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Don't You Fear Allah?!

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    Don't You Fear Allah?!


    Fear Allah

    Don't you fear Allah, won't you fear

    Allah When you are Alone, inside

    your home Know that this is

    true, Allah for sure sees you, and if you

    speak a word, for sure Allah has heard,

    no matter what you do, Allah knows

    about you. We are going to die, your

    body it will lye down into the earth,

    covered up with dirt for some it will

    be dark, their bodies will be marked,

    The earth will close on them until their

    ribs are rimmed. On the Day of

    Judgement, the people will be raised

    some will have no clothes, some will

    be dark faced from dragging on the

    ground and they will be disgraced.

    What will they do when this day

    comes true. Crossing the sirat, some

    people will be clawed, it will pull them

    to the edge, and leave them at the ledge

    Below them is Hell, so scared they

    almost fell some will go right in, the

    pain of burning skin. The torture is so

    great, the people want to drink, they

    look for the relief, that is what they

    think. They'll get molten hot pus, they

    drink it in disgust, as it travels down

    their mouth, it rips them inside out.

    May Allah Save Us.
    Ahmad G
    Islamic Studies Teacher/Student.

    Patience is Beautiful

    If you find that things are hard, don't
    despair If troubles come to you in
    life, don't throw your hands up in the
    air. Remember the ones who are
    great, the ones who appreciate,
    that when trials are sent to you,
    there's a way to see them through,
    and to get reward for it to.

    Remember the Prophets and al awliya', and how
    they were patient with their bala'.
    Sabrun jamil, patience is beautiful
    (If you're sad don't get mad just say
    these words then you'll be glad)
    (If troubles come to you in life think
    of a hereafter without strife)
    Ahmad G
    Islamic Studies Teacher/Student.