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A mighty warriors shows mercy because his faith

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    A mighty warriors shows mercy because his faith

    More can be found at Ayyubids - Encyclopedia Britannica

    The following incident is compiled by western historians. Saladin defeated Richard the Lion Heart and captured Jerusalem until it was lost recently to Israel. At one time Saladin sneaked into Richards tent while they were at war and offered him medicine coz Richard was sick. In most of the battles after defeating crusaders Saladin would fight his own advancing army to protect the defeated christians. From what I read Western historians have more respect for Saladin Ayyubi then the muslims.

    King Saladin Meets Helena and Louis

    The Crusades were wars between Christians and Muslims. They were
    fought in the Middle East for nearly 200 years. In 1187 a great ruler,
    Saladin, led a Muslim army that recaptured Jerusalem from the
    Christians. This is the story of Saladin.

    The fighting had ended some hours before, and dusk had
    fallen. On the field of battle, shadowy figures moved among
    the bodies of the dead and dying. The wives and friends of
    the soldiers had come to look for those who had not returned
    to the camps.

    Helena wandered across the battlefield. She was looking
    for her husband Louis, but as time passed, and she could not
    find him, she became quite sure he was dead.

    When it was dark, she returned to her tent and lay down
    next to her young son, weeping quietly.

    In the morning, her child too had vanished.
    Helena ran from her tent, calling out her child's name. She
    searched all morning among the tents of the Christian camp,
    but no one had seen her son. Her heart filled with dread.
    She looked across the fields to the Muslim camp. She had
    heard that the Sultan, Saladin, was merciful. Perhaps her son
    had been kidnapped. Perhaps Saladin would set him free...

    Weeping, Helena made her way to the Muslim camp, and
    the soldiers there took her to Saladin. As she entered his tent
    Saladin was conferring with his generals. He looked at the
    woman in surprise.

    "Mighty Sultan!" pleaded Helena, falling on her knees.
    "Help me! My husband was lost in battle and now my child
    is gone. If your soldiers have the boy, I beg you to release
    him, for he is all I have!"

    Saladin was moved, and ordered his soldiers to search for
    the child. They soon found him -- safe, but frightened,
    wandering at the edge of their camp.

    Helena was overjoyed, and cried out when she saw her
    son. Outside the tent, a crusader prisoner was being escorted
    across the camp, and he heard her.

    "Let me see her!" he cried, tearing himself free from his
    guards and forcing his way into the tent.

    Helena could not believe her eyes. For here before her
    stood Louis! A minute ago she had neither husband nor son
    -- yet now she had them both in her arms again.

    Moved by what he saw, Saladin was merciful, and freed
    Louis at once. Helena fell on her knees once more, this time
    to thank the Sultan.

    "I showed mercy because I must," Saladin told her.
    "My religion tells me that, as Allah is merciful, so must all
    Muslims be, and so I show mercy to you."

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