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    Dogs line up to pray at Vermont
    St Johnsbury, Aug 27

    A chapel for dogs has opened in Vermont with the doctrine, "All creeds, all breeds, no dogma", reports the Daily Telegraph. Up to 15 dogs at a time have been attending chapel in a forest near the town of St Johnsbury.

    The chapel was built by Stephen Huneck, a folk artist, as a tribute to his five dogs who, he says, helped him to recuperate from a serious illness three years ago. Local clergy, he said, had raised no objections either to the idea or the canine theme. "In fact, quite a few of them have been to see if there is anything they can do." Huneck told the Telegraph: "The dogs played a really important part in my recovery. They understood that I needed to become well and would surround me whenever I went out."

    After recovering from a virus that left him in a coma for two months, Huneck, 51, went to work on the chapel, which is modelled on a traditional early-19th-century design and made out of white clapboard. Huneck, who spent £140,000 on the chapel, is an artist with a growing reputation, with works in the Smithsonian in Washington, the Museum of American Folk Art and the American Kennel Club in New York. After opening this summer, the chapel has become a haven for man and dog, particularly owners who have lost pets. "I was up there today," he said, "and there were 15 dogs. They seemed really happy to be there." The entrance to the building is already covered with photographs and messages from bereaved owners. "I want dogs and people to feel as if they are in a cathedral," he said.

    Dog as the "reincarnation" of God

    [Article taken from]

    BOMBAY, Sep 3 (AFP) - A Hindu cult near Bombay is worshipping a pet dog as the
    "reincarnation" of a holy man who died many years ago, a newspaper said wednesday.

    The Asian Age said a two-year-old white Pomeranian, named "Sai" after the holy
    man, was the object of worship at Panvel town.

    On Thursdays, devotees gather for "blessings" from Sai, who is fitted out with saffron cloth.

    The Age said the dog worship had its roots in a legend, according to which Sai Baba, the Hindu holy man, appeared before his devotees in the form of a dog in order to test them.

    Sai, the dog, sleeps in an air-conditioned room. His teeth are brushed once in five
    days with a special, soft bristle-brush and toothpaste imported from London.

    Twice a week he is bathed with soap and an assortment of 22 shampoos also brought from London. There are special towels for his use.

    The dog is fed imported vegetable "bones," butter and chocolates from a silver bowl, the Age said.




      Haringhata (Nadia), July 13

      Every dog has his day. Sanjay’s happened to be Monday when Anju married him.

      Four-year-old Anju was given away in marriage to the six-month-old dog in the hope that Sanjay would bring luck to the accident-prone girl who lives at Mohanpur in Nadia district, about 50 km from Calcutta.

      Anju’s father, Subal Karmakar, an employee of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, followed all traditional Hindu rituals at Monday’s marriage. Anju’s “father-in-law” and the owner of the brown dog, Barun
      Dutta, a neighbour, organised boubhat on Wednesday.

      “I had to do it to ward off the evil eye. My youngest daughter is suffering from various diseases from her birth and suffered a number of accidents. One astrologer, Badal Bhattacharya, who is known to our family for years, advised me to marry my daughter off to a dog to save her life,’’ Karmakar said.

      He said that since it had to be a dog that his daughter had to wed, he felt a known dog was always better than an unknown ne. “Barun is my old friend and like our relative. He has a dog which I selected as my son-in-law,’’ he said.

      So up went a pandal and a decorated entrance to it, the lights shone bright, the shehnai sounded and, of course, the feast.

      Anju was dressed in a red Benarasi sari, an odni draped over her tiny head, and a big garland of jasmine hung from her thin neck. One of their neighbours, Parama Karmakar, arranged the bridal dress.

      Amid blowing of conchshells and much ululation, little Anju garlanded the groom dressed in a piece of blue-and-white cotton cloth.

      The groom had no name till he entered the chhadnatola, where the marriage rites take place. When the priest asked the guardian of the groom to reveal his name and gotro (sub-caste), Barun was stumped. One of his quick-thinking relatives came up with the answer: he named the dog Sanjay.

      After the rituals were over, the “couple’’ was kept in a specially- decorated room with members of both families around them.

      As many as 300 guests were invited to the marriage ceremony. The CPM local committee secretary, Kamal Karmakar, was among them along with his comrades.

      “I did not hesitate to spend money to please the guests despite my limited financial ability,’’ said Subal.

      The menu for the feast was rice, murighanta, two types of vegetable, fish curry, mutton curry, chutney, papad, curd and rasogolla.

      The guests brought along gifts, the kinds that are seen in every man-woman marriage. One of Subal’s close relatives presented a toy and a packet of chocolates.

      “Nobody brought anything for the kutta but I have given him a silver ring,’’ Subal’s wife, Annada said.

      Subal’s brother-in-law, Nirmal, revealed after some hesitation: “We have given a dowry of Rs 1,000 to the owner of the kutta, Barun.’’

      People are surprised that Subal, being a moderately educated person, fell for such a superstitious rite. “We went to see the fun and to eat a mouthful of meat,” said Tapan Dutta, a resident.


        Dog buys Madonna’s mansion for $ 7.5 million

        Miami, July 15: Madonna’s luxury mansion has been sold for $7.5 million to Gunther IV, a German shepherd and the world’s richest dog, who will make the diva’s bedroom his home, according to local press reports.

        The purchase was announced to astonished reporters by The Burdundians, a mysterious group of three women and two men, who said the 780-square-metre house would be used for filming and fashion shows.The mansion, with eight bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms, was purchased by the Bahamas-based Gunther Corporation, which manages the rich pooch’s money.

        Gunther IV inherited his money from his father Gunther III, a German shepherd so
        adored by his owner the late German countess Karlotta Liebenstein that she left him her entire $65 million fortune when she died in 1992.Gunther’s inheritance has since swelled to $200 million, thanks to interest and other investments of the corporation, earning him a mention in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s richest pooch.

        While Gunther will lounge in Madonna’s bedroom,The Burgundians — who identified themselves only as Barbie K, Charlotte R, Chris A, Gene X and G M — said they will take over the rest of the Mediterranean-style villa Madonna acquired eight years ago for $4.9 million.

        Gunther seems to have a predilection for megastar mansions.In January, he inquired about Sylvester Stallone’s Miami villa, which was on sale for $27.5 million.

        The wealthy dog was in no hurry to buy the house, however. He already owns several villas spread across Italy and in the Caribbean with a few on the Bahamas alone.


          Who let he dogs out?

          Seriously, this was an interesting thread to read, JazzaakAllah khairun.

          I wonder what the Hindu people have to say about htis, does this demonstrate how flexable their hinduism is?


            So sick.....finito. im outta here

            "kaisay na karta usko main pyar, uski haseen main sukh thay hazaar, bichar gayay hum dukh ki hay baat"
            Ain't new ta this....HOMEINVASION('93)


              we should always guard against dog-matism.