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    asalaam o alaykum!

    what are your thoughts about cloning. One of these days, a clone will emerg. There was a time when people would reject, test tube babies, but it became a reality. Now some deny cloning, but it will happen too.

    My question are

    is the cloned a child of the one he is cloned from??

    would he have a spirit, just like all of human beings have spirits. If yes, is't it not Allah who provides spirits? when we were little, my mom used to tell me that 'that which speaks in me is my spirits!' If not what will happen to the people who claim to talk to soul or recall them, like you sometimes see on tv.

    On the other hand, all those things which once were performed in miracles or karamaats by prophets or auliyas, are done by science. Then you used to get some 'dam' to relieve headache or other aches. Now we take aspirine. Then they had some spritual visions, now they have sattelites.

    Ist man capturing all which looked impossible or beyond.

    One of these days, a clone will emerg....Now some deny cloning, but it will happen too.
    I hesitate to speak so confidently about the future. The future is not an open book, we are not capable of possessing such a certainty of that of which may come to pass in the minutes, days, weeks and years to come.

    But your question, 'is the cloned a child of the one he is cloned from??' intrigues me. If such a phenomenon came to pass, would the original individual truly be the parent of the clone, or would they be considered a sibling, as their genetic relationship would parallel that of identical twins. Moreover, does not every individual have two parents-a mother and a father? How would that fit into the scheme of things...would that even be something of relevance?


      GFQ, form your analysis, they will be siblings, just like two identical twins. The only differnce will be age.


        Probably these are few reasons why religions are opposing the idea of cloning...

        Cloning will lead to all kind of legal confusion (especially for inheritance purposes).

        For confusion regarding spirit, Allah may provide the spirit to a cloned 'human', remember how Hazrat Essa AH, Hazrat Adam AH, they were created without regular 'reproduction' processes.
        And scientists will get to beleive to be creators.

        We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


          The Islamic verdict on Cloning.

          I agree with changez_like, many laws of Islam prevents many laws to be applied:

          rules of marriage, kinship, alimony, fatherhood, sonship, inheritance, custody, Maharim and ‘Usbat (forbidden degrees of consanguinity) in addition to many other shari‘i rules