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GFQ are you alright?

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    GFQ are you alright?

    Now I've never pointed a finger at you(I rather like the way you keep order here) but i feel feel you are neglecting you duty here(yeah you too Admin)

    Originally posted by mdnaseer007:
    Mr MDMagsi
    Iam Allah came to pakistan to clean all impure minds in the pure region
    busy f u c k you later
    Can this be allowed? If I said this to an other member of another sect I would be banned!!

    Originally posted by mdnaseer007:

    it is not the real reason
    whatever i know is that it resemblem us muslims
    in every aspect
    as muslim females keep a line of males(of all religions)
    and they give birth to a number of people like pigs,naturally humans hate which dominates them
    thanks for your response
    Again such rudeness and swearing(if you know Islam if you use the name of the unpure animal you zabaan is un-pak0and this man is calling our women that!!I would never say that to another religion!!

    I wonder if admins stopped functioning as admins.... or pretty busy in other activities

    Only discarded elements of any society will come up with comments like the ones indicated by bro Shah Jahan. I waited, waited and still waiting for any 'warning' from admins for such ppl and 'delete' such threads.

    We oughta be Changez like, don't we?


      Im sure noone was 'neglecting' their duties here. Just that GFQ doesnt browse the boards 24 hours a day. Sometimes these things slip by.

      Best recourse is to email the moderator...or the admin.


        Regarding your question 'Can this be allowed?'

        Of course not.

        I only have one query for you, I remember seeing and deleting those comments yesterday, so I'm just wondering why you chose to post this complaint so long after the fact?
        Moreover, as you are so obviously familiar with the rules and expectations of this forum, I find it surprising that you chose this route to voice your concerns as opposed to contacting myself or admin directly, which is much more efficient and preferrable, as this forum is for discussion not for complaints, a fact which has been stated time and time again.

        I'm locking this thread, if you have any further concerns or things you need to clarify, you may contact either myself or admin through email or the inbox system gupshup has provided you with.