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    Death by violent means is a tragedy that moves every human being. Minds go numb when gory scenes of strewn bodies with blood splattered all over are shown on TV. It was no different when the bomb in Tel Aviv took its toll. But it seems the world media was only awaiting such a misfortune to let loose it’s venom against Islam and the Muslims. The BBC and CNN went into full gear with their bombastic propaganda against Islam, which they love to project as a menace to the ‘peace loving secular world’.

    The BBC promptly began showing pictures of the bomb attack and ensured that the stock in trade propaganda was in full throttle. A picture of an empty pram was shown on and off to drive home the point that little children had fallen victim in the bomb attack. Of course little kids have been killed by the Zionist Jews in Israel as little as the three-month baby Iman. But BBC and CNN mentioned that only in passing. Pictures of Iman lying dead in her mother’s arms surrounded by sobbing relatives were not shown to the world. For that she had to be Jewish. Here emphasis was been made constantly to the sad fact that Jewish children had died. Yes the bomber was an “Islamic Extremist”. The BBC and CNN made sure this was also repeated constantly. No they never say that the Zionist Jews are Jewish Extremists. That’s simply not done.

    The next item on BBC was on the war tribunals in The Hague. Here BBC went out of its way to stress that ‘Muslim’ Bosnians were on trial for war crimes during the conflict in Bosnia. When Muslims were being slaughtered in Bosnia they were simply Bosnians. When they are on trial they become “Muslims”. Of course they didn’t tell us the perpetrators of the worst of crimes against humanity after World War II were Christians and Catholics. And yet this was a religious war. Christian Serbs and Catholic Croats were butchering Muslims men, women and children in their thousands simply because they happened to be Muslims. One wonders whether they thought that the hate propaganda by the Western Media against Islam and the Muslims gave them a license to carry out their pernicious crime of ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Bosnia. Two years of silence by the West, during which over 250,000 Muslims lay dead, would have only accentuate that belief. If that is the case then the Bosnians should file legal action against the Western Media and claim compensation. There is a thing called Freedom FROM speech as against Freedom of Speech

    The BBC made sure to mention that foreign Muslims calling themselves The Mujaahadin helped their co-religionists in Bosnia. What’s more they gave you the translation of the word Mujaahadin, which, according to BBC, means ‘Holy Warriors’. Hush! Don’t say that the Western Forces in Somalia or the Gulf or in Vietnam were ‘Christian Crusaders’. That wouldn’t be politically correct; and yet the American army distributed over a million ‘Operation Desert Storm’ Bibles among the ‘heathens’ in the Gulf. What is politically correct is to play on the pictures of ‘demonic Islam and the Muslims’ that has already been inculcated in peoples mind by a constant barrage of hate filled propaganda. That is to ensure that Non-Muslims (especially the Westerner) fear Islam and its adherents. Hate follows fear. There is another strategy at play here. That is to divide Muslims what do they call us when they want us to hate each other? Ah yes ‘moderate’ as opposed to ‘fundamentalist’. Do you buy that line?

    CNN, on the other hand, was also in full swing, showing young Jews defiant in the face of this latest misfortune to strike them. This time the pictures were of Sephardim Jews and not the usual faces of Ashkenazi Jews that viewers are familiar with.

    Neither of the stations ever mentioned even once that the Palestinians are fighting against occupation and colonisation of their land taken over by ‘power houses’ of European Jews. Their homes have been cruelly demolished to make way for luxury housing units for Zionist Jews. CNN showed these luxury housing units but not once did they shift their cameras to the refugee camps of the Palestinian living in filth and squalor just a stone throw away. No they wouldn’t do that; that would let the cat out of the bag! The Palestinians are refugees in their own land living under intolerable humiliation and misery but that’s of no concern to the Western Media. There is a similarity between the so-called ‘Indians’ of America and the Palestinians with just one difference; the Palestinians refuse to roll over and die.

    Not to be outdone Reuters joined the party with a headline that said “Holocaust At Noon’. The very mention of the word ‘Holocaust’ draws from the vast reservoir of stories and pictures of Hitler’s crimes against the Jews that have been cleverly engraved in our minds by propagandist TV documentaries, movies and novels, like ‘Exodus’ (Exodus deceitfully manufactures myths about Palestine in favour of the Zionists). Holocaust is double-edged magic sword the Media uses to subtly deflect the crimes of the Jews against the Palestinians and elicit sympathy for Jewish/Zionist causes.

    Parde ilm hazaar kitaaba...kaddee apnai aap nu parya naee.." BULLEY SHAH

    Here's some links you might be interested in regarding the media doublespeak,


      howcome we expect no-biasing from an enemy? we all know that they all have double standards. at one hand they'd dump 'extra' wheat into oceans (to control the wheat price) and on the other hand they hold the flag of 'humanitarian'/'civilized nation'. whata champ this country is.

      only "secular" countries would send 'priests' to do the 'aid work'.

      only "secular" countries would let anyone divide East Timor.

      only "secular" countries would allow Serbians to massacre Muslims.

      only "secular" .......
      We oughta be Changez like, don't we?

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