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    Source of problem

    It is sad that religion is the source of all sectarian killings in Pakistan with a recent new wave. Both shia and sunni have killed each other unnecessarily. This is outrageous.
    If we analyze the source of all this mayhem, it seems to be the beliefs of one group directly attacking and cursing the saints of Islam which has clearly provoked the extremist elements in the other group. It was well seeded by general Zia to promote his agenda.

    If nine brothers in a house allow one person to live with them and he starts calling their dead father a jerk, would they ever live in peace?

    We need to educate ourself the very important and yet basic teachings of Islam "patience", "sabar". and much more beyond that.

    We oughta be Changez like, don't we?




      You are right that we shouldn't be killing each other, we are Muslims.
      Islam doesn't allow us even to kill an innocent non Muslim and here we are killing those who are Kalimah readers.

      But its not nice to curse Zia, he had everything under control.....
      His strong involvement in Afghanistan and Kashmir pumped our enemies like India, Israel and Russia to strike back and they used sectism to weaken us. They wanted to teach a lesson to Gen. Zia.
      Anyway its political debate so leave it for political section.


        General Zia was the one who started the Shia-Sunni hate. Don't entirely blame this on foreign nations.


          Wasir, Ok we leave the political aspect out of the issue in hand. Shia group will still be very much responsible because being in minority they should be have been quiet politically regardless of their beliefs about saints of Islam. Instead they "Rattle" a lot about their slandering beliefs about prophet's companions which clearley provoked the extremist elements with the majority group. In this way they are responsible for their own demise.