee apnai aap nu parya naee.." BULLEY SHAH