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The best religion on the earth

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    The best religion on the earth

    Humanity is the best religion on this earth
    One must behave like human with another human just like human

    What do you guyes think about it?

    Humanity consists of A religion which have moral, ethics and values. A religion doesn't necessarily have to be a revelation from God. It can be man made in the sense to follow a few guidlines and voila there you have it. A humanitarian religion.

    Now as far as behavioural characteristics of a human goes. There are many characters which vary from demonic to saint. The way an individual behaves with another could be unacceptable to him/her because his/her guidlines.

    You have to remember humans come in the ying and yang. One is good and the other is evil.

    To one it is humane to beat children to teach respect but to the other its unacceptable. Do you see what I'm getting at here?

    Basically, all HUMAN's need a common ground/guidlines/religion to follow in their collective.

    I hope you understood what I was trying to say here.

    Jitna Diya Sarkar Nay Mujko, Itni Meri Auqat Nahi, Yeh Saab Tumhara Karam Hai Aqa, Mujh Mein Aisi Koi Baat Nahin.

    Love happens once . . .
    Rabul MashriqaiN wal MaghribaiN


      this "humanity" religion is getting popular now, why? did humanity not exist 100 years ago, 200, 500, 1000 years ago?

      why such popularity now?

      coz atheist want to live in 'peace'. atheism is gaining popularity because of development in science and technology. they want to 'live and let live'. they don't beleive in 'please tell me what you think is good'.

      most of the religions do tell its followers to be 'good' with its fellow members.

      these 'humanitarians' have stolen fundamental beleifs (how to be good) from religions and made their religion and now they call it "nature laws".

      We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


        Islam is a way of life

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