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whats going on please

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    whats going on please

    ive noticed that my threads have gone missing, can anybody tell me the reason why, have i said anything to offend anyone ??

    or is it just a case of ny ahmadi bro is deleting all my threads because he doesnt like what i say ???

    its not fair he can answer to my posts but when i reply to them he deletes them, its like he doesnt like my answers or something.

    i hope whoever is deleting my posts will respond to this thread.

    What threads are you talking about?
    And why include NYAhmadi? He's not the moderator for this section.


      Liar Liar
      Pants on Fire....



        well i thought moderators were allowed to delete thread from any topic forums

        plus i used ny ahmadi as bait to lure the real deleter......

        cos i did say WHOEVER is deleting my threads.

        the posts r ones abt christianity and jesus and one other one i cant remember cos u guys delete them so fast.


          Do you mind?

          This is a religion forum not a complaint forum, as has been stated time and time again. If you have any queries or concerns you are to contact either myself or admin via email or the inbox messaging system gupshup has provided you with.

          Please keep that in mind - that goes for all of you.

          As to why the two threads were removed, they were removed simply because the discussion taking place was not one that could be truly claimed as such. In other words, insults, personal attacks, making a mockery of the beliefs and values of others in general, behaviour which is not appreciated nor will be tolerated at this forum. I understand your concerns, it may be that the original post in one of the concerned threads may have been completely valid and in accordance with the standards expected in this forum, however, the discussion that followed was not in keeping with those standards hence the reason for its subsequent removal.