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Temple,....Ram Temple vs Babri

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    Temple,....Ram Temple vs Babri

    Ram Temple vs Babri conflict was originated or renovated in the Hindu mind only after RSS came into existence. RSS stalwarts knew well that Hindu sentiments could be exploited easily for Ram name.
    Most probably there was no Ram janm bhumi temple at the site of Babri, because the prominent Ram poetry author Tulsi Das lived during Akbar era in and surrounding areas of Ayuodhya and did not mention any of Ram temple destruction.

    Theory of Ram temple destruction has clouded the issue though no temple was destroyed for the construction of Babri mosque is refuted by many archeological surveys.
    Earlier Indian Govts have never been interested in digging these conflicts due to communal and harmony reasons.
    There are a lot of Islamic structures in Indian subcontinent that were constructed on the debris of one or other holy sites and donít require much proves.

    Muslims may cry a lot about the kind figure of Islam, but the fact is that the originator of Muslim faith the Prophet created a system of idol destruction.

    Now some Hindus want to go the Islamic way by destroying historical monuments and worship places in an order to correct the mistakes of the past or preserve culture.
    Can fundamentalism preserve a culture?

    A good spin to an unfortunate situation. Stop clouding the history and stop presenting your self as victims.


      skv anand,

      With your particular references to Islam and the Prophet (PBUH) it seems that this discussion is more of a religious nature. So I am transferring this topic to the Religion forum.


        Dear Mursalin,

        In this topic I intended to mention the Prophet and Islam in the historical context, and not religious.
        Off course you have your choice.
        Between you and me I donít see anything religious in RSS either.